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  1. @Ran By the way is Robert Darklyn included among those seven Darklyn Kingsguards or not? He was dismissed after less than a day.
  2. Ok, thanks for clarification, I was confused.
  3. Yes, but there was mention of Jonos executing Ronnel's family as well in the Sons of the Dragon. Is this information no longer true and Jonos executed only his brother Ronnel? Also, I thought that in Fire and Blood it was stated that Jonos was murdered by his own supporters who had hoped to save their own skin by doing this.
  4. @Ran Have children of Ronnel Arryn and lady Stark been retconned? There is no mention of Ronnel's family.
  5. Whether GRRM favors more Dany or Jon, in both cases their claim comes from their Targaryen blood. It would also be ironic for GRRM to criticize "generic" fantasy books about chosen ones and main characters secretly being rightful monarchs, only to make Jon who at this moment still everyone think about as Eddard's bastard to son of prince Rhaegar(possibly also from bigamist marriage), Prince that was Promised, Azor Ahai and rightful King of Westeros. I don't really like both options but I have already accepted that any option other than those two is basically impossible at this point. While GRRM may deny, it's clear than he heavily favors certain characters and make them immune to any repercussions.
  6. I highly suspect given GRRM favoritism towards Dany that she will end up on the throne and incest will start to be practiced again. He may not have intended this message but as a side effect it looks like blood purity is actually the best way to rule Westeros.
  7. Christianity was also against adultery, murder and theft and it still persisted in Christian nations to this day. Yes, but serfs and slaves are not the same. I am not really interested in your beliefs, but at least by Christian view, God is not an evil and vengeful creator. I am not really trying to convince you of anything, just wanted to show Christian point of view. Despotic monarchy was almost exclusive form of goverment in those ages so it make sense why Jesus used this metaphor. It would made no sense from theological perspective for God to not be above his Creation. It would be bizarre if someone could rule over God, heh. If Aegon V truly wanted to end incest practice, he could try to end Exceptionalism Doctrine. There is a chance that Aegon V too believed himself to be above others and as you noted, just wanted to be viewed by smallfolk as their savior to feed his ego, but we don't have much info that would suggest that.
  8. Here is Ran's comment. Edit: On previous page of that thread there is more talk about the issue.
  9. We discussed about it before, that information was changed, Alaric had no brother besides Walton. It is unknown which Stark tried to reverse the donation. As it stands now, whole statement with Starks being angry with donation makes no sense.
  10. Constantine the Great wasn't really devout christian, he used it as political leverage against his opponents. Paganism too was not fully ousted from Europe with the enforcement of Christianity. Rulers in every part of the World rarely listened to teachings of their own religion. There was one buddhist king(whose name I forgot) in south-eastern Asia who basically massacred most inhabitans of his neighbour nation when most of buddhist teachings about pacifism and kindness. Well if you read Christian Theology of such people as Thomas Aquinus, you know that argument for God's existence is that God is first cause of everything and you cannot have multiple first causes. Many scientists for example assume that Big Bang was the first cause. I don't recall any hierarchy in heaven for people who passed away, unless you claim that fact itself that God is above others as a example. Common metaphor in the Bible of Jesus/God being King of the Cration was mostly used as a way to describe in simple terms to common people the God. Jesus' apostles themselves were mostly uneducated peasants who from Bible texts didn't even understood most of what he told them. Ah yes, it's indeed very common philosophy. To this day in some parts of the words, like in certain regions of India it is still widely believed. Even during industrial revolution there were certain theories among Europeans of noble heritage about two different species of people. I think, I agree with you on this point and my issue was just your usage of words. Anyway, commoners in Westeros are truly obedient to bizarre level. Random lynches every one hundred years is actually not very much. In France and England alone there were peasant uprising every two or three decades. Constant tax increase and prolonging wars or natural disasters in most cases ended up with turmoil amongst common people. While almost always they ended in victory of nobles/king, it certainly diminished country's stability. Their failure often came from the fact that while they hated nobility, they respected the King and thought that they can manage to reason with him, not realizing that he was noble himself. When Tywin abolished Aegon V laws, I expected that there would be at least some minor uprising, but apparently peasants just didn't care.
  11. Catholic Church was among the first ones to call for ending of slavery and humane treatment of natives in America. I am not sure what is your point with Jesus not being democrat(?), but if one wants to have discussion on the subject, one would need knowledge of the official Church stances and the Bible. I don't think it is the right place for discussion on this subject. Anyway monarchies were not the worst types of goverment contrary to what some people may believe. Aristocracy isn't even against natural state of society as it's natural that some people who obtain power through their lives might want use their power and pass it on their children and children of their children. And belief that who you are comes from God's will is mostly popular among dharmic religions and some protestant branches of the Church. Anyway I am trying to argue from philosophical point of view and we know that in reality Church was very often used for political gains.
  12. Yeah, same could be with Cassells descending from some Stark and some western houses with lions in coats-of-arms descending from some younger son of Lannister King. Real nobles most often used only their first names along with their titles like for example Duc Philippe III de Bourgogne. They also sometimes used their distant ancestors or country of origin(like hungarian Anjou and neapolitan Anjou) to differentiate between one another. Plantagenet name originated from Henry II's father nickname and yes, only around XV century it started being used. From what I've read first Plantagenets were sometimes called Anjou dynasty for their original holdings in France.
  13. Nobles in our world too believed to be inherently better than peasants but it wasn't sanctioned by the church and same is in Westeros. Jaehaerys needed reason to elevate Targaryens to higher status than other nobles.
  14. The naming in Westeros is really unrealistic. Different branches of Capets constantly used different names and coats-of-arms, but oh well, what can you do. I had hope that some of the lesser houses are actually cadet branches of bigger houses like Starks or Hightowers, but it looks like every house descends from different legendary ancestor.
  15. At the same time, cadet branches historically often took another name to differentiate themselves from the main branch. Of course given how for some reason Flints and Vances use same name even after probably thousand of years, anything is possible. There is no Lord Swyft in the main series so they had to be reduced to mere landed knights, perhaps after Blackfyre Rebellion. And given name of the Victor's seat - Risley Glade - I think he was head of the main house and they were just elevated some time after - maybe by Daeron I during conquest of Dorne. If it was mere knight from the location, then 'knight' should not be written in capital letter.
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