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  1. I finished episode 5. I was surprised a show like that doing a comedic episode. Worked well for me.
  2. May I ask here whether I'll see my main man Iyokus in TUC?
  3. I hope Chuck gets back on track. I liked him and Hamlin in the sales pitch to Mesa Verde last season, I'd hope to see them in action a few more times. Hamlin being a bro was also a pretty nice moment this ep. Nacho was the most interesting part of the episode. The actor is doing an excellent job. We're finally seeing Saul Goodman too. I hope he's not going to sit around for a year. Some of the best stuff last season was Slippin Jimmy, so I hope we'll get Saul's antics this season.
  4. The second series had more interesting guest stars though. Maithanet, Inrilatas, Theliopa, Koringhus, Cleric (probably missing some) were all enjoyable characters although they were all very brief. The first series didn't really have anyone like that. This reminds me - I wonder if we'll see Iyokus again.
  5. So there's some at least, huh. Will hold you to it.
  6. Yeah, Howard's been great. I liked the episode, but I'm not sure the outburst was necessarily the nail in the coffin.
  7. Everything seems well made, so I'll keep watching. Episode 2 was not an exciting watch on its own. The opening scene was fun, but the rest seemed to only serve as a set-up for the next. An hours worth of it. I think someone pointed out the music playing a little too prominently, but I think for episode 2, it made the slow part much easier to tolerate.
  8. I liked the ending. Mainly for Jack Rackham's short-term happy ending (considering his story in history will end up with him getting hanged). Relates nicely to what that old man said in the penultimate episode regarding enjoying the pirate-life while you have it, and Julius' words that months matter, since there's not going to be any everlasting happiness or peace. @sweetsunray , I hope your theory on Flint being shot in the jungle is correct. I don't think a happy ending for Flint would work for me. As for Ben Gunn - I read on the reddit thread for the episode that Ben Gunn supposedly returned to the island later, without a map, to try to find the treasure and when him and whoever he went with didn't manage to find it, they left him behind n he went insane. My last reading of Treasure Island was when I was a kid, so I don't know whether that holds true of course.
  9. Can anyone knowledgeable about the comics guess at what exactly that thing was post credits?
  10. At least we have an explanation were Silver learned to fight all of a sudden! O and that's going to be one packed finale, huh. So the dude Billy left alive was Ben Gunn? He seems the likeliest candidate to stay on the island with the treasure.
  11. Oh ya, does sound familiar. I read the book as a kid, so it has been a while.
  12. Another build-up episode. So that's the island the stash will remain (along with Long John Silver?), huh?
  13. I don't get what the snark is about, he did give it plenty of chance. I'm progressing further into the season and I'm growing more bored as well. It was very similar with Luke Cage, but as I said earlier, that show had some great scenes to liven things up. When Cottonmouth was out, I grew very tired of the show, and IIRC, I pretty much skipped through the last episodes. This show has had no outstanding scenes to spice up the general mediocrity, and if the pace continues, I'll most likely be skipping through episodes soon enough.
  14. Hmm, you didn't think Luke Cage stiff? I mean I suppose it was supposed to be a little like that in the same vein as Black Dynamite and whatever the pulp it was referencing, but still. Whether it's intentional or not, stiff is stiff. Granted, I'm not at all familiar with any of the comics and I'm just watching the show, so I came in with zero expectations. The biggest difference to me is that where the other shows had great moments and supporting characters to make the dull main story and characters a little livelier, this one has none.
  15. I agree on the general quality. I'm not far in, however. It's good compared to other non marvel/netflix superhero stuff we have (outside of Legion of course). The thing is, this show seems to lack the moments of greatness, iconic scenes and great characters - I mean some of Punisher's stuff, Kingpin, Cottonmouth and the music scenes in the club.