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  1. Paxter Redwyne

    New Sigils

    Roote, Ryswell, Osgrey, Lannister, Arryn, Bracken I looked at your work and I'd say that you didn't really made much improvements to the old sigils. They don't really look like heraldic figures and more like some modern paintings.
  2. Paxter Redwyne

    Worst Targaryen King

    You are arguing with emotions, not with facts. What a brilliant response. There is no moral high ground in torture. You are again using your personal opinion as objective morality. It was really ironic how supposedly Rosby was worthless to her only to later be barred from entry to his castle by his daughter Rhaenyra passed over in favor brother and executed their father. Supporters of Aegon II in same way could be said to be loyal to the law in Westeros. Lawful son always come before daughter, except in Dorne. Otto on multiple ocasions tried to push for his grandson(he was even fired first time for doing so), Ironrod was obsessed about law, Tyland never swore an oath to Rhaenyra, Larys was schemer who in the end betrayed both parties, alicent hated her step-daughter and Orwyle was craven. You can blame Viserys for choosing such councilors. Only Beesbury remained loyal to him. Those "cutthroats" were hired by her own husband whose bad reputation was one of the reasons for people supporting Aegon. You cannot say that murder of six years old child in front of his mother and little siblings, traumatizing Jaehaera and Helaena for life is worse than attempt on Rhaenyra's life which would most likely end the war as you suggested yourself in another thread. It is silly and hypocritical to completely ignore what others in your service do in your name. Tywin is responsible in same way for Gregor's deeds. If you do not condemn your follower action you show that you simply do not care what he did. And yet Rhaenyra sent 'knights inquisitors' to hunt down Aegon's children and their sworn shields. Lol, by some accounts Rhaenyra threatened to cut out Alicent tongue and by other account that she sent her and her daughter to be raped in brothel, that she smiled at her three years old nephew head and that she abused Helaena during her imprisonment. And story about 'Brothel Queens' comes from Mushroom himself who loved her most of them. It's clear that she didn't love both of them. And even considering all of this, Aegon II didn't immediately kill Aegon the Younger and Baela, while Rhaenyra prdered executions of her brother supporters on the spot. Only seemingly good advisor to Aegon was his grandfather. Tyland, Alicent, Criston and Jasper kept suggesting him to use harsh measures against his sister and her followers. Aegon(or rather his granfather) at least sent his sister peace terms described as 'generous'. Rhaenyra on other hand made no such proposal except not killing them what isn't most attractive terms. She is even worse at choosing people than her father then. If the torturers mutilated him without her knowledge this just means that she can't control her own subjects. The same could be said about any person executed on the order of Aegon II - Shepherd and his followers, Rhaenyra and Gerardys were all traitors to true king of Westeros by law. Robert Baratheon himself later regretted sending assasins for Dany, and he wasn't best example of a king anyway. What you say about monarchs is true indeed. But monarchs have to deal with common people too, or else they end up like Louis XVI. If Rhaenyra stayed in the city she would end up dead. Her own party was even attacked after leaving the King's Landing, ending up with Lyonel Bentley and Balon Byrch dead. If kings are not beholden by precedents made by predecesssors, then Aegon was not usurper, since Viserys was already dead. Viserys hadn't even changed the law - he acclaimed Rhaenyra his heir arbitrarily, while keeping old inheritance law. King can change the law, but should not arbitrarily ignore the law at certain aspects, while keeping it at others. This is simple recipee for disaster as Dance of Dragons shows. Your entire point is just your personal opinion which for some reason you think is objective truth. Many people here seem to disagree with you. You completely ignore her torture, threats of torture, executions and violence, calling it 'justice', while telling that similar deeds made by Aegon are somehow bad. This incoherent. Rhaenyra called for Aemond to be questioned 'sharply' after her son took his eye for mere words. She ordered her husband to murder Vaemond for speaking against her sons. She threatened to cut out Alicent tongue. Every time when she meets someone who defies her her first reaction is either torture or violence. And you tell me that's normal. I simply don't know what to say at that.
  3. Paxter Redwyne

