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  1. 5 - Everything seemed too rushed and the teleportation of the raven was bad. I would have had them still 'attempt' to send a raven - good idea, but that should have taken too long to help them as it turned out. Bran would probably sense something was up and he could have communicated somehow (flock of crows for example) to Daenerys that something was wrong pretty quickly and the time-travelling ravens wouldn't have been necessary.
  2. I was half expecting Jon snow to ask "Do you like camping Dany? I've pitched a tent!" - Sorry, the "Dany" and Jon conversation was quite bad.
  3. I don't think Pat would have to be too drunk. I would be worried what he'd write in them.
  4. I just looked at one of mine. It was from the initial AGOT book tour (second stop? Book receipt has the event date and time and location - Austin, TX ) It looks more similar to the AGOT in that listing, so I would think it's OK. You are right that it does look a bit different than the usual one. If I didn't have the receipt (and more writing in the way of a personalization) I would be worried mine wasn't a good signature.
  5. The Jim Burns signature looks genuine.
  6. The 001 Box went for $5000! That's great for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary! There are a couple more boxes being sold that are under $1000 for the moment. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/152348248047?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT at $610 with 5 days left and http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/George-R-R-Martin-Ultra-Limited-Edition-Box-GRRM-A-Song-of-Ice-and-Fire-GOT-/232171316134?hash=item360e7d23a6:g:PXIAAOSwJ7RYTYNy at $750 with 5 days 17 hours left.
  7. The Ultra at Camelot Books has been sold.
  8. Thanks Becca! Camelot Books has an Ultra (#064) for sale now for $1995 . https://camelotbooks.com/books/detail/a-game-of-thrones-the-ultra-limited-edition I don't think the one on e-bay will go that high, and it's for #001 and being auctioned for charity. Edit: Well, the ebay auction is now up to $1975 with almost 4 days remaining. Stunned!
  9. Amazon UK has them for 48 pounds.. They charged 5 more for delivery to Australia. around $61 US or $82 Australian. Harper Australia seems to have them available starting in January and the list price is $179 Australian.. http://www.harpercollins.com.au/9780008115401/#sm.0000ldq2v64m5dh510yiq2ikj8a26 The UK site doesn't have any pics up yet.. http://harpervoyagerbooks.co.uk/book/a-game-of-thrones-12/ . This edition is still not mentioned in tweets by HarperVoyager nor by Jane Johnson. BTW: I've noticed that when I click any links to Amazon in the forums, I go to a vglink sales site rather than Amazon. You can opt out of this "Feature" by going here http://www.viglink.com/opt-out/ .
  10. EddieStark, Thanks for the links to the other books!
  11. There are some pics of this new version in an ebay listing. It looks pretty nice. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Game-of-Thrones-DELUXE-Edition-Leather-Bound-Slipcase-GOLD-Edges-GRR-Martin-/122252668569?hash=item1c76d3ae99:g:~qMAAOSwA3dYQXJK Endpaper art by Marc Fishman - is pictured there as well. Clash of Kings pre-order on Amazon - Feb 9th - https://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0008115419 Storm of Swords pre-order on Amazon - May 18th - https://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0008115427 Haven't found any pre-orders for the other books, and this version Game of Thrones was initially for October, but was delayed probably because of the Deluxe Illustrated Edition which was also released in October. Harper Voyager UK hasn't tweeted anything about this version, but they did tweet the release of the Deluxe Illustrated version. Interesting.
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/George-R-R-Martin-Ultra-Limited-Edition-Box-/332051193363
  13. The UK ones seem to be similar to the US editions, i.e., just OK, no dust jacket, but the paper is usual UK quality, which is ( or seems) worse than the US editions. It needs more full colour pages. Marc Simonetti's throne should have been in colour!! I'm getting one of the GRRM box ones, so won't bother buying one of these as well. Hope the quality is better on those. I think it would have been nice to have commissioned some new work from Jim Burns and Stephen Youll to put in there as well (perhaps on a dustjacket?).
  14. Only 4 Ultra Editions left, and there is a new link at the top of grrmbox.com to enter a sweepstakes (open to US residents only, until November 15th) for additional Limited items (3 winners): First prize:Hound’s Helm and Lannister Shield from Valyrian Steel Second prize: Daenerys and Drogon Statue from Dark Horse Third prize: Arya Stark Statue from Dark Horse
  15. The box reminds me of a comment my wife's grade school woodworking teacher made about her project, "The only way to make this look better, is to burn it." He wasn't trying to say it was a bad piece, but to me it just sounded that way..