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  1. greensleeves added a post in a topic Rant and Rave: Dorne Postmortem (Book Spoilers )   

    Just popping in here to say this:

    Every unsullied I know has the same perspective on the show: they think every character involved in politics, revenge, or whatever is completely wasting their time because the only thing that matters is coming army of ice zombies. It's a perspective I've seen in book readers occasionally, but it is pretty much unanimous with the show-only people I know. The only plot line they assign any importance to is the one where dragons and ice zombies have an epic battle.

    ... and that makes sense because the other plot lines have no character consistency, logic, or connection to the show as a whole. Why would anyone care about them?

    One of the great things about the books interweaving magic and prophecies in the various plots is that it helps ground everything. The flashbacks help everything make sense as a connected, cohesive work. In retrospect, I think the show really lost something important when it decided to abandon those elements from the books. It's become more apparent as the characters have grown physically apart.

    Then there's the inept adaptation itself. I don't give two craps about what happens to show!Sansa. I want to know where she ends up because it might shed some light on Sansa's book arc, but that's it. I'm a Sansa fanatic so that's pretty bad. The show character isn't even really a character for me... she's just a random chick they cram into random situations. She has no personality traits, no direction, no anything.

    They've butchered everything to the point where I agree with the 'ice zombies and dragons are the only things that matter' crowd. At the very least, they are the only compelling things left.

    They should just make the remaining seasons 20 hours of ice zombies v. dragons. That will be way better than anything else they've got. HBO: I am available for hire.
  2. greensleeves added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Discussing Sansa XIX - The season with no reason   

    Just checking in since I haven't watched the last few episodes:

    Did Sansa just serve as a punching bag to serve Theon's development or was I wrong and she actually had an arc of her own?
  3. greensleeves added a post in a topic Rant and Rave without Repercussion [Book Spoilers]   

    When can we officially declare 'School of Thrones' to be the best ASOIAF adaptation?