    Worst Targaryen King

    Rhaenyra was objectively worse than Aegon II in pretty much every aspect. She was crueler than him, more vindictive, more incompetent as a ruler, a greater pawn than her half-brother. I can't take what you write seriously. You are literally excusing violence on one side, while completely condemining another side. You are a hypocrite. Rhaenyra executed every follower of her brother she found in the city, when they surrendered to her. Ironrod until his death screamed about how by law son comes before the daughter, Tyland was cruelly tortured in order to retrieve information aboout money from him and Stokeworth and Rosby had choice to renounce their oaths or they would lose their heads and she out of spite had to cut their tongues before killing them. War wasn't even over and they all could be valuable hostages but she preferred personal revenge over peace. Supporters of Rhaenyra murdered Jaehaerys and Maelor, little children and Helaena killed herself from grief while Aegon II spared both Baela and Aegon the Younger even though he threatened to hurt them. Who looks more ugly after that? Rhaenyra is cruel and capricious herself. She is surrounded by (reasonably) competent advisers like Corlys, yet she ignores his advices and does stupid things. She doesn't come up with cruel nonsense herself. She ordered mutilation of Tyland, cut tongues of Rosby and Stokeworth before executing them, created knights inquisitors to hunt down children, told Corlys that she would never consider peace until her brothers are dead, cruelly exploited peasants of King's Landing to the point they rebelled against her(becoming only ruler in history of Iron Throne to be thrown off from its own city by its subjects). Aegon II by law had better claim to throne than Rhaenyra and it's clear that neither she or Viserys I wished to even consider changing the law since she didn't give a damn about daughters of Stokeworth and Rosby. She only ever cared about the throne, just like her brother Aegon. And ruler should not have the power to arbitralily ignore law and choose whomever he/she wishes to name as its heir. It's clear recipee for disaster. And nobody is doing what you said in the last sentence. Rhaenyra sucks as a person. She stupid, vain, and craven as I said above. But she is still in the right and still the one who is depicted in as less bad than Aegon II (and his entire ilk). What is even your argument then? Do you personally have such big problem with Aegon II that you can't aprehend that some people consider them both equally bad? I don't like Aegon as much as Rhaenyra, but treating her like she dindu nuffin is just ridiculous.
  4. Paxter Redwyne

    Worst Targaryen King

    This discussion got really weird. I mean how can you defend Rhaenyra's actions while attacking Aegon's? They both were terrible people and even worse rulers. I would rank them Ex æquo as one of the worst Targaryens to sit on the Iron Throne. Suggesting that torture of Tyland and cutting out tongues of Stokeworth and Rosby just before executing them was justified, while saying that Aegon's actions(burning alive rebels, feeding Rhaenyra to Sunfyre) were somehow bad, is just laughable. You cannot blame only one side of the conflict for everything that happened during Dance.
  5. Paxter Redwyne

    Worst Targaryen King

    Yes, he was quite terrible king. I do not recall anything positive that could be attributed to him besides peace what is not entirely his contribution.
  6. Paxter Redwyne

    Lands of Ice and Fire Maps

    Probably, but I wouldn't think that far into the future. Series doesn't seem to be finished anytime soon. Personally, I am most interested in locations of castles and more precise borders of the kingdoms. On different maps borders look different.
  7. There is quote that suggests Aegon at least somewhat grew to respect Tyland. “I would have Lord Rowan as my Hand. Ser Tyland thought well enough of him to offer him my sister’s hand in marriage, so I know he can be trusted.” He wanted to name Thaddeus Rowan as his Hand solely based on fact that Tyland tried to marry Baela to Rowan. Therefore, it looks like at least he didn't hold any bad feelings towards Tyland.
  8. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    Unfortunately this is the only info we have besides the family tree. Given that this novel was supposed to be written after Winds of Winters, it probably will never be finished.
  9. Myles Smallwood was also loyal and a good soldier and was terrible hand. I also don't recall if Kermit ever even spoke with Aegon III. Maybe he was Hand, I am just personally not convinced. Anyway, Aegon seemed to trust somewhat Tyland, Corlys and his grandson Alyn. There is also Daemion, uncle of Aegon's wife - we know nothing about him, but he may have been appointed to the small council given his relation to the King.
  10. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    Martin can of course change things, but our last info about the novel from him stated that the novels will be about "a group of formidable Stark wives, widows, mothers and grandmothers." https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1409/ https://grrm.livejournal.com/365715.html
  11. Paxter Redwyne

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    You provided no actual argument for Alys early death. Unless Martin provides any new info it is reasonable that there still are going to be five widows of Lords Starks. And all Dunk and Egg novels are centered around Dunk anyway and She-Wolves of Winterfell seems to be working title since previous books were named after Dunk's role in the novel.
  12. Kermit didn't seem to do much in King's Landing, He just arrived with army and then left.
  13. Paxter Redwyne

    Redwynes During/After Dance

    I don't see any problem with my house doing nothing. Tarths too didn't seem to do anything throught he whole war. Perhaps Martin forgot about them.
  14. Paxter Redwyne

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Since Peakes apparently have lands in Dornish Marches, probably most of the Manderly land by the Mander was indeed taken by Gardeners. Before extinction of Gardeners, Peakes along with Tarlys probably were lords responsible for defending the dornish-stormlander border, similar to Osgreys defending the northern border. After their fall, Peakes likely lost their position as well as their family connections with Gardeners, what led to their loss of power.
  15. Paxter Redwyne

    House Staunton

    Stauntons, Stokeworths, Rosbys and Hayfords still seem to be major crownlander houses, although not as strong as Masseys and Darklyns. They have at least played some role through the history of Seven Kingdoms unlike Langwards, Mallerys, Gaunts, Buckwells, Follards, Byrches, Blounts, Bywaters and at least a dozen other houses in crownlands. Mootons surely are strong house(or at least were before the Robert's Rebellion), but Eleanor Mooton was also noted as heir to Lord Mooton so that might be another reason why Randyll married his son to her.