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  1. Paxter Redwyne


    Personally I prefer recurring names in families/regions similar to Middle Ages where noble families often used interchangeably only few names ( like Louis, Philippe and Charles in France). Of course it's just my opinion so it doesn't matter anyway. I wonder if in Westeros have some sort of name list like in some countries from which people choose names for their children or they just make up names from their heads. More on the topic, I hope we will learn more about Rhaena and her third husband Androw Farman and whether they had any children who passed Targaryen genes to other noble houses (perhaps they had a daughter which married Lord Lannister as other have suggested). Androw possibly could also become lord of Fair Isle as his brother could die without issue.
  2. Paxter Redwyne


    So Robar Baratheon became now officially Rogar Baratheon? Shame, Rogar sounds much worse in my opinion and name Robar could indicate ties with house Royce where name Robar was common.
  3. Paxter Redwyne

    People like Bryce Caron and Beric Dondarrion are idiots

    Yeah, things like entire Gardener family being killed in Field of Fire (there were apparently no young children or women who didn't take part in that battle) but King Loren escaping without much difficulty, are really ridiculous.
  4. Paxter Redwyne

    Does a peasant have to be scum to move up in Westeoes?

    There was also Willit, old man-at-arms who saved ser Harys Swyft during Battle of the Blackwater and was severely injured while defending him.
  5. Paxter Redwyne

    Shaera in Aerys´ rule

    Can you give me some quote from the books? I really do not remember Perkin the Flea walking around freely until Cregan arrived. From the context we have been given it looked that Corlys was the one who poisoned Aegon II so it looks very weird in my opinion that Cregan pardoned man who seemed to be most guilty while executing two people who seemed to be pretty loyal to Aegon II. At least until we get more info about Aegon II death and Hour of the Wolf. I would argue about marriage pact with Targaryen princess, but we have too little information about Pact of Ice and Fire so it all would be just a speculation. If Aegon II shattered his legs from the dragon fight, I would assume that Baela also was maimed or scarred somehow from the fight. Maybe not for the rest of her life, but at that point she might still in process of recovalescension. In The Princess and the Queen it was noted that she was burned and battered from slamming into the ground.
  6. Paxter Redwyne

    Shaera in Aerys´ rule

    I think you have described it pretty accurately. About crucifixion of children, it would be nice to know how exactly decisions are made in Meereen. If for example they make decisions by voting, man can hardly blame everyone for killing those slaves unless everyone voted for it. I think problem with Dany is that she makes decisions based on how she feels in that moment. For example she ordered torture innocent of wineseller and his daughters when she was angry but was too mild in other situations, when she should have acted more harsh. This weird combination of compassion and cruelty is why in my opinion she fails as a ruler. Edit: How Aegon II rewarded Perkin the Flea? Wasn't he in prison when Cregan arrived in King's Landing? Also that whole Hour of the Wolf was honestly a joke in my opinion. From what we know for now he arrested 22 people and only executed Larys Strong and Gyles Belgrave. Rest was sentenced to take black what is rather mild punishment for supposed regicide and Corlys was even freed and avoided trial and in the end Cregan didn't even get Targaryen princess as wife even though Baela and Rhaena were both avalaible(although Baela was maimed from her fight with Aegon II).
  7. Paxter Redwyne

    Shaera in Aerys´ rule

    Collective punishment and torture are hardly just. It indeed fits in GRRM world, but it just makes Dany the same in this regard as for example Tywin. I just think it's funny how she is supposed to be better than other rulers but does same things as them. We still don't know if she executed main perpetrators of crucifying those children. We have no clue about how they chose whom to die, but factionalism is inevitable in situation like this. Also executing them in such long and gruesome way wasn't best idea considering she wanted(not sure if she already decided it at that point) to rule Meereen. I don't think there are different types of justice. Justice is supposed to be one. Of course during war, brutal actions are more common and more acceptable, but it doesn't make them just out of nowhere.
  8. Paxter Redwyne

    Shaera in Aerys´ rule

    She let slavers decide whom to execute. She didn't personally chose guilty ones. We don't know whom exactly did they chose. I just don't like the way she handled punishment, not punishing them itself.
  9. Paxter Redwyne

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    I agree with you both. I was replying to Bael's Bastard. Doran was, as someone said(Barristan?) cautious or even too cautious to the point he didn't informed anyone about his plans, even people who were supposed to be part of the plan like Arianne, Viserys or Daenerys. His idea to give his son Quentyn only few people to company was also not very thought-out. He could try to disguise Quentyn's quest as voyage to meet his mother in Norvos. Nobles often travel to meet their relatives, so noone probably would be surprised by his departure from Dorne. Arianne may lose her title as heir to Dorne if she married someone like Edmure or Renly, but being married to Lord Paramount also give huge influence. Renly and Edmure also seem to be easily manipulated by others, so she could probably more or less rule in their name, like Olenna who have big influence over his son's decisions. Also Dorne is poorest kingdom in Westeros, so I think it would be fair trade. If we exclude people like Renly, Willas, Edmure or Viserys, she could marry some second son from lesser dornish house like Dickon Manwoody or Arron Qorgyle.
  10. Paxter Redwyne

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    If we assume that Doran's secret plan is still going, Arianne would probably wed noone as long as her father lives.
  11. Paxter Redwyne

    Shaera in Aerys´ rule

    Dany is surely extremely capable of ordering torture of innocent daughters in front of their father and crucifying random people.
  12. Paxter Redwyne

    The Sleeping Lion

    This is what happens when author delays publishing his next book by four years.
  13. Paxter Redwyne

    Stannis supporters who converted to R'hllor

    I would be nice if we knew how for example how Justin Massey is related to the main branch of the Masseys. If he was for example heir of lord Massey, it would make more sense why Stannis still uses him. He doesn't seem to have very high opinion about him.
  14. I was wondering which lords who supported Stannis have converted to R'hllor. Are there any lords except Alester Florent, Lord Sweet and Harwood Fell who are confirmed to follow Red God? It seems that most supporters of Stannis who believe in R'hllor are just landless knights.
  15. Paxter Redwyne

    Heir of Viserys II

    Aegon II was hardly even close to being as cruel and corrupt as Aegon IV.