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  1. I am just going to point this out but Dany trying to fight a war without killing anyone but those who are explicitly soldiers is the main reason she was unable to do anything. Those who serve in the Red Keep are just as much her enemy as Cersie is. It is the only way she should see things until she actually sits the throne. If they actively continue to serve Cersie then they are throwing in their lot with Cersie. These are not innocent bystanders. So if they must be put to the sword then they must be put to the sword. She is a conqueror and she must do what a conqueror must. Everyone, even Eddard, would have did what needed to be done. Dany could have invaded the Keep through the tunnels while She and her dragons assualt the keep from the air. The fact that Varys does not bring up the tunnels is entirely because the writers did not want to use the same trick twi---i mean thrice.
  2. I always took that quote with a grain of salt. While it would be true if one lord went out and met the Dothraki in an "open field" they would be destroyed, a coordinated effort of the Lords of Westeros would destroy the Dothraki especially if they the lords choose the field of battle which being the home team they could easily do. The Dothraki are used to wide open plains and steppes but Westeros probably only has 1 or 2 regions like that. The North and Dorne would be death traps for the Dothraki due to the Cold and Heat of those regions, The Vale is mostly mountain, The Riverlands are full of rivers that would slow the Dothraki down, and The Stormlands are heavily forested. The best area for the Dothraki is Reach and the Westerlands. Still if not for the War of the Five Kings Westeros could have still defeated the Dothraki if they put up a united front, which is what Eddard knew. it would have been hard as hell to keep the movements of such a large fleet coming to Westeros quiet from everyone and would have given the Iron Throne time to call the banners. If anything The War of the Five Kings actually made Varys' fAegon plan more viable.
  3. I think that the one huge thing that can be taken away from the war between Cersie and Dany is that this is what you get when the vast majority of seasoned commanders have died off. There are no generals of note left outside of Randyll Tarly really. Dany was screwed extremely hard when Ser Barristan "TMB" Selmy got shanked in an alley in Mereen leaving her with only Tyrion...whose military career is in no way on the same level as Ser Barristan's. The main reason Cersie is winning even though she had a shitty had to begin with is that in reality Dany has a huge lack of experience in actual warfare on her side. Sure she has the Dothraki but the Dothraki mainly only fight other Khalasaars or people who have no chance against them. if not for the dragon that wagon train battle would not have been so one sided.
  4. @Megorova....why are you not using multiquote??? I am only going to focus on this comment right here The Kingsguard is a very important institution within Westeros. Point. Blank. The only reason it has become an afterthought on the show is because they axed Jaime's book storyline which was becoming about him trying to restore the honor and prestige of the Kingsguard while also redefining their purpose. When they cut that off the Kingsguard as we knew it became superfluous and a nonentity on the show. Also the reason no one is rebelling because Cersie created a "Blackguard" is because honestly there are no lords who give an actual fuck about it when they have far more pressing concerns like Winter is coming, their liege lords getting blown up in the Great Sept of Baelor, how the WoFK affected their regions, and that Dany has come to Westeros at the head of a massive army and they have no idea what she is going to do with it. it is kinda fair to say that most of the lords and people of Westeros do not care what is going on in Kingslanding, what with all their other concerns pressing them. And again, this is really paramount, The Kingsguard just doesn't matter anymore to the show. As we have seen in the last two seasons (the entire show in fact) if D$D feel it is not necessary to the show anymore it will be killed off. this is why Barristan got the axe even though he still had much to do. This is probably why the last named Kingsguard that we knew off, Meryn Trant was killed off, so that they could become this faceless Blackguard group.
  5. ^this. The North was caught completely unawares by the Ironborn...Even though Ned specifically told Cat to keep an eye on Theon because he knew if trouble broke out the Ironborn would mobilize. while you could say that there was no definitive reason to believe the north would be attacked they should at the very least have still prepared for it after the death of Eddard and Robb was crowned king. but even then, the North had fucking Ramsey "The Bastard of Bolton" Snow causing all kind of chaos in the eastern part of the North causing there to be tensions and fighting between the Boltons and Manderlys, so that was a detrimental distraction. but even with that, the North could have rallied around Winterfell and easily driven the Ironborn from their lands. Theon taking Winterfell in one of the luckiest plans ever (empty the castle garrison to chase Ironborn a hundred miles away even though the heirs of the king are far more important). Then Ramsey and the Boltons betraying the North really sealed the deal. Ramsey being a psycho and Theon a traitor is what fucked the North and Robb
  6. yes and the assertion that we need Cersie to last until season 8 playing the villain role because she is human is not really a good point. we are at the goal line with Game of Thrones, and in the last season the only thing we should be concerned with is will the Realms of Men be able to defeat the coming Long Night. not "will they defeat the Night King and then turn around and defeat Cersie who should have been dead a long time ago but isn't and was left alone to rebuild her forces to face what will be a seriously tired North-Vale-Dany coalition because....reasons?"
