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Jaime heads north


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For what it's worth, I know in the 5th season of the show he is going to Dorne.

I think that this is just a way for the writers to give Jaime something to do and at the same time introduce the dornish characters, through their interactions with characters that the audience is already familiar with.

I strongly doubt that Jaime will go to Dorne in WOW.

Jamie is being way too cautious after losing his hand to fall into another trap. I think George wants us to think he is going to meet Lady Stoneheart's form of justice, but I personally think Jamie will be the one giving out the justice.

GRRM already has used a similar technique in other characters.

  • In Arya's last GOT chapter, Yoren catches her and he appears to be very aggresive but in her first COK chapter, even though she was initially convinced that he would kill her, he wants to help Arya return home.

In Davos' last COK chapter, he was swept away by the river, only to discover that the Lannisters had raised the chain and his chapter ends with him describing the Blackwater as the mouth of hell. But in his first SOS chapter he is alive, exhauster, hurt but alive.

In Theon's last COK chapter, he is Ramsay's hostage while Winterfell burns. In SOS Roose reassures Robb that Ramsay is flaying Theon and in FFC Asha is convinced that Theon has died. But in DWD Theon is alive.

Not to mention that Jaime already had a chapter where the reader is led to believe that he was going to die, in Cat's last COK chapter.

In regards to Jaime going North, I wouldn't exclude this possibility.

He could still be the valonqar, since nothing suggests that Cersei will remain in KL and it could be that their reunion takes place somewhere else.

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I think Brienne will remain hostage. Jaime is going to either kill Cersei or save Sansa. Then he can go North. Or maybe Jon will go south. I really hope the two will meet, if there is a person who could see Rhaegar in Jon, it's Jaime.

or jon connington seeing Rhaegar in jon

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* Tyrion dreams (prophetically) of fighting alongside dragons and killing dead people. Dead people include Tywin and Jaime. So I think Jaime will be dead by the time the Others invade.

* It's clear Brienne is taking him to LS. Basically she was forced to chose between Jaime and herself + Podrik Payne + the other guy. She chose door no.2 initially, but eventually gave up and chose door no. 1. No way to wriggle her way out of this one.

* LS clearly wants just revenge. There is no proof that can make her think her daughters are alive, except seeing one in person maybe. Unless Arya or Sansa get there before Jaime, they are dead to LS.

* Jaime is VERY high on LS's to-kill list. She pretty heard that "Jaime Lannister sends his regards". There are only 2 people in the world above Jaime on her list: no.2 is Roose Bolton, and no.1 is Walder Frey.

* Clearly she won't go after Bolton, BwB won't leave the Riverlands, Winterfell is in a snow storm. Who would come with her to Winterfell??? And also dead people tend to remain in the same "area" to haunt... So the only way out for Jaime is to somehow convince LS that: 1.he can kill Walder Frey 2. he won't run away (again). 3. even after Walder Frey's death, LS would still want Jaime dead. In her mind, Jaime ordered Roose to kill Robb. So the only deal she would accept would be: "go kill walder frey, then come here to be killed or kill yourself and deliver your own head to me"

So, nope, Jaime is toast. Brienne is taking him to his death. And Brienne will be broken in the process. (Brienne is one of those people like Ed Stark that are true to their word. They cannot make it in GRRM's world.)

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I think following will somehow happen:

- Brienne dies a tragic death, Jaime will be somehow responsible

- Jaime will kill Cersei

- LS will meet with Sansa

- Nymeria will kill LS

- Jaime will meet Jon at Winterfell

How could this happen? Possible scenario:

Brienne will tell Jaime that he is going into a trap, but she does not want that to happen and they devise a plan to rescue the hostages. During the escape, she is killed saving Jaime's life.

Cersei will go to Jaime, not the other way around: She will eventually fall, after Tommer and Myrcella are somehow killed by Aegon (directly or indirectly). She will probably run for her life, maybe to Casterly rock, via the Riverlands, and encounter Jaime. After an argument he will kill her. With him completely destroyed, without family and a known kinslayer, he decides to take the black.

Meanwhile, Sansa is revealed to be in Vale, so after some more frey-killing LS decides to head there. Sansa will dispose of Littlefinger (learning of his involvement in her fathers death and some other dirty secrets) and will take control of Vale army (with the help of Blackfish) and march west.

She will encounter LS who will be all creepy and after LS learns that she let LF kill her sister, and effectively had a hand in Neds death (although not deliberately) or maybe feel Sansa rejecting her, she will overreact and try to kill her. Nymeria will be nearby (controlled by Arya, maybe with help from Bran) and kills her. She will "speak" with her siblings, and clean up the mess in riverlands. In addition, she may somehow take westerlands as well (not sure how).

Meanwhile Jaime meets Jon at Winterfell, just in the right time for the big reveal (L+R=J) (North will support him by then). And then the wall falls and Dany lands in Vale, at rougly the same time. Jamie and Jon will try to deal with the Others, while Sansa will meet Dany, they will ally and fight Aegon, who by this time controlls Crownlands, Reach and Dorne.

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I was thinking that Jaime would die at the hands of the BWB under LS. However, now my theory is changing. I still think that he'll be captured by the BWB, but he will demand a trial by combat. LS won't want to give it to him, but I think that Thoros of Myr might insist - and insist on fighting Jaime himself. Thoros has become disillusioned by LS, and he might be willing to let Jaime kill him because he sees the man that Jaime has become. LS will fume, but her men will insist that it is the will of R'hollor. What Jaime will do next is the question. Where will he go? I still don't completely write off the idea that he'll die, but I'd prefer his character live on a bit longer.

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I think Brienne will remain hostage. Jaime is going to either kill Cersei or save Sansa. Then he can go North. Or maybe Jon will go south. I really hope the two will meet, if there is a person who could see Rhaegar in Jon, it's Jaime.

I'd like to see some Jon/Jamie interaction, but I definitely think Jamie has unfinished business to resolve with Cersei before that happens. If Jon is leading the main army fighting the Others, I hope Jamie and Theon both join up. I'd like to see them fight for the right reasons and help set things right in Westeros. I like their redemption arcs and hope their stories are moving in this direction. I don't expect them to save the whole world but both of them would be assets.

I have hoped this for a long time. That LS will force Jaime to travel North with her and the rest of her BwB. My dream scene would be Jaime Lannister fighting Roose Bolton and after killing him muttering "Jaime Lannister sends his regards."

Love it! I was disappointed they changed that line in the show, but I understand the reasoning.

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