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  1. I gave it a 10. I loved the episode. Funny thing is, and I want to ask if anyone else felt this way, as a reader knowing what was coming I still was shocked and taken back to when I read it. Did anyone else feel that way? I read as if it was a movie/show in my head so I could picture all the gory details, but it was still something else and well done.
  2. I am looking forward to, after finishing ADWD, getting Game of Thrones and Philosophy and Beyond the Wall. I got the DVD of S1 for my b-day last month as well. I'd also like to pick up a Stark hoodie or Martell if I can find one.
  3. This episode was AWESOME! I loved the wildfire scene....they really captured that. The fight scenes were amazing. I loved when Sandor was fighting and saw the flames, and you could just see the fear in his eyes. Him telling Joffrey to go fuck himself was an added bonus. I loved the end when Tyrion got cut even though he was on a ship in the book it was done well. 10/10
  4. I'm hoping it will. Now I haven't read AFFC and ADWD yet, but I do predict at some point they'll reconnect.
  5. This was the best so far, I gave it a 10! I liked how a lot happened, but at the same time it gave us book fans some surprises likes the Dothraki's who got murdered & dragon's kidnapped. I'm really enjoying that aspect of it as well. I loved Jaqen doing his thing and Sandor kicking some serious ass. That event and scenes were ones I was really waiting to see. Also I liked seeing Theon and Bran, poor Rodrik! And last but not least Ygrette was so fun to watch and very close to how I pictured her.
  6. Awesome episode! Renly's death was done magnificently & Brienne showed how much of a badass she is. That was really cool. I loved the scenes in Qarth & seeing Drogon. Even though the chapters in ACOK were kinda boirng, the show's doing a good job of showing the people and geography of Qarth. I liked Bronn's lines to the pyromancer too, very Bronn-like even though they weren't in the book and Arya's scenes were awesome too, but was disappointed Jaqen killed the Tickler and not someone else, who'll she kill next season then? Overall I loved it though.
  7. Does anyone have the philosophy book? I got the one for Lost and really enjoyed it & am hoping this one is as good, but is it too spoilery? I'm not finished w/all the books yet.
  8. I gave it a 9. I did like Harrenhal's look, much how I expected it, but I was disappointed Tywin and not Roose was there. I mean I understand some story alterations, but others seem unnecessary. I liked seeing Littlefinger though, he's such a compelling character I'll make excuses for him lol. Let's see....what else....the scene w/Mel at the end was crazy. I wasn't sure how that'd be done, but thought it was done well, every part.
  9. I think I recall that now, since it's only briefly alluded to it's easy to forget those things in the rush of all the other styff happening surrounding Stannis. Thanks.
  10. Can someone point out how in ACOK the extent of Mel & Stannis's relationship is implied besides the fact that she carries his banners and other stuff like killing Renly and....the othee guy at Storms' End (name escapes me)? I found him to be a very stern figure and not very sexual at all. In the book he does make a comment to Renly regarding his homosexuality, so I see that, but if someone can help me out on my question I'd appreciate it.
  11. Okay my thoughts: 1. was surprised at the change w/Joffrey, and doesn't make sense s/l-wise. That's typical Cersei. 2. Rahkaro dying....WTF, he doesn't die in ACOK. I felt it was unnecessary. Where's he not as important as Jorah, ut was a surprise. 3. I was really looking forward to the scene where Arya kicks Hot Pie's ass w/her wooden sword, missed that. 4. LOVED Ghost.....OMG that was so cool. I'm loving the direwolves this season, 5. Like Gendry, think they portray him well. 6. Mel & Stannis, didn't have a problem w/it but it wasn't in the book and Stannis was never depicted as very sexual IMO. As another said it's like Renly & Loras, a scene we never saw. 7. Oh almost forgot....the scene w/Janos seemed rushed and I didn't feel the same energy I did in the book. I mean Tyrion seemed like he was happy but...idk was off to me. and Bronn as Commander of the City Watch? That could work. 8. I liked Jon's scenes. Despite some gripes I did enjoy it & like it isn't exactly the same.
  12. ICAM. There does seem a lot of description of the landscape and I'm not saying it's not important, because in the Eyrie it is, but it kinda takes you out of the story for a minute. I'm still on the fence about Catelyn. She's done things I agree with and things I haven't so I'm going to wait a few books till I make a final decision, but I can say at least for AGOT she made some real boneheaded choices she got stuck in.
  13. I really like Ned's chapters. I liked Ned for a lot of reasons, he was...a different presence in KL and that was interesting. I liked his investigation of Jon Arryn's murder, but do admit he did things that I wanted to say....AHH Ned....don't do that. I also liked Jon, Tryion, and Arya as well for what they each brought. I couldn't stand Sansa though.