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  1. Good episode for me. There's just something about coruscant that always seems to scratch an itch in regards to worldbuilding for me... I’d rather Star Wars focused on this being the main planet every show visits rather than Tatooine. There’s still so much of Coruscant to explore.
  2. And the hit pieces are out in full force as expected. The Matrix and its agents.
  3. Fantastic conclusion to an underrated series.
  4. Black people have no power or ability to harm white Jews in America as a community. But yeah, call black public figures nazis.
  5. If you think black people can be Nazis, then that word has lost all meaning.
  6. So black people have the power to systemically hurt white people? Good to know.
  7. So black people without any systemic power can be nazis to white Jews?
  8. Yassss! Justice and freedom accomplished.
  9. Agreed, if Libs are looking for a twitter alternative (they aren't), mastodon isn't it.
  10. Accounts for the topG, Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson have been reinstated. Go vote to have President Trump back on the platform. Long overdue. Let the twitter revival start...
  11. Easy on the hyperbole, mate. If Trump's return to twitter ends democracy, then it deserves it.
  12. Need trump back, and all this would be worth it! On my knees...
  13. No stop the steal and no abortion mention from Trump, appears the old dog learnt new tricks!
  14. Trump is officially a loser and failure. An Autopsy will show this. If he isn't removed, then the party will continue to fail and lose the younger generation. Desantis has turned Florida from a purple state to a red state. He is the future and has generally stayed away from the big lie.
  15. Libertarians really F'd us Republicans in Georgia and Pensslyvenia!
  16. Big L for MAGA, hopefully not an overall L for Republicans. Need to exorcise election deniers from the party. Candidate quality matters.
  17. Election deniers are cringe and trump probably cost the Rs Georgia in the last run off due to that.
  18. The break works in our favour, mate. Hopefully, we strengthen in Jan especially midfield.
  19. Curious about the camera footage. Will it be eventually released?
  20. The point Jesse Watters is making is that regular people are victims of crimes and their attackers are released back on the street to attack again, but as soon as an elite is attacked, the situation is dealt with. Can’t we have safe streets?
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