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  1. WALLY!!!!!
  2. So, I found this countdown app for GoT but I can't get it to work on my phone
  3. Thank you my friend, I remember that the next time. This spring I have mostly concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other, and not just rolling into a ball and cry.
  4. You don't want to know
  5. Thank you Buck, thank you Bear. A bit of health problems, a few deaths, economic problems, and a little more health problems have made 2017 so far less exciting but more depressing. Did I say economic problems?!?!?!?
  6. I'll survive. It's been a shitty winter/spring so i'm hoping for a better summer.
  7. Bear! How are you?
  8. We dont celebrate pentacost either (we exchanged it for our national day, June 6th) but the pentecost weekend is traditionally the weekend to get married.
  9. And I will bring you a Bergslagssten to play with.
  10. Careful darling, or I'm on your steps one day.
  11. Yes, spot on, he was an absolut legend.
  12. I've never met anyone from the forum but there are many I consider to be my friends, including a certain Sniffer.
  13. Thank you for sharing that Mister, it's just perfect.
  14. Sniffer my old dog. How are you love?
  15. Welcome to the grown-up world, it sucks. No, on a more serious note, is there something i can help you with?