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  1. Damitol

    How should Jon kill Dany

    Jon may talk about it, or even try - but won't be able to bring himself to do it because of his honor and oath to her. Last week two things stuck with me. Varys and the kitchen girl were plotting to poison Dani but she was not eating ("We'll try again at supper"). Then, when he knew they were coming for him, they made very clear that he took off two rings and put them in a cup. Was that "the greater reward" for the kitchen girl and a signal "keep to the plan"? What if most of the remaining A characters die and this little kitchen girl ends the story?
  2. Not to mention his last name. The only folks with an actual claim are Jon, Dani and (kinda sorta) Gendry. Everyone else wanting to take the throne would have to do so by killing the above and taking it like Robert did pre-show. Neither Sansa or Tyrion have the power base behind them to make that happen in 80 minutes. Maybe after years of scheming, but not in 80 minutes. You may disagree with some of the writers choices, but these last few beats are based on an ending GRRM devised.
  3. Damitol

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    I'm betting you are correct that Dresden was at least in part Martin's inspiration for the scene (remember that all of these main character final beats were revealed to D&D by Martin years ago), and while what she did was horrible, it also makes total sense from her perspective. Her goal has always been to "break the wheel" and she made clear to Tyrion last week that she was there to save future generations from tyranny - not necessarily those alive today. As many have pointed out, Dani has never had any issue with using violence - and more often than not, fire - to further her reaching that goal. We all know one word in Valerian because of that. Yes, it was pure madness to anyone watching on the ground, but like the WWII references in this thread, this was creating an event that would never be forgotten and passed down from generation to generation. Get with the program or suffer the same fate. I'm guessing we see a Dani next week that hated the fact innocents had to die, but justifying it because she fully believes it was necessary to bring a lasting peace for those future generations. Of course that will also conflict us like Cersei's last few minutes did me and a lot of others last episode. (Damn you D&D and Lena for making me feel a little sorry for Cersei!) That may be our "bittersweet" ending. Like Dresden and Hiroshima, a horrible thing was done and meant to be the last horrible thing ever - and it only delayed the next horrible thing for a while. Varys' final ravens reached and inspired their intended recipients, the remainder of Westros rises up and kills "the Mad Queen" and her dragon, and maybe the Starks even take the throne in the end. Then while the crowds cheer, someone (the mysterious new Prince in Dorne?) thinks "I should be on that throne", putting the wheel in motion again.
  4. Damitol

    Unpopular opinion

    One of the things I won't miss when the show ends and starts to fade from the collective memory are the posts, articles and YouTube videos whining how D&D are hacks, idiots, dumb and dumber, and incapable of writing two sentences that make any sense at all. They ruined this, they butchered that and they took +/- 75 hours of my life away that I will never get back. And most unpardonable of all, they didn't show every minute of each month long journey from point A to point B! No. They took a series of great books (I'm assuming 6 and 7 will be great if they are ever written) that most people - including the author - thought were impossible to commit to film, and created one of the most popular and celebrated television shows ever, and one that has a dedicated worldwide audience as well. Has the ending been really rushed? Hell yeah. Were there plot holes (and plot armor), missed opportunities, abandoned story lines, cringy moments and some completely unnecessary scenes (I'm looking at you Euron vs. Jamie) over the years? Check, check, check, check and check. BUT - I wouldn't trade those 75 hours for anything, and I will miss them when they are gone. They didn't write the story I would have (unlike many, I'm able to admit mine would have sucked in comparison) and I was not always happy with choices they made, but overall GoT has been an amazing trip. Not just watching the show, but discussing it with friends, pouring over this forum reading a lot of well written and passionate posts (even if I didn't agree with them) and watching YouTube reviews/breakdowns that all helped me appreciate things I misunderstood, or just missed altogether the first time. So - to get back to this thread, we know the story ending is in line with what GRRM envisioned and if I've learned anything from the books and the show, don't assume anything until the screen goes black for the last time next week and the promo for "Chernobyl" starts. Maybe Dani went mad, or maybe she just carried out her intended plan (to be explained later), maybe she will die at Arya's/Jon's hand, maybe she will line up all the Starks and burn them or maybe Jon and Dani will co-rule, dressed in white and laughing as baby Ringo Targaryen toddles around. I may curse the TV like I did when Ned's head came off, when Cat's throat was cut or when Dani started burning innocents - but it will be GRRM's intended ending. Love it or hate it, I thank Dan, Dave and George for taking me there.
  5. Damitol

