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  1. Are they? I give it max. 18 months before a DC-MCU crossover is announced. I wouldn't be surprised if we even get an Easter egg in the Shazam sequel.
  2. I decided re-watch Dreamworks' Home, an animated film they did last year. I had the weirdest feeling watching it. Like I must have fallen asleep the first time around because I did not recognize most of this movie, at all. Still, I liked it.
  3. That's not very surprising. Avatar's opening was a bit soft; not just as a function of total box office but it actually made more money in its second week than its first (domestically). It's interesting that the mention the weather. I wasn't on the east coast but I distinctly remember the roads were shit and there was a hell of a lot of snow on the ground that weekend. I think I saw it at the beginning of week 2. p.s. All the moneys.
  4. Your face. I have it on good authority that it's the best DC film since The Dark Knight. I'll probably check it out once it hits my streaming platform, which should be in about a month or so. In other news, Green Lantern Corps. perpetual development: continues. Marc Guggenheim and Seth Grahame-Smith are both out. The series is being re-tooled to focus in Jon Stewart, which suggests Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine are also out. I've read some blurbs to that effect but I don't know if they've officially been released. Those casting announcements happened over a year ago if memory serves. https://screenrant.com/green-lantern-hbo-max-overhaul-writer-response/
  5. Slumberland: It's a good thing we Canadians have a sense of humor about national stereotypes. Otherwise we might have a problem, eh? I laughed. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. Funny. Heartfelt. Trippy visuals. Surprisingly great production values. Mamoa kills it in this role. Recommend.
  6. I'm going with my niece on opening weekend. I'm thinking I should buy tickets soon.
  7. Gina's going to get paid, son! According to the source quoted in the article, this thing will premiere roughly a year from now. So either they've already completed pre-production or this project will have to come together in record time. I expect production values to be top shelf. Please tell me Donald trump and/or Steven Segal will get cameos in one or both of these productions.
  8. I think Russell found the perfect situation this season. Obviously he would have wanted a more competitive car, but if he was actually competing for a championship the pressure on him would have been much greater. I'm sure Hamilton was feeling it too. As it stands, he got a few podiums and scored his first GP win. Next season is full of possibilities. He's got to be feeling pretty good right now.
  9. Disney lost money in 2020. They were narrowly profitable 2021 and 2022 was slightly better. I think the reasons are obvious. However, https://www.cnbc.com/2022/11/08/disney-dis-earnings-q4-2022.html I don't see a Netflix acquisition happening for the simple reason that Disney is still reckoning with the Fox acquisition; which was the biggest they've ever made and came right before their business tanked because of the pandemic.
  10. Oh, it'll be deep alright. Is that a thing? Is that a reference I'm not getting? Because that would be kind of awesome.
  11. Clearly he has fish genitalia to go with with his winged ankles. Yeah, obviously. Fear not though; the direct-to-video ex ex ex rated parody Namor will have massive junk.
  12. Season 6 will likely focus on Dianas life and death. Beyond that they could go back to the previous seasons' plot device of having the royal families stories intersect with other historic events. There have been a few.
  13. In my defense, I might have read your post really, really fast.
  14. Intolerable Cruelty is a movie that should be on the list of films I've seen too many times.
  15. Alain Prost, a strong candidate for F1 GOAT, got sacked twice for publicly badmouthing his team (Renault in '83 and Ferrari in '91). The same thing might have happened with McLaren in '89, but he was already on his way out, having signed with Ferrari. At the 1984 Italian GP, Toleman didn't allow Senna (another probable GOAT) to drive because of a contract dispute involving his signing with Lotus for '85. The problem isn't just that Max jeopardized 1-2 in the drivers championship, which RB probably wants more than a win right now because they've never achieved the former and have plenty of the latter. It's the way he defied those team orders. Stupidly, disrespectfully, and publicly. As was stated before on this thread, "Like a shitty boss". All apparently over some insane speculation of Checo wrecking his qualifying in Monaco. No one is irreplaceable.
