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  1. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    Wait who defended Nazis?
  2. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    Man tats crazy how high the UK independence party is.
  3. Yeah their recruiting definitely has gotten better along with the team. It seems like they must have hired some new staff or something. That or they just started working harder. Anyways yes as you said you cant just fire somebody without a reason even if you want to. At least not in the NFL.
  4. US Politics: Now with Alt Facts

    I will be running in the next four years.
  5. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    At the time they did think that he was the last Jedi. Well sort of at least after Yoda died. But now there is a RETURN OF THE JEDI. Until now where there inst.
  6. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    That is a good article.
  7. I agree with you hear. I mean obviously there are issues that men do face but they obviously pale in comparison to the issues that women still face. But yeah I could see how a thread like this could be controversial in this community especially considering how liberal this site tends to lean.
  8. Makes sense. I mean you dint really tend to intend to drive under the influence criminally you just need to get somewhere.
  9. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    I see what you mean.
  10. If Bran can effect the past

    Where do you think hes going with it?
  11. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Thais good.
  12. i dint think you should feel guilty about it.
  13. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    Trump is like a comedy character.