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  1. Jon comes back and sentence him to death. It would be awesome because in many many ways, Eddark Stark lives in Jon Snow. Of all the starks, including Robb, Jon is the most like Eddark
  2. How so? He can't warg like he can in the books They aren't fighting humans but undead. Ghost will have the same success Summer did. Wolves attack at the throats but that's basically useless or ineffective on the undead
  3. I agree that the portrayal was not the best. I don't think it will because that type of battle would be extremely boring. Besides, she had a dragon wrecking havoc in their front lines that we literally saw some riders go past the line
  4. They weren't really the same. They were effective but that was a different type of formation. They would plant the Halberd, pikes into the ground. And yes, they were effective against heavy cavalry but failed versus very light cavalry. The thing to point out regarding Phalanx is that for it to be effective, the commander has to be above average. We have seen 2-3 commanders use them effectively in their army, while others used the poorly because it was not easy. Pontus, Carthage, Greek City States, Potelmaic, Seleucid..etc all used it but eventually they realized it isn't easy to make it effective. They eventually changed to the Legionary city because it's easier, more flexible, and yielded better results overall.
  5. There is maybe less than 2-3 occasions in history where a cavalry actually charged into a phalanx or shield wall formation. The reason it almost never occurred in history is because a horse no matter how train will not do that. It will stop prior to impact or it will change direction. We know this because in medival times, even fully equipped knights would not be able to get their horse to charge without putting blinds on the horses eye with that said, the phalanx formation has shown to be good in only small period in history. It was effective in antiquity because of the mountainous region in Greece. Outside of here, we have seen them lose to more versatile or more equipped armies like the Persians, romans, and Parthians. Those formations are slow moving, nor can they cannot change directions very easily. A more versatile army will attack the flanks, like history has shown. with that said, outside of Phillip and Alexander, no one was able to utilize the Phalanx formation wel again. The formation itself is only good if you have very strong cavalry and cover the flanks The Dothraki wouldn't even have to attack the Lannister army with horse, just pick them off to the point that their formation breaks
  6. So not true The Roman army of the 1st Century was more equipped in terms of armor and shielding but the army of 4th century yielded better results against tougher opponents. The Greek and Macedonian army was more equipped in terms of weapons and armor than the Roman Infantry/Legionaries but could not yield results that Romans could. The parthian cavalry that defeated the Roman infantry were less equipped and with smaller numbers. The Mongolian army was not as equipped as some of the European armies but destroyed them in battle. You can pick out battles and armies throughout history that lost or won against opponents who were more or less equipped. The bottom line is, being more heavily armored does not always make you better. It comes down to tactics, logistics, morale, and discipline. Nothing we have been shown about the Dothraki suggest they lack any of those I think GRRM has hinted that the Dothraki are influenced by a lof Asian countries. Atilla the Hun, and Gehgis Kan come to mind. So from what we have seen so far, the Dothraki have numbers roughly at 50,000. No one else in Westeros can field an army that large. As far as morale goes, they aren't paid like Lannisters, id assume they are more loyal for this. Furthermore, they live nomadic and warlike lifestyle which mean they don't start to be homesick or resent war like the Northmen suggested to Robb. They are also the only army so far that have light cavalry archers which in both antiquity and medieval period was considered to be the best type of army. Why? Mostly because a knight on a horse, or a foot solider can never decide the battlefield. It's the lightly armored cavalry archers who can pick and choose where he can make a stand or run. The bow and arrow means that the charging infantry or heavy cavalry can never march to chase without being picked or harassed. The Dothraki are also great warriors because it's mostly being a warrior that is their proffession. In Westoros, outside of the North, it seems to follow the feudal system which means only knights are really trained. With that said, as GRRM and the director seem to have hinted towards, the Dothraki are the kings of all, but the Unsullied at the best infantry.
  7. It would be a shame if he dies without trying to manipulate the players that are left on the board I really want him to be the last villain because despite little character development in both the books and series, he is without a doubt the embodiment of "the devil on your shoulder". He is the one the main reason do many events occurred the way they did. So I am glad to see he is already manipulating even the stark children along with the north and vale. Amazingly, I have a feeling this will lead to his downfall
  8. Jorah, Gendry, Thoros, and Beric Beric and Thoros are pretty much filler in the big scheme of things. Jorah may die to convince Dany that the dead are the main threat. Gendry, he was just reintroduced so I would hate to see him go so quickly. Tormund has to represent the wilding, as there is no one else left. Jon and the Hound are the only ones that plot armor
  9. It was confirmed that in open field, they are the best armies. However, sieging or defending specific areas...not so much Also, Jamie's statement I believe included the use of dragons e
  10. Winter fell is in the middle of the north. It would probably extend his entire trip by at twice as muchhe knows they will be alive when or if he gets back it they probably won't if he never gets the chance to unit the living
  11. OR MAYBE He knows how it will turn out and realizes that he does not need to intervene just yet..
  12. But we know that he was trying to give birth to the Prince that was promised... at least in the books we did
  13. None of these guys are available. Brienne, they did make mention of her but she wouldn't be a fun character in the north
  14. The ending... The Avengers.... The A-Team.. Inglorious bastards... whatever you call them. That ending was awesome!