  16. Season 2 of Cuphead is pretty good. A bit more "Ren and Stimpy" in its sight gags than season 1 and all in all I chuckled more. Lou wasn't half bad. Allison Janney actually makes a pretty credible action star. Who'd have thunk it? I can't decide if I'm just hate watching Farzar at this point. I find it incredibly "lowest common denominator" offensive but I can't look away.
  17. Depending on how reliable the reported numbers are; between the drivers salary and perks plus the moneys paid to various stakeholders to sort out the contract mess, Jean Alesi may have been the most expensive F1 driver in history when he went to Ferrari in 1991.
  18. At the next race in Abu Dhabi, Every driver should finish all their radio communications, "Are we clear about that?" How fucking amazing would it be if McLaren and RBR announced a Lando-Max driver swap next year? "That's what you get for talking down to our race engineers. Eugene is absolutely beside himself.*" * I don't know the guys name. It just came to me.
  19. For reference, this is Monaco qualifying from 2022. I see nothing to suggest this was intentional. The Ferrari spinning at the same place was probably the result of seeing a car blocking the track and intentionally throwing it into a spin. But the Alpine going off at almost the same time suggests it may have been spitting rain in places or a car had dropped some fluid on the track. Max is out of his mind.
  20. This is all correct. I'm also reminded of some of his sketchball antics at the end of last season. And let's not forget that he won his first title under controversial circumstances. In short, Max can be a bit of a brat. Other drivers are taking notice. I'm also reminded of how Max Biaggi exited MotoGP. I would argue that he was a more naturally talented rider than Rossi (maybe the most naturally talented racer of all time), but he lacked the mental toughness that comes with tons of early success and a lack of experience. Forget, "rent free"; Rossi was able to climb into his head and build a condo there. When does George Russell's contract at Mercedes expire? I'm sure Alonso wouldn't mind a crack at that Red Bull. It wouldn't be the first time a pile of cash was involved to transfer a drivers contract. Yup. Yeah, I read the same thing. It's insane if it's true.
  21. According to Racer.com, no one brought updates to Brazil. It looks like everyone is focusing on next year. https://racer.com/2022/11/11/technical-updates-sao-paulo-gp/ Sao Paulo is only 760m above sea level. Not really high enough for altitude to play a major factor. I think you might have a point about, "understanding the upgrades". Mercedes have been working on their car all season and it look like it's starting to come together for them. It might also have something to do with engine supply. Ferrari have obviously had some issues earlier in the year and I thought I heard something about Red Bull burning through their Honda engines faster than anticipated. If Mercedes put fresh or low-milage engines in their cars this weekend, that might have contributed. Or it may just be as simple as Max and Charles taking themselves out of contention with their respective on-track dramas. They were both looking pretty racy up to that point. That's a good way to find yourself driving a Haas in a couple of years. Red Bull is not a team known for being nostalgic about their driver lineups. Someone should educate Max on Fernando Alonso's lone year with McLaren and the consequences of extreme not-being-a-team-player. I can't imagine Max is very popular in that garage right now.
  22. What's the explanation for Mercedes' sudden performance gain? I only caught the highlights but it looks like Mercedes cars led most if not all the laps today. Plus Russell got the fastest lap of the race. I mean, they've shown pretty steady improvement this season but nothing like this. Have they found the magic formula with their car or is it down to a lack of performance from the other teams WRT cost caps and such? Plus, I thought Mercedes was dealing with a bit of a power deficit (all the Mercedes powered cars were down on straight line speed at the start of the season) and Sao Paulo is a bit of a power circuit. Yeah, that was pretty selfish on the part of Max. He ignored team orders and may have cost them a silver medal in the 2022 WC and for what? 6th place in Brazil? C'mon.
  23. Yeah, "holiday" was the wrong word. Not intentional. My point is that a historically significant anniversary probably isn't something one would trust to an algorithm as part of a marketing campaign. Someone screwed up. I wasn't aware that "Kristallnacht" was an obsolete term. I've only ever heard it referred to that way.
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