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  1. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    I think you might have forgot about Lonnel Snow, bastard of Alys Karstark's husband. She very likely hated her husband's son just like Catelyn hated Jon and that could lead to interesting conflict. He is going probably to be one of the important players during this civil war. He seems to be only adult Stark who could lead Northern armies against ironborn unless Cregard and Torrhen did survive into adulthood and were passed over for unknown reason. Also Donnor Stark, eldest son of Beron apparently didn't marry or leave children according to World of Ice nad Fire so he may have been murdered during the succession struggle. Also even if GRRM will change it later, until we get new information, this is only somewhat canon info about this book.
  2. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    Alys Karstark is almost confirmed to be still alive by then. GRRM spoke about supposed five widows of stark lords, so we would have Lorra Royce, Myriame Manderly, Alys Karstark, Sansa Stark/Robyn Ryswell and Lynara Stark. Serena was not widow of lord stark but she may have plotted with her sister Sansa during minority of Donnor, that is if Sansa was second wife of Jonnel.
  3. Ok, that was... weird? I don't understand the point of ranting about Trump in the middle of conversation about something completely different. Also using your personal politics as an argument against something unrelated is not a good idea, after all chances are fifty fifty that person you are discussing with thinks differently. I must say I am not sure what to think about Aegon III. Before new info from Fire and Blood we didn't knew that Aegon III dismissed everyone in the middle of the preparations for the royal progress. Whether it was good idea or not, royal progress might have been a good way to help nobles accept Aegon III as their new king and mend the rift created by Dance of the Dragons. Aegon III knew about the royal progress so I also wonder why he didn't object to it before. Even if Aegon III turns out to be completely lazy and disconnected ruler, he still wasn't the worst ruler, especially considering that Aerys I too didn't give a damn about his own people and was busy reading books the whole time.
  4. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    Rickon died shortly before Daeron and Serena and Sansa were likely still very young children at the time of her father's death.
  5. Paxter Redwyne

    The Fossoways of Cider Hall

    Simple answer for that would be - because that's what Martin wanted. Peakes lost two castles and most of the land though. About others we have no information.
  6. Paxter Redwyne

    Castle Darry Location

    Okay, I just got answer from Ran regarding this and he confirms that Darry is south of Trident and that map which listed Darry northwest of Harroway contained an error.
  7. Paxter Redwyne

    Castle Darry Location

    Darry was mentioned to be near ruby ford and in A Game of Thrones it was said to be about half a day ride south of the Trident. However the A World of Ice and Fire places it northwest of Harroway, where the kingsroad crosses a tributary of the Green Fork. So where exactly is the canon location of the castle?
  8. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    It fall apart by fact that Rickon was already wed to Jeyne Manderly and had two daughter with her. Cregan was pretty bad in ensuring that Stark wed Targaryen princess. He himself wed Black Aly just because he had boner for her and he married all of his sons to northern ladies.
  9. Paxter Redwyne

    SotM Davos Dayne + Nymeria

    Just beware that show lore is often inconsistent even with itself and almost all is made up.
  10. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    Jacaerys' future daughter was supposed to marry Rickon, son and heir of Cregan who was one year old at the time of the pact.
  11. Paxter Redwyne

    New little legal details

    The problem also lies in relatively small royal demesne compared to other regions. In terms of power I think Crownlands may be least powerful of all regions. At least Harrenhal and perhaps Maidenpool should stay directly under King and not Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Army structure should also be reformed and permament army should be created.
  12. Paxter Redwyne

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    Whether GRRM favors more Dany or Jon, in both cases their claim comes from their Targaryen blood. It would also be ironic for GRRM to criticize "generic" fantasy books about chosen ones and main characters secretly being rightful monarchs, only to make Jon who at this moment still everyone think about as Eddard's bastard to son of prince Rhaegar(possibly also from bigamist marriage), Prince that was Promised, Azor Ahai and rightful King of Westeros. I don't really like both options but I have already accepted that any option other than those two is basically impossible at this point. While GRRM may deny, it's clear than he heavily favors certain characters and make them immune to any repercussions.
  13. Paxter Redwyne

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    I highly suspect given GRRM favoritism towards Dany that she will end up on the throne and incest will start to be practiced again. He may not have intended this message but as a side effect it looks like blood purity is actually the best way to rule Westeros.
  14. Paxter Redwyne

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    Christianity was also against adultery, murder and theft and it still persisted in Christian nations to this day. Yes, but serfs and slaves are not the same. I am not really interested in your beliefs, but at least by Christian view, God is not an evil and vengeful creator. I am not really trying to convince you of anything, just wanted to show Christian point of view. Despotic monarchy was almost exclusive form of goverment in those ages so it make sense why Jesus used this metaphor. It would made no sense from theological perspective for God to not be above his Creation. It would be bizarre if someone could rule over God, heh. If Aegon V truly wanted to end incest practice, he could try to end Exceptionalism Doctrine. There is a chance that Aegon V too believed himself to be above others and as you noted, just wanted to be viewed by smallfolk as their savior to feed his ego, but we don't have much info that would suggest that.
  15. Paxter Redwyne

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    Here is Ran's comment. Edit: On previous page of that thread there is more talk about the issue.