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  1. Discussing Sansa XX: Run, Sansa, run...

    Okay serious question: If 'Sansa' goes on to besome kind of northern leader this season do you think that implies Sansa will take on that role in the books... or will it be Jeyne? Neither?
  2. Discussing Sansa XX: Run, Sansa, run...

    I object to calling this thread being called 'Run, Sansa, run'. Better titles: 'Run, Jeynsa, run' 'Run, Sophie Turner, run' 'Run, Fansa, run' This character is no longer Sansa.
  3. Same. I think it's obvious now that they've announced the shortened final seasons that the "We don't have the time" excuse (that they've been feeding us for YEARS)was never valid. The things they actually didn't have: patience, foresight, talent, and taste.
  4. I'll just get the e-book version if that's the case (do those come with covers?). I'm sure they'll come out with a non-show edition at some point, butI will be really mad if tWoW isn't initially released without at least a non-show option. I can't stand it anymore. I'll rely on people here to post summarys.
  5. "Sansa then forgets the words to accept Brienne into her service (the“official words”) so Pod has to remind her." Lol. Of course... she can't even be a good student in D&D world. They have to strip her of every positive quality the book character has.
  6. Sansa's future

    I think Sansa will end up back at Winterfell. She's longed for Winterfell since the death of her father. Lately I've been thinking that the symbolism of the snow castle scene is pretty direct. I can't say what role she'll have there.
  7. Don't worry. There's at least one good adaptation out there:
  8. I'm still not over them killing off my favorite character without actually killing her off. They replaced Sansa with Jeyne and my investment in whatevercharacter Sophie is playingstopped. There is no more Sansa in this series... there's just Sophie Turner doing some stuff on screen.
  9. :dunno: This show always surprises (by how disappointing it can be).
  10. Just checking in since I haven't watched the last few episodes: Did Sansa just serve as a punching bag to serve Theon's development or was I wrong and she actually had an arc of her own?
  11. [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Okay, there seems to be a lot of miscommunication between us. First off, you seem to be stuck on rescue of Jeyne. When I say Jeyne's main purpose is to motivate Theon, I'm *not* saying her purpose is to motivate Theon to *aid in her rescue* (which is what I think you're implying). Theon's arc in this part of ASOIAF is largely about his own identity (going from Reek back to Theon). The events you cite are actually an example of that: Jeyne's presence serves as a catalyst for the spear wives to influence Theon to escape. Beyond that, I don't know how to clear this up other than a labor-intensive reread. We will have to just disagree. To the second point, I was not trying to involve myself in your conversation about 'rape apology'. I'm only trying to point out that fictional rape being different from real-world rape is highly applicable to *our* conversation. In fiction some characters are more important than others. Minor characters serve different narrative purposes than main ones.
  12. [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Seriously? I'm not talking about Marcotte. I'm talking about *you*. A few years ago you were constantly trolling Sansa threads talking about how if Sansa were just more proactive she would be able to get out of her situation (thus implicitly blaming her for her abuse). I remember because it was so ridiculous. (Here's one example. There were many) THEN -------> Woman of War (paraphrased): My mom and I were able to get out of a tough situation by being proactive. Sansa could do the same thing. I could never like a character that just endures abuse. NOW--------> Woman of War's linked article: "More to the point, this line of argumentation assumes that responsibility for rape belongs to the victim, for not fighting back hard enough." (and it goes on). The only person I can recall making the argument Marcotte is 'debunking' is YOU. On one hand, yay for personal growth. On the other hand, WTF.
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    I kind of love this.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Hey, didn't respond to your earlier comment because I didn't really know where to start. Yes, Jeyne was used to further Theon's development... that should be obvious in the books. I don't know where to start with that objection other than to suggest a reread. Also perhaps this objection: Could be answered with your own words: Part of what makes the 'Women in Refrigerators' trope so horrible is that it so often exchanges *important* (or at least the most important around) female characters for male-character motivation. What happens to primary characters *should* be given different weight than what happens to tertiary characters. In the end, the narrative is about them. ASOIAF is far more Sansa's story (and Theon's) than Jeyne's. Edit: A good introduction to the trope was suggested by Elaena Targaryen earlier in the thread:
  15. [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Especially when the strawman is 'critics are calling the victims of sexualized violence weak'... and the forum user linking to said strawman actually seriously used that argument against Sansa when she was in King's Landing.