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  1. Reminder: 1) According to the books, Sansa can read and write better than any of her brothers. 2) Liking feminine things does not make you dumb. 3) Thinking that feminine people are dumb is pretty sexist. And also, coincidentally, dumb.
  2. There's a word with no sexist conotations. /sarcasm I have to ask what the point of these threads is. I doubt many Sansa fans still watch the show (I don't). The show's creators have made it pretty clear that they don't care about or respect this character or gender issues in general. So here is a question for Risto: Is show-Sansa well-written enough (or even coherent enough) to actually merit these analysis threads? My personal answer is no. In the absence of an opportunity for actual thoughtful commentary, these threads seem like just an opportunity for knee-jerk Sansa hate.
  3. Aeknownothin Obviously.
  4. It's a continent wide problem; might be viral.
  5. I'm impressed by the man-bun! ... but seriously they've obviously abandoned all rules of inheritance so it makes perfect sense.
  6. Yeah... 'tension' might be a better word, but no matter the word it's taking place in a context of obvious love and affection. Good catch on the Cat parallel. Edit: I'm glad there are still Sansa threads; I hope that this season represented a course correction towards a more accurate character arc. (I'm not that hopeful though.)
  7. There's obviously conflict between them: they still don't trust each other as much as they should. Jon needs to learn to value Sansa's advice and experience; she needs to be able to confide in him. That's a long ways from being enemies.
  8. Sansa and Jon are basically besties. They might argue, but they aren't going to truly become enemies. I wish Sansa had gotten more acknowledgement... but you don't always have to be the one with the title to be the badass in the family (see Olenna).
  9. These threads usually reveal more about the poster's prejudices than the characters. Liking dresses and using the word 'tummy' doesn't make you unintelligent. For those elevating Arya so they can trash Sansa: - Game of Thrones
  10. Sansa will get to Winterfell somehow... and I think this is a good place for it. -My guess is Stannis loses his battle. -Jon gets resurrected. -There's a second battle for Winterfell. -A force from the Vale (with Sansa and Littlefinger) help attack Bolton-held Winterfell, or maybe they just bring a bunch of suppliesl. I don't know if Rickon will be there, but his death in the show doesn't give me much hope for him.
  11. She's been focused on retaking Winterfell in the books; that's my thinking of her motivation. All good points. I was thinking she'd travel with them... not lead them into battle. Edit: To me it seems clear that her arc is headed towards Winterfell and this seems like a logical point for her to get there.
  12. Hey, I haven't watched the episode (or season); I'm just reading spoilers. I'm trying to speculate on how this might play out in the books. I'm thinking Sansa will come to Winterfell with an army from the Vale and it really will be a surprise for the Northern forces. What do you guys think?
  13. Okay serious question: If 'Sansa' goes on to be some kind of northern leader this season do you think that implies Sansa will take on that role in the books... or will it be Jeyne? Neither?