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  1. I remember someone in the books saying Inrilatas possessed his fathers gifts to the highest degree. I'm not sure whether it was a reliable source. Personally I would still agree with naming Serwa as most gifted since we do have to figure in having a backbone to actually not break under that giftedness. Funny that - didnĀ“t Maithanet make a remark to Inrilatas having weak bones when killing him. Anyways I would have loved to have more backstory on the children. Maybe a short story of the royal children in their youth. Now onto the spoiler parts - I'm not sure if this has been asked, but do we get to see more Kayutas in this one (more than in the previous books)? Out of all the royal children, we've seen the least of him.
  2. Him developing big feels will have to written in a very-very convincing way by Bakker, otherwise I can't see it being a satisfying turn of things in any capacity. As to the other part - disgust makes sense. I mean everything anyone feels towards Kellhus is manufactured. By cold manipulation and force. It disgusts you because it would disgust you if someone hypnotized another being to fall in love with them. I'm no lawyer, but it has got a very rapey vibe to it. If you wanted to push that towards more absurdity - he proudly proclaims the whole of humanity being children compared to him, and chooses to sleep with one then. Fall in love even. Yeah, disgust makes sense. Leaving that aside, I honestly haven't felt any indication towards Kellhus loving Esmenet up to this point. I don't recollect any build-up towards it either, so again - if Bakker goes with the "love conquers all", I hope he'll do it well. I really hope so. Esmenet as the mother has been the worst aspect of the second series to me. Her love for Kelmomas is indeed silly, and I fear that part is not going to change.
  3. Will we have any mention of the aporetics in TUC?
  4. Ive got no useful input, but it looks good. Will you (have to) update it after TUC release?
  5. So I'm finally upgrading my PC. Can someone suggest me some better games from the past few years. I've got GTA V and Witcher 3 lined up, anything else big or good I might have missed?
  6. Well I personally don't expect the answers to be spelled out. I wouldn't mind if TUC would be like the fourth book of Book of the New Sun. That is, the important answers could be (must be) inferred from the text from the series so far. And if there's a final series (or a single book as it was with Wolfe) to spell out the answers and tie the loose ends - all the better, but not necessary. This is not the impression I've gotten, however. Now the reviews so far have adjusted my expectations, and I will be going into TUC expecting an action book (and a good one at that) with epic battles and a few deep emotional scenes. Anything else I'll consider a bonus.
  7. Well, I made my guess on it being Serwa simply on what's been said on this forum and in reviews. The gist I got from all the information available so far is that whoever was wishing this to be - as someone above said - the "thinking man's" fantasy, was wrong; that everything should be taken as written and any effort into the themes or metaphysics of it all was wasted (well.. unrewarded at the very least) effort. Hence the literal guess - it being someone looking like an angel doing shiny angel-like things. Weirdly enough, despite the dude who called Kalbear a massive buzzkill, I think his list of things to pay attention to on re-reads before TUC was perhaps the thing that has gotten me most hyped about the book.
  8. Or maybe it's just an angelic looking Serwa raining down destruction from the sky, swooping into the battle in some shiny sorcery way.
  9. Huh, I might actually give this a shot after all the positive reviews, although I was almost certain I wouldn't bother w/ anything DC after BvS. Why are people so angry in this thread, btw? Did I miss something?
  10. The new chief has to be on the payroll for the baddies. And I get that he most likely is not, but him being so adamant against seeing a pattern is just a little too much to accept otherwise.
  11. You're the second person to say that. So there's SOME, yeah? I mean I gotta know if I'm gonna pick up the book or nah.
  12. Do we have an explanation what that suspicious looking ring of islands NW of Golgotterath is? Looks like another crash site.
  13. I finished episode 5. I was surprised a show like that doing a comedic episode. Worked well for me.
  14. May I ask here whether I'll see my main man Iyokus in TUC?
  15. I hope Chuck gets back on track. I liked him and Hamlin in the sales pitch to Mesa Verde last season, I'd hope to see them in action a few more times. Hamlin being a bro was also a pretty nice moment this ep. Nacho was the most interesting part of the episode. The actor is doing an excellent job. We're finally seeing Saul Goodman too. I hope he's not going to sit around for a year. Some of the best stuff last season was Slippin Jimmy, so I hope we'll get Saul's antics this season.