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  1. Best acted scene in the series

    I cant pick just one, most have already been mentioned here, however Ill add the scene where Ned says goodbye to Jon and discusses his Mother.
  2. Yes I agree with you here. Would be great to see Rhaegar, but I'm not holding out hope .... I did hear they have cast Professor Slughorn ( cant think of the actors name ) for season 7, my guess is he will play Marwyn.
  3. who is this man?

    It does too !
  4. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    I just finished The Tunnel which starred Stephen Dillane. I really enjoyed it. Also just finished Znation which took me awhile to get into but didn't mind it. Trying to get through Jack Taylor which has Iain Glenn in lead role.
  5. Bloodline (Netflix)

    Season 1 was amazing. Ben Mendelsohn was just incredible as Danny. The rest of the cast were great too. I have two eps left of season 2 and if it wasnt for my partner I wouldnt be watching it. Its a total chore to have to sit through it, the pacing is so bad. I doubt I will bother with season 3.
  6. The Walking Dead Season 6 [Comic Spoilers]

    I realllly hope they don't do that. They owe us closure immediately, I will be tuning out if they draw this out. On a side note, I'm not sure how the Lucille moment made me feel. I know the show is violent etc and I know this is how Neegan works but watching it was utterly horrifying, for me at least. I mean really uncomfortable. Did it seem over done ? Too many hits etc ? Was that necessary ?
  7. There were other survivors of ToJ!

    I assumed it was Wylla, not sure about the other woman.
  8. Which re-union are you most looking forward to in S7?

    any Stark reunion and Lannisters.
  9. Is Jon + Dany Vs Whitewalkers too cliche to happen?

    THIS !
  10. That was my first thought when I first watched that ep. However she discusses that child with Robert in a later ep.
  11. What do the Others want?

    Yeah this makes a lot of sense actually.
  12. What do the Others want?

    Yeah I guess. I hope we get some sort of back story re this. Will we find out if they are able to communicate with humans eventually ?
  13. What do the Others want?

    How did Craster come to make his pact with them anyway ? How did he communicate with them ?
  14. Still a bastard (spoilers)

    Thankyou for that ! I knew I had read it somewhere. I'm so glad he gets to know.
  15. Still a bastard (spoilers)

    I thought this too. Someone pointed out only ' we ' find out not Jon.