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  1. Is your issue that they didn’t run down all her symptoms or that it hasn’t been two weeks? She wouldn’t leave her room, speak to anyone, or eat for whatever period they were on dragonstone. We don’t have a psychiatric exam of her, but it’s not much of a leap to say she has anhedonia, depressed mood, weight change due to not eating for days, and sleep disturbance at least gods but this is a stupid discussion and before you say again that I don’t know what I’m talking about, you might consider that I’m not the one posting the first thing that comes up when I google
  2. You didn’t notice the psychotic features part, eh?
  3. Trying to decipher what your point is, I suppose you think that the fact that depression is “usually chronic” means it doesn’t appear in people who didn’t have it at an earlier time. That’s plainly ridiculous. Chronic means that once you develop it it usually recurs. For example, diabetes is always chronic-it develops at a certain point then persists.
  4. Since yoy asked about her specific diagnosis, why don’t we discuss the two I identified? BTW, I think it would be better to say Major Depressive Episode rather than Disorder. And let’s talk about whether those disorders must be manifested “long ago.”
  5. Let’s try a philosophical question: if she acted the same when she was insane as she did when she was sane, how could we know when she was insane?
  6. I don’t know why you want one, but likely PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder with mood congruent psychotic features.
  7. Or she became insane recently as a result of loss, grief, and trauma. Like if she just saw loved ones killed in front of her then learned her love is her nephew and doesn’t love her, among other things.
  8. When people are insane they think and do things they wouldn’t do if they were sane. That’s how we know they are insane.
  9. Are you actually unaware of the fact that a person can be sane at one point and insane at a later point?
  10. You’re missing the point. By definition madness does not rationally account for or act upon available information.
  11. The one thing in the episode that had a logical, not to mention hopeful, explanation, and you’re complaining? i through it was the best thing in the episode by far. Sandor came far enough to save Arya from a path of misery, and she came far enough to let him.
  12. The only way they could make the Ramsay Sansa material more distasteful would be to have her run around seducing people like the Hound as if she didn’t experience any sexual trauma.
  13. I suspect that he’s going back to save her but will find her doing something so terrible he has to kill her. He’s conflicted but he’s grown enough to not go along with her killing a bunch of innocent people.
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