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  1. Woah. I wasn't actually having a go, it was just my wording. A lot of ppl complain about this annulment. I don't think it was actually just a book thing, I'm fairly certain Jaime and Cersei had a conversation about this in S1 before Bran is exposed spying on them. I have no response to your comments about how Elia felt. I have no idea how she felt no one does. I'm not willing to speculate because we are not given enough information about her are we ? Yeah I understand why he married her in Dorne. Maybe that tells us that Elia had no issue with this marriage if he married her in her homeland? I agree with @falcotron above. Thanks for that reply you said everything I wanted to say.
  2. Yeah Im inclined to believe that too; she liked him and new about the PTWP prophesy. I'm not sure if this applies to both show and books, but I think Oberyn stated : he loved Elia like Jaime loves Cersei. I could be wrong but it could be a little nod that all was not as it seemed with Oberyn and Elia, maybe they were lovers too ? Who knows. Just find it interesting that he phrased it that way.
  3. Exceptionally well said RhaenysB. I'm not hearing any bitching over the fact Robert B was possibly going to divorce/annul Cersei for Margery. Also its interesting to note that Lyanna and Rhaegar were married in Dorne, she was kept hidden in Dorne and protected by Ser Arthur Dayne - a Dornish man. We really have no other info about how Elia felt about all of this tho do we ?
  4. I hope this is what is going on. I am so disappointed with Tyrions arc this season, the dumbing down of Tyrion Lannister. Haha this is what I kind of thought in my head too. Ive been using my head cannon ( is that the right expression ?) a lot this season. Good post Bear42. Agree. Thanks for the bolded I had a good laugh !
  5. I really hope so re tying into Rhaegar, like reaaaaally hope.
  6. I hadn't thought of this. Interesting. I just figured it was going to play into the death of LF.
  7. This is a good point. I understand what you are saying..... but, I wonder if for show only watchers the hints have only started being dropped since the ToJ flashback scene, I cant recall if any other hints were dropped in earlier seasons that show only watchers might have picked up on ? So I think my point is that show watchers may not feel this way, but for book readers yes I can understand exactly what you are saying. I do hope they expose the R+L=J before the end of the season. I don't personally want it dragged out till S8, but I do get why they have spent time this season sort of amping it up. I hope I made sense ( have the flu atm and feel like shite ).
  8. Oh lol do not go there...... I really like this theory though, cant believe I haven't stumbled across this.
  9. I agree. I love love love the Dragons. I admit initially I was not that interested in them, I had no idea I would become such an avid fan. Learnt something about myself in that regard.
  10. I hadn't truly thought of that. Its entirely possible. She does need to pay. On another note I thought of you when I came on here re LF. I forgot to add I'm glad he's not just sitting around staring off at Starks this ep. Glad to see a final scheme coming.
  11. Haha I should hope so !
  12. Haha please Dear God let this happen. lmao.
  13. I pretty much loved all of it. I'm at the point where Ive made peace with the show. I loved the Jon and Drogon moment, I cried shamelessly. I always enjoy Jaime and Bronn scenes together, also the Tyrion and Jaime reunion all be it too short. Happy to see Jorah back and Gendry. Especially loved the final moments with all the legends at Eastwatch. I guess the only thing that irked me somewhat was Sam ignoring Gilly's Rhag- arrrr bomb. Was nice to not see Missandei this ep actually. Cersei is preggers wtaf ?
  14. Agree. I thought Jorah picked up on something between them, but I thought he looked liked he backed off somewhat after noticing this.
  15. Jons line to Dany : " I wish you good fortune in the Wars to come " .... knew Id heard it somewhere but it took a moment to realise.