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  1. My predication is that Bran and the 3er actually warg into the night King to keep the others away. We have seen him warg humans, and animals, I don't see why the others would be different
  2. Is that why he called his Stannis his God? No, seriously, he is your average man. He believes in the gods but he doesn't follow the faith strictly.
  3. So your only complaint is season 6? Lets see, the sparrows outlawed trial combat which I think we can all agree was correct; the reasoning was superb. Rich were using their wealth to get out of laws the broke The sparrows were zealous and fanatics but only in their devotion; they were particularly evil. They knew Cersie, Lancel, and Marg were all sinners and they were making sure that they were punished. It was an extreme sense but in no way does it show religion is a bad light. as far as characters calling out religion being bad... Nothing in particular stood out. Did some characters expressed frustration at the gods and religion? Of course, but it doesn't make religion bad. In fact, I'd wage that they character feel more areal. Here is saying, finally see how stupid she is...gods don't just grant your wish because you pray; do you blame her? She has one of the worst things happen to her. You can call it what you want, I think that's how a normal person would react in lost of those situations. Varys says something bad about religion? Of course, he is only a spy masters, he knows what those fanatics do. Tyrion? Hell yes!
  4. Yeah, I agree with people saying a cameo. Nothing too big, just some small cameo like the one with Lyanna or Arthur Dayne. Quite honestly, a good scene would be he tournament that he won at Harranhall. He would even have to speak much just a small cameo to show the story behind what started the rebellion. It would really go a long way for tv viewer to relate a name with a face. It's quite annoying explaining to my friends who Rhaegar is and who he is not.
  5. I assumed -they took her far from kings landing in case a seige occurred. -I don't think the Targ side expected to lose at the Trident River. Remember what Robert said, he(I assume he is talking about Rheagar) thought he can end the rebellion with the swing in his sword.
  6. They have omitted the good side of religion? The entire show has good people praying to gods. Good normal people living your everyday live and being godly men. Ned, Jon, Sansa, Tyrion, Jorah, sam, Cait,..etc are all religious to a normal degree. They are what a normal person in NYC is; they are sinners if you were to follow religion strictly but they believe in religion. I know what your problem is, you want a good fanatic in the show. You just want a Jesus like character that goes around and does everything out of selfishness. You forget that it's not hero religion is. We were shown that religion helps people in the show; hell the sparrow was shown feeding the poor and helping the homeless. Like what exactly do you want? Jesus? Mohammed ? Get real
  7. Except to me, he was willing to kill his own brother, his own nephew, and never asked about his pregnant child... He has always been described as a cold man, with little feeling. While the book has not build his character the same way, the show has been very consistent with how it treats Stannis. His character development over the course of 5 season is more probably the most consist in the show. This a guy who initially tried to be righteous and stern but over time his greed have made him slip further and further. In the beginning he called Meli mad for thinking of killing his daughter, but mid development he was thinking, and in the end, he reasoned that one person is not worth an entire kingdom
  8. Wait? That's like saying what's the point of Ned? He only got his head chopped. Marg was one of the reason as to why happened in Kings landing, like Joffrey death, and the entire plot line with the faith honestly? Talking about wasting plot line, let's talk about Dorne. I'd agree with that but then again, the books were considerable bad especially when you realize that GRRM actually had two books to make it interesting.
  9. Lord of the rings ended bittersweet
  10. Lol? Even GRRM said his ending will be happy. He was unpredictable but at a certain point things just start coming together. Do you really think Aegon is going to rule Westeros? The character who comes into the fold after 4 books? Sure! Sooo unpredictable The only difference between GRRM and the show is that GRRM can put as much BS plot fillers because his books aren't restrained by 10 episodes per season (9 hrs a season). Oh and predictability about Jons fate? Yeah it's like when he died in season 5 the entire internet went into crazy mode trying to do the spoiler reenactment. You have reporters hiding and following Kit and doing detective work to prove a theory...
  11. No I think the books got a lot worse. Book 4 and even 5 were really bad. More importantly, GRRM started to just add too much filler without much thought. I get he was trying to flesh out the world but some things are not needed.
  12. Jon fits the prophecy figuratively. Dany fits is literally
  13. Name of the actor playing Theon. Something in his voice is genuine. He has a the right sincere and stern voice whenever he needs to. Him saying goodbye to Sansa was amazing and it's because he delivered it nicely. In season three he killed it I also think the guy playing the Hound was nice. Tyrion on in season 5-6 has been overrated and very underrated season 1-4.
  14. Alfie? The guy playing Theon? I would say season 3 was his strongest performance. Season 6 he just did not have enough scenes but the one with Sansa (telling her goodbye and that he would have gone to the end ) was truly great; he owned it. Kit while not being a good actor definitely was able to change the way Jon was acting this season. For that, I'll give him the nomination; he clearly does not act like he did when we first were introduced to him.
  15. I still believe that Jamie has been on a path of change. Sure some bumpy road, especially the show but nevertheless, he is changing. This season, more than ever, he has seen how Cersie is... I still believe he is the younger brother who kill her at the end. While they are twin, one was technically older than the other. When he Cersie I think he will start to look at the situation a lot like Tyrion and Dany will be okay with that