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  1. Paxter Redwyne

    Heir of Viserys II

    Aegon II was hardly even close to being as cruel and corrupt as Aegon IV.
  2. Paxter Redwyne

    Great men and what they accomplished

    Lol, reply just in time. Violence is not answer for everything and by overusing it, you just create more problem than you solve.
  3. Paxter Redwyne

    Great men and what they accomplished

    That was my reply to comment claiming that Bloodraven was hero. I do not confuse these two terms. Person can be both great man and be monster, like Tywin for example (although I know that some people would argue with that).
  4. Paxter Redwyne

    Rhaegar's plan for Great council

    Ned i also Lyanna's brother. You don't need Great Council to make Aerys relinquish his crown in favor of his son. Then she is sister of Lord Paramount of Trident. What is this supposed to change? She would be next in line to inherit Riverrun. I am sorry, but this just sounds like bad fanfiction.
  5. Paxter Redwyne

    Rhaegar's plan for Great council

    That was his task, however noone attacked North duing Eddard's absence. You misunderstood me. If Robert is defeated in Trident, nothing what happened in our timeline happens. Daenerys and Jon Snow were still in the wombs of their mothers and you cannot assume that they would be even born alive. She is daughter of Lord Paramount of Trident. It is ridiculous to suggest that noone would want to marry her. I don't want to be mean, but you made some really weird assertions as @Shouldve Taken The Black said.
  6. Paxter Redwyne

    Rhaegar's plan for Great council

    He only defended Storm's End and Benjen did basically the same in Winterfell. Why Aerys would be sent to wall and why would Ned kill him? Jon Snow and Daenerys were born after Rhaegar's death. You cannot mix two points in time however you want. I don't know, ask Yohn Royce, Nestor Royce, Lyn Corbray, Morton Waynwood, Horton Redfort, Eon Hunter and Lord Waxley.
  7. Paxter Redwyne

    Rhaegar's plan for Great council

    What about Stannis? Aerys disinherited Aegon after Rhaegar's death unless I am mistaken. I think Rhaegar would probably try to marry Aegon with Rhaenys as he was obsessed with prince that was promised prophecy. Why? LF was fucking noone until Tywin gave him Harrenhal.
  8. Paxter Redwyne

    Exceptions from Lannister and Barathon features

    It looks like that GRRM uses term "sandy hair" as synonym to light blond hair. So I guess it still counts as "golden" hair. His brother Willem and father Kevan also were described as having blond hair.
  9. Paxter Redwyne

    Exceptions from Lannister and Barathon features

    It was Tion Frey, brother of Cleos. In theory he is not Lannister. For some reason golden hair tend to magically disappear if character is Lannister in female line instead male. I guess creatively it makes sense because GRRM wanted it happen, heh.
  10. Paxter Redwyne

    Exceptions from Lannister and Barathon features

    I know, but I am trying to find exceptions from Baratheons and Lannisters respectively. Basically every Lannister have blond hair and green eyes when it shouldn't be possible considering that both these traits are recessive.
  11. I was trying to find any exceptions from typical Lannister (golden hair, green eyes) and Baratheon (black hair, blue eyes) look. I found Tyrion with his mismatching eyes and mixture of blond and black hair, Daven who have hazel eyes and three daughters and one son having black hair from Lannister-Baratheon marriage some 120 years ago. Meanwhile I haven't found any Baratheons without black hair or blue eyes. Does anyone know any other exceptions?
  12. Paxter Redwyne

    Lollys Stokeworth's Rape

    Because this is what GRRM decided.
  13. Paxter Redwyne

    Quentyn Martell is Alive?... Death and POV characters

    I think that he may want to help Dany, but also i think that he will probably try to influence her to achieve his personal goals to maybe eliminate his rivals from Citadel.
  14. Paxter Redwyne

    Why did Aerys send Bittersteel to the wall?

    With all respect, but what you say also seem to be just your opinion. We have no reason to believe that Aerys did anything with Dagon and Lords defending themselves can hardly be called support from Iron Throne. Everything we read in Dunk and Egg novels seem suggest that they are acting individually. King doesn't need to command armies, but he at least delegate his powers to others, putting the resources of the kingdom at their disposal. Aerys and Bloodraven, however, consciously made the choice to abandon the west coast to the Greyjoys, leaving it to Lords Lannister and Stark to defend the people. If Aerys ordered combined amphibious assault of Reach, Westerlands, Rivrlands and North like Robert did during Balon's Rebellion, Dagon would be quickly defeated and punished accordingly for his acts. I don't know if I understand you correctly, but are you suggesting that defending against invaders would be considered as breaking of king's peace? Kyle Cat in Mystery Knight stated this: "The throne should take a lesson from Stark and Lannister," declared Ser Kyle the Cat. "At least they fight. What do the Targaryens do? King Aerys hides amongst his books, Prince Rhaegel prances naked through the Red Keep's halls, and Prince Maekar broods at Summerhall." Dagon raided as far as Arbor, his raiders sacked many cities, including Little Dosk, Lord Stark himself was killed in battle against them, Fair Isle was sacked from half of its wealth and at least hundred of women were carried off. Even Dunk' ship was attacked when he sailed from Dorne to Oldtown, although it is not specified who were the raiders. I don't understand why you have such a big problem with Bittersteel. Yes, he was a douchebag, but Bloodraven was just as ruthless and dishonorable as him. After all he even deserted Night's Watch to become magical tree. Bittersteel was obsessed with putting Blackfyres on Iron Throne by all means necessary just like Bloodraven was obsessed with getting rid of Blackfyres by all means necessary. In the end, I think we can just agree to disagree.
  15. Paxter Redwyne

    Why did Aerys send Bittersteel to the wall?

    Thanks for correcting. If King doesn't protect his subjects he fails in his main obligation toward his vassals. By refusing to fulfill his obligations, Aerys projected weakness from the top, but more importantly and demonstrated that he didn’t believe himself to be bound by his feudal oaths, fundamentally threatening the very foundations of feudalism. Lords paid taxes for protection that never came, and the service that they rendered to Daeron II the Good to protect him from Daemon Blackfyre was not returned. For all the disasters they faced, plagues and droughts, the one time that he could actually do something about the troubles facing the realm, Aerys decided to do nothing.