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  1. Totally agree. I read the book and when I came upon this series I was pretty excited. It's a bit of an interest of mine - serial killers and profiling. The only part that did not interest me at all was the Debbie/Ford relationship. Def looking forward to s2.
  2. Agree. I also really felt bad for Frank and actually surprisingly very little empathy for Claire until the final scene.
  3. I did too re the bolded. I cant agree with Cersei completely but I did find I had some sympathy for her in the later books. I found Joffrey quite hilarious. Its not popular I know but Catelyn - although I understand where she is coming from, I just do not like her. Absolutely HATED Randyll Tarly, Vargo Hoat, Varamyr (sp ?) .
  4. Yes ! You can see this very early on in the first ep when they arrive in Scotland.
  5. Glad to see the thread continuing. I agree with everything you said. I think Frank loves Claire though, or as someone said in previous thread loves the idea of her.
  6. I enjoyed the episode enough, and visually its really well done. I have a lot of empathy for Frank. As you said it is a weird pacing choice. Vastly different from last season.
  7. It did actually. Im not particularly interested in seeing so much of the Frank and Claire dynamic. More interested in Jamies story. Also dreading Breanna, not a fan of the actress. At all.
  8. Anyone see the episode ? Thoughts ?
  9. @jcmontea Thanks for sharing that. Interesting, and I believe it is likely to play out that way.
  10. Gotcha. I mean I do think he is the song of Ice and Fire. I also think it could refer to R + L. Also Dany and Jon .....
  11. What does this have to do with anything ? Its part of the evolution of the story. Dany and Jon meeting up, Jon realizing at some point his is half Targ. Its only natural he would ride a Dragon in the War. Just because he isnt the Father of Dragons or walk into fire and survive doesnt mean he is not entitled to sit a Dragon.
  12. What ? Being a Targaryen doesn't equal being fire proof. It was established this season that Drogon responded to him. He will likely ride Rhaegal. Its not like there are dragons flying about left right and centre for him to get his own, so saying he depended on Dany to give him a Dragon is a bit ridiculous.
  13. I have wondered this for some time. Since the moment she first laid eyes on Jon, you get the sense she knows something. Perhaps collectively by the time she leaves she may have figured it out ? Be interested to hear other peoples views on this too.