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  1. While I'd normally be all for ice spiders... in this case I have to say I hope not. It would just be another excuse to not show Ghost or Nymeria.
  2. I can live with that. A world of dire wolves, dragons and hybrid dire-dragons. Sounds cool.
  3. Wait... I thought Bran was Arya?
  4. Thank you for writing that. The character tribalism here is... concerning.
  5. Targaryen "Dragons" that are immune to fire aren't actually a thing. BookDany survives the bone fire due to whatever magic hatched the eggs. BookDany isn't immune to fire anymore and is, in fact, burned later in the series. ShowDany was inexplicably made immune to fire without any rhyme or reason other than providing for dramatic scenes like in vaes dothrak. Even in the show Dany's immunity is unique. No Targaryens in history have been identified as a "Dragon" due to an immunity to fire. In the books Targaryens are just one valyrian house, and a minor house at that. Valyrian's were otherworldly with features such as the silver hair and violet eyes. They were not known for an immunity to fire. maybe someday the show will explain Dany's immunity, but I doubt it.
  6. Agreed. They've abandoned any internal consistency.
  7. Don't forget that the show already told us that the mere presence of Walkers will freeze water. Remember when that mutineer was taunting Ghost by pouring water on the ground... and then it froze in seconds?
  8. Wouldn't have been a problem is one of those six idiots had brought a bow with some dragonglass arrows. Thwip thwip. War won. Assuming, of course, that dragon glass works on NK like it does normal Walkers.
  9. The killing of Ghost and Nymeria, although I admit I assumed you did so because you were one of the Stark haters that are always responding with a "kill Jon/Sansa/Arya" or a "kill all the direwolves". I jumped to conclusions. My apologies.
  10. Merriam-Webster Wikipedia This season seems to be the anomaly. Where we usually get episode titles with double meanings, this season seems to be offering double titles. Multiple episodes have had different titles cited on different sites. Death is the Enemy and Blood of the Dragon are the two that come to mind. I wonder if the apparent name changes are just due to production leaks of early and ultimately rejected episode titles.
  11. You criticize D&D's bad storytelling choices and then suggest that they should have made different bad story choices. ?
  12. Sansa got the dagger from Littlefinger so she could kill Bran with it in season 1? You mean before they even met?
  13. Wielding Gendry's hammer.
  14. One of which may be rude or indecent. It doesn't have to be. Titles from previous seasons were often double if not triple entendres.