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Eight out of 10. Visually stunning, and overall I was satisfied with what happened to certain characters. My main gripe is the same one I’ve had all season-so much is rushed. I so wish they had the extra four episodes to, if nothing else, show Dani”s slide into madness more. I don’t have an issue with where they’re taking it, since this will lead to a bittersweet ending no matter what happens next, but she went from 0 to 60, and it would have been so much better to see her change in 5 mile per hour increments. I just hope they don’t leave Winterfell hanging next week. Maybe the showdown is with Danny going after Sansa for the betrayal, Arya missing her chance and Jon delivering the final blow. I know-jetpacking-but they only have 90 minutes. My big question is what happens with Drogon?
  6. I gave it a 7. It has some good stuff and it had some bad stuff, but that is par for the course now. I know that they are rushed to finish as this point so plot and exposition are going to suffer to some degree, but I'm willing to cut a little slack from all the equity they have built up with me over the years. I'm assuming next week will be another big battle with more character deaths, then it all ends on whatever "bittersweet" note they have decided on (my guess is Jon sits on the throne out of a sense of duty, although he never wanted it, and Dani gives her life - and Drogon's - in a selfless act that turns the tide of the battle). At least we have a kick ass behind the scenes doc to look forward to the following week.
  7. 8/10 Not because I didn't love a lot of it, but because of this artificial time constraint they put on themselves (I know - "budget" - but I'll bet HBO, Warner and now AT&T could have found a few more bucks if asked nicely). I hate the rushing because I want to spend more time with the people all together that I've watched being separated over the years. We know half or more will be dead next week, then we have three episodes to rush down to King's Landing, fight the Golden Army and maybe the rest of the dead if the Night's King flew south, then resolve everything before the screen goes black for the last time. This episode had to cram in all of the "people" moments for the 2488 characters, as the final 4-5 hours will mostly be fighting, then running and hiding before more fighting. So, 10 out of 10 for what we did get during this episode, but 8 out of 10 for not making it at least another half hour longer to give everyone more time and dialog together.
  8. Damitol

    Dany’s denial

    Fan service? There is so little time to build up to anything this season with two major battles and only six episodes. It may also play into the climax. After Winterfell we have to move straight to King's Landing, so there is not really any other convenient time for a dragon riding lesson, and we would all be whining "how did he learn to ride a dragon before burning down the Red Keep?" if they had not had that scene.
  9. Damitol

    Ep3 Death Odds

    Dany is my pick for a "holy shit!!!!!" moment. She just learned that she will not sit on the Iron Throne, which has been her whole motivation since (practically) the beginning. I was expecting some more tension between her and Jon first (though that could be difficult with the battle starting as soon as the music ends next week), then her sacrificing herself in a way that turns the tide of the battle and probably saving Jon two seconds before we would have otherwise died. She gets her legacy for all time throughout the seven kingdoms, and GOT gets to shock its fans again much in the way Ned's execution and the Red Wedding did. I'm not in any way saying I want her to die - but her death could be amazing and one of the least expected.
  10. I gave it a 10 after giving last week a five. Very good episode with so many good moments. Yes, there wasn't much in the way of surprises, but when you have a Big community debating various possible outcomes, chances are someone is going to nail it. I'm just glad they finally settled the nonsense at Winterfell (very satisfactorily) and we got to see the dead marching south as the season's final scene . It's going to be a very long 10 months or so.
  11. I had to give it a 5. Visually - it was a 10+. Mad props to everyone from the concept artists, to the set builders, to the directors and coordinators to the visual effects people for making it a beautiful episode to watch. My issue was with the large gaps in logic - and I'm guessing that the culprit is there is still so much story left to tell, with almost no time left before the grand finale of the show. If there was not this self inflicted "end" date - they could take time to establish how fast a raven and a dragon can fly, how you keep from freezing to death sitting on a rock past the Wall, how Jon escaped drowning and freezing to death wearing such heavy, then later wet clothes, where Benjen has been and what he's been up to and the purpose behind the dead carrying such large chains (I'm sure there are other things - but those spring to mind first). Yes - some would have hated the explanations anyway - but at least in the past there was some attempt to throw some kind of logic - or at least clues behind an otherwise seemingly impossible event. So - I'm not calling "lazy writing" like others - I'm calling "running out of time". I'll watch until the very last fade out of the end credits next year and cut them a mile of slack in the process, but I do hope they try to inject more "The gold arrived safely at King's Landing" moments next year. Little things like a line of dialog or a quick visual clue that we can all point to as helping explain why something happened - or didn't happen, rather than watching a scene (even a very beautifully shot scene) and have it tainted by then thinking "seriously guys - where did that come from?". Ten seconds. Tyrion says "You don't where they are, or even if they are still alive" and Dany responds "Drogon will have me there before the sun sets, and HE will find them!" just before they leap off of the cliff. I would have been satisfied. And to end on a positive note - I did appreciate them using the hike north to clear up some things like Longclaw and Gendry's feelings about the Brotherhood, and almost every word out of Tormund's mouth was gold. And yeah - the Dany/Jon thing had a certain amount of feels going on.
  12. Damitol

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Yep - glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye and rewound to make sure. It wasn't the best representation of his acting skills as all he does it sit there and look pretty. The disclaimer at the bottom even confesses he was not actually driving ("Professional driver on a closed course"). But - he does sit still and look forward really well.