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  1. Yep! Good ear, I noticed this as well. I'm wondering if Varys hasn't been hangin out in Dorne since losing Tyrion. Maybe he's giving Doran the same pitch he gave Tyrion (since apparently there was no old marriage plot with Viserys and anyone, maybe Varys will be trying to set up Tristane and Daenerys instead). Then, I guess the sandsnakes stupidness will be behind us. Unfortunately it probably also means that we will get lots of "buh we luuuv each other" from tris and myrcella... yikes.
  2. Question, who were those guys with Bolton and Ramsey discussing strategy? Were they other Northern Lords, or Bolton folks? If the former then I'm happy at least there are SOME people that Sansa might be able to turn if The North really Remembers...
  3. I agree there's no reason to hat Dany, she lives in a tropical / desert climate. But Jon really should wear one more often...
  4. Dany + Tyrion was so much awesome that I can't even process... Thank you show for giving us what GRRM refused to do. And apparently is putting off for like 80% of TWOW as well. JFC. But, I felt bad for Jorah (pretty harsh, Tyrion...) and also a little confused. What's he thinking at this point? I mean, I understand the plot demands Jorah be in the pit but his actions make little sense other than just naked obsession like "I MUST LOOK UPON HER GLORIOUS COUNTENANCE ONCE MORE" which is just a bit pathetic tbh. ...And I mean more pathetic than usual. Hahahahhaha this shit is hilarious. You people are so invested in your "Dany is evil and stupid" dogma that you believe the showrunners have purposefully changed her character in order to make her look good when it fact, The truth is this is who she is and who she's always been. Did she kill the Hostage Mereenese kids? Nup. Would she kill Arya Stark for Being Ned's daughter, or Tyrion for being Tywin's? double nope. In fact the usurper's dogs did and always has only referred to actual people involved in the rebellion: Tywin, Jaime, Ned, and Jon A (see ACOK). I suggest you just give up and rejoin reality - it's futile at this point.
  5. I really really really really hope they are just doing all this to make the Pink Letter as painful as possible. The reason the Pink Letter was so shocking and dreadful in the books was because by this point you are so 100% behind Stannis... so the idea Ramsey killed him and took Lightbringer is beyond infuriating. In any case whether Stephen Dillane is in the next season is going to be kept tightly under wraps...
  6. SO good. One of my favorites of all time. Finally, I am getting as excited fro the show as I was back in S1... Wooooooooo! Sansa in Winterfell is going to be so incredibly stressful ahhhhgsaasdf
  7. Exactly. IMNSHO, it completely ruined the impact of the scene in the books, also. Absolutely despise that plot line in the books... So horrible.
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