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  1. I worked in hospitality for 20 years, its so damn rude. Sometimes I channeled Basil Fawlty, " One MOMENT..... please " . Many times I wanted to say " Well , get on with your meals " .
  2. Excellent post ! Infuriating assholes.
  3. People who lack spatial awareness ( as someone else stated) why for the love of God do you want to stand almost on top of me when I'm queuing up for something, seriously back the f**k up. I also have an issue when I go through the Maccas drive through and they put my straw in my drink and use the inside of their palms to push the straw down. UGH. I then ask for a new straw and chuck the other one.
  4. Blackjack Randall from Outlander Negan Anthony Cooper from Lost Maryanne ( think that was her name) True Blood
  5. Ah yeah ok. I dont like it either ! Thanks for replying again.
  6. Thankyou for replying. This may sound incredibly stupid but .... how can there be two Brans existing ( ie Bran and Bran the Night King) ?
  7. Hi everyone, a friend who is a huge fan of the show ( hasnt read the books ) is interested in reading any of the Bran is Night King theories. I tried to search on here for any threads but couldnt find a thing. Appreciate any links or just a quick discussion of why some fans have thought this was the case and why it has / hasnt been debunked. Hope I posted in the right forum here. Thanks
  8. Totally agree. I read the book and when I came upon this series I was pretty excited. It's a bit of an interest of mine - serial killers and profiling. The only part that did not interest me at all was the Debbie/Ford relationship. Def looking forward to s2.
  9. Agree. I also really felt bad for Frank and actually surprisingly very little empathy for Claire until the final scene.
  10. I did too re the bolded. I cant agree with Cersei completely but I did find I had some sympathy for her in the later books. I found Joffrey quite hilarious. Its not popular I know but Catelyn - although I understand where she is coming from, I just do not like her. Absolutely HATED Randyll Tarly, Vargo Hoat, Varamyr (sp ?) .
  11. Yes ! You can see this very early on in the first ep when they arrive in Scotland.
  12. Glad to see the thread continuing. I agree with everything you said. I think Frank loves Claire though, or as someone said in previous thread loves the idea of her.
  13. I enjoyed the episode enough, and visually its really well done. I have a lot of empathy for Frank. As you said it is a weird pacing choice. Vastly different from last season.
  14. It did actually. Im not particularly interested in seeing so much of the Frank and Claire dynamic. More interested in Jamies story. Also dreading Breanna, not a fan of the actress. At all.