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  1. Just finished Lost for the first time. Loved it. About to start Breaking Bad, Ive never seen it. Trying to get through S4 of The Originals, sadly I think its done. Eagerly awaiting Orange is the New Black and of course GoT, Oh and Outlander s3.
  2. I think it was less that 6 weeks building up more toward the last couple of season. Hahaha. NO not the flowers. There were so many scenes with red objects or clothing etc. I gave up as I couldn't find a correlation to anything ! I agree, they totally butchered Dexter. It was great up until S4. The last season was a disaster. I cant unsee it. Thankyou for the link. I agree with everything you have said, and Ive read similar on other forums. I was fine about " what the Island was " and I felt most of the important mysteries were answered. I usually nitpick the hell out of everything so I'm not sure why I was so relaxed about that. I feel like I binged it too quickly in fact. Ive decided Ill do a rewatch at the end of the year. I think without the characters, which were really well fleshed out and the stories around them I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. There were some outstanding performances. Lastly I agree re the flash sideways in that they spent too much time on it, I didn't hate it however.
  3. I'm looking for a new show. Ill check it out thankyou ! Ive seen many shows have this problem. I really didn't have a problem with it. I have to say I loved it. I got very invested in the characters though. I can totally understand why there is a cult following. Give it a go. Perhaps too I benefitted from binging it ? NOt sure what it was like for people watching it week about.
  4. It appears frequently. I'm not sure when I started to notice it. Hugo for eg wears a red bathrobe off the Island and often a red tshirt on. I started to try and see if they were clues or foreshawing but I couldn't find a correlation to anything. Unless I'm missing something ?
  5. All good. Its definitely not the way I use to do it. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Its been awhile since Ive been on this forum. Has the way we reply to posts been changed ? I'm having issues replying individually.
  7. Sorry for late reply, Ive been sick with the flu. I binged it over maybe 2 months, started watching a few eps per night but toward S6 I binged it hard. I was very happy with the finale. For me I felt satisfied with major questions being answered. I came to view the Island as a kind of Eden, and I felt there were parallels re MiB and Jacob to Cain and Abel. I loved the central themes, good vs evil , science v faith etc. However my partner could not cope with it but stuck it out. At times I got a bit frustrated by what felt like a re hashing of the story, for eg, when they got to the temple. This may have been due to binging it though. I can understand how when it aired people gave up as watching it week to week with a break for end of season must have been infuriating. I read too that they always knew their endgame ,but some issues cropped up due to the network not deciding on how many seasons there would be, which would create issues to the overall story.
  8. ok so I probably shouldn't have binged it I feel like Ive come out of some vortex. I have a few questions. The use of the colour red. I was trying to make sense of it, foreshadowing? Hints ? How did Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Ben die ?
  9. I cant pick just one, most have already been mentioned here, however Ill add the scene where Ned says goodbye to Jon and discusses his Mother.
  10. Yes I agree with you here. Would be great to see Rhaegar, but I'm not holding out hope .... I did hear they have cast Professor Slughorn ( cant think of the actors name ) for season 7, my guess is he will play Marwyn.
  11. It does too !
  12. I just finished The Tunnel which starred Stephen Dillane. I really enjoyed it. Also just finished Znation which took me awhile to get into but didn't mind it. Trying to get through Jack Taylor which has Iain Glenn in lead role.
  13. Season 1 was amazing. Ben Mendelsohn was just incredible as Danny. The rest of the cast were great too. I have two eps left of season 2 and if it wasnt for my partner I wouldnt be watching it. Its a total chore to have to sit through it, the pacing is so bad. I doubt I will bother with season 3.
  14. I realllly hope they don't do that. They owe us closure immediately, I will be tuning out if they draw this out. On a side note, I'm not sure how the Lucille moment made me feel. I know the show is violent etc and I know this is how Neegan works but watching it was utterly horrifying, for me at least. I mean really uncomfortable. Did it seem over done ? Too many hits etc ? Was that necessary ?
  15. I assumed it was Wylla, not sure about the other woman.