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  1. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Have you ever seen a person with a glass eye before?
  2. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Subtlety is overrated. Since you've been such a good Southerner so far, we'll just put you on probation for now. It would be a terrible show. Of course everyone wants to be a Southerner.
  3. I will say, the one thing that does continue to bother me (a little) about the bowcaster thing is that apparently this is the first time Han has used this gun in like 35 years + with Chewie. Or even seen Chewie fire it. Granted, it might be a newer and more powerful version, but still.
  4. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    I said lewdness, not obscenity. Honestly. *Nods disappointedly.* *Snickers*
  5. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Eww. That is all.
  6. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    And this thread is self-described as the nicest place on the board. Uh-oh...
  7. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    You should have carried an umbrella. Then it wouldn't have hailed.
  8. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    It frakking snowed. On 26th April.
  9. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    That's the surest sign that you're doing it right. I'd be more worried if you never felt like that.
  10. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    It might be that the server holds up better this year, but just in case, those of you wishing to make use of the Emergency Personal Evacuation Craft (i.e chat) might want to bookmark the link now.
  11. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Yes, had my eye on those for a while. I watched those being built. Pretty cool. Btw - this is quite topical to what we were discussing yesterday.
  12. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    That's what I thought, but apparently it's the right one.
  13. It's never a good idea to underestimate Boris, but I wonder if he's really backed himself into a corner now. When he first backed Leave he indicated he wasn't going to lead the campaign. It was a sound strategic move because if Leave won he'd get a lot of the credit and prestige, and if it lost, he could say that he expressed his view but wasn't a major part of the campaign, and still come away without much political damage. Over the past few months though he hasn't been able to help himself. He's dominated the campaign to such an extent that we barely hear Farage's name any more. If Leave loses now, I think his chances of succeeding Cameron might be just about done. Even the Brexit supporters would probably want to nominate one of their fellows who is less tarnished by defeat. And for the moment, it looks like he's going to lose, which might explain his increasingly Trump-esque comments and outbursts.
  14. I think it was a figure of speech. Obama didn't literally mean that Britain would be behind, say Finland, but Britain would be at the back of the queue behind the EU (GDP of around $13-14tn) and all the TPP states. Those deals are going to take some time to finalise. The point was that Britain's not going to get a quick free trade deal for being Britain. It would take years before negotiations even started, then it would likely take years to negotiate.