  7. I have been reading this thread and I have to say that it has been an awesome read. @Megorova has provided some of the absolute greatest fluffery in trying to come up with ways to cover the plothole of how Euron and the Iron Islands could replenish the Iron Fleet/build 1,000 ships despite lacking the manpower or resources to do so and also how Cersie, who was friendless and alone all of season 6 except for Qyburn and UnGregor, could effortlessly pull off the greatest terrorist attack in Westerosi history and still get installed as Queen of the 7 kingdoms (whose authority no one outside of the Westerlands, Crownlands, and Kingslanding should recognize) just by being the closest in proximity to the throne. The war makes no damn sense and literally relies on Dany and her allies making stupefying mistakes that allow Cersie and Euron to take advantage of the situation and come out on top. here are just a few things to consider that someone else pointed out: Why aren't the Reach and Dornish armies already mobilized and at their borders awaiting the order to march on Kingslanding? Why are Illaria and all the Sand Fakes on Dragonstone together instead of just Illaria meeting Dany and the Sand Fakes marching at the head of the Dornish army either through the Reach or through the Stormlands onward to Kingslanding? How is Olenna, who is a lifetime player of the game and who has alliances with basically all the houses in the Reach through marriages or what not, so easily betrayed just because Tarly switched sides? Why is Tyrion, who is Tywin's best student, forgetting that wars can be just as easily won with the quill as with the sword and is not reaching out to all the houses within the 7 kingdoms in order to find Dany allies? Why is Varys, whose whole life has been dependent on his intelligence gathering capabilities, just sitting back not even doing anything to actually gather intel? Did he already know that Qyburn the Creepy would discover that his control over the little birds was only possible through sweets? why didn't Dany and her allies set up a blockade of Blackwater Bay so no ships could enter or leave? these 6 things not being done on Team Dany's side, and I am sure there are more, are the main reasons why Cersie was not defeated in 2 or 3 episodes. That and of course because...reasons
  8. Yeah, Edd and other members of the Nightswatch were not needed at the meeting. Truthfully though the meeting should not have been held at the dragonpit (which was small as hell, how did Balerion, Vhagar, and Meraxes plus the other dragons ever all fit in there?) but outside of Kingslanding. Why give Cersie home field advantage where she can possibly lay another trap to kill her enemies? Then, while i know they are trying to streamline things with the cast, story, and what not, there really should have been a few other lords there from other kingdoms as well as a few Archmaesters from the Citadel. Jona and company are literally facing a monstrously large legion of the undead, the Long Night come again, and he has proof that the legends and stories told of that event are real. the more lords who see this, the better the chance of recruiting for the defense of the realm. By only showing Cersie and her crew, he and Dany are ensuring that only a select few people know of the real danger and further allowing Cersie to control things. No way in hell are the other lords of Westeros going to continue having Cersie to remain queen if she is not defending the realms of men. The lack of other lords and the Archmaesters is another example of Dany and Jon especially actually using statescraft to garner allies. It is even worse when you realize that is something Tyrion and Varys should have put forward immediately.
  9. but that is an assumption that you the viewer have to make in order to explain why the Unsullied took as long as they did to make it to Kingslanding. personally I just thought they marched through the Westerlands and into the Riverlands then down into Kingslanding, at their leisure because there is no one to harry them, as almost all fighting men have already been used and most importantly...Winter is here and people need to get the last harvest in asap. As long as the Unsullied do not harass the natives there is no reason for the natives to harass the Unsullied. and we have to assume all these things because there are no shots of the Unsullied journey across Westeros throughout the season. We see last see Greyworm looking out at the fleet burning under Euron's attack from the Casterly Rock Ramparts in episode 3 and then bam, the Unsullied are in formation outside of Kingslanding in episode 7. Don't forget that the way they setup the end of that episode seemed as if the Unsullied were in an untenable situation and were doomed as they were cutoff from their allies on the other side of the continent, Instead I guess we needn't have worried as the Unsullied seem to be fine and dandy in episode 7.
  10. I agree with everything but Barristan dying in Mereen in any fashion. Barristan should only die in Westeros after making sure Dany has won the Iron Throne or for sure will sit on it.
  11. Barristan dying and Winterhell was when I basically lost hope that this show would get to those great moments in the books I read or even accurately portray them and had actual joy over. The North Remembers plotline in the ADWD is what gives you hope that house Stark is going to reclaim Winterfell and that it will be because of the Legacy left by Ned and those before him who ruled the North wisely and justly. It was so well done that there were debates over whose legacy will prevail in the end: Ned's or Tywin's? Then we had Barristan and Jaime parallels going on in their own journeys where they are both having to redefine not only themselves but the roles of the institutions they serve. The former theme was horrendously butchered and the latter was lost to the winds and never put on film.
  12. Except in working protect siblings he should loath, atleast when it comes to Cersie, he is actually ensuring the demise of the Lannisters if Dany should realize what he has done. Nevermind the fact that as a general he has sucked royally and lost her the Reach and Dorne and stranded her infantry on the other side of the continent when he was actually trying to win, but to actually actively seek to protect his siblings after wagon train massacre is traitorous. It is one of the many reasons i miss Ser Barristan "The Muthafuggin' Bold" Selmy Aka Ser Grandfather aka "fuck you and the ten men you sent after me that i killed after you kicked me out of the Kingsguard and I said no to your retirement package, Cersie" so much. He would have given Dany not only proper advice but also legitimacy through not only his presence but also a proper queensguard. Also just his presence beside Dany would enhance her in the nobilty of Westeros' eyes. For all his faults Aerys' Kingsguard was full of highly decorated and respected knights that are still highly regarded throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Barristan is the last true honorable Kingsguard whose honor and cloak has not been stained. Dany would have been repaid hugely by having Barristan in her service...yet instead we have him killed in a fucking alley saving Greyworm who seemingly only exists for cool action scenes, bad joke scenes with tyrion, and admittedly a touching love story between him and Missandei...which i dig because #blacklove. But still the waste that was Barry dying...fuck
  13. nevermind the fact that Dany burned the friggin' supplies that she said earlier that she herself needed for her own army.
  14. Well to be fair to Ned that deserter was not coherent and had probably snapped. Plus he did not report into the watch his findings he just ran as far south as he could. But yeah there should be a hell of a lot more questions about Jon leaving the watch. Maybe have him take off his shirt to reveal all the wounds and tell the world he died and was rough back by the Old Gods and Stannis' red witch