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  1. De nada. The problem is that with the show on an accelerated pace, if the reforging of Ice is actually a thing... they'll probably have Gendry do it and not even bat an eyelash. It's all cliff's notes now.
  2. Mott (the blacksmith Gendry apprenticed under) did it in the books, but the show established that smiths able to work with valyrian steel are much rarer. Tywin had to ship the guy over from Essos.
  3. Nah man. You go to her place, you don't make your queen come to you. In all seriousness though, it did play out a little weird.
  4. I think he did but the only time you see it is over Cersie's shoulder. All the other shots left him out of the picture. I think... may need to watch again to double check.
  5. I'm willing to bet he would have preferred that to what actually happened to Elia. Remember that it was Aerys that kept Elia in KL instead of allowing her to flee to Dragonstone as he did with his own pregnant wife and Viserys. Ultimately we still don't know the whole story about Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna.
  6. It's always been Gregor in the show. They didn't even bother trying to present him as Robert Strong.
  7. Valyrian steel weapons are just normal weapons to wights. In the books the only way to kill wights is to burn them or destroy the bodies with conventional weapons until they're no longer a threat (chopped off legs, arms, etc.) The show added their weakness to dragonglass, I'm guessing for expediency.
  8. Lol, actually tried that but it turns out the highlight color is the same as the text.
  9. I have no idea what you wrote because there is so little contrast between the text and the default background. I'm sure it was insightful for your first post.
  10. But the wall wasn't just a physical barrier to the NK. It was also a magical one.
  11. That proves that she's barren just as much as it proves those men are shooting blanks. Or that those gents have amazing pullout game. Also... two? I recall Daario. Who's the other?
  12. Followed by a "you were pretty when they took your hand." Cuz, you know... he likes to be sociable.
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