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  1. Thank the drowned God for that. Cancel culture and the woke mob need to be ignored.
  2. Disagree on both examples, mate.
  3. Well in, Netflix! This is how all corporations should deal with the cancel mob.
  4. Thank God for Manchin. He alone stands in the way of the radical far left democrat agenda. Godspeed, Senator.
  5. This Ukrainian defence and defiance is admirable and inspirational.
  6. 65% oppose abortion in the second trimester, which is a restriction unconstitutional under Roe. With RvW potentially being overturned, late term abortions will reduce.
  7. I'm counting black babies. Their lives matter too.
  8. It has long been overdue to overturn RvW. Thank you Trump for ensuring a Conservative SCOTUS. This will save lives especially black lives.
  9. Because gender based sports was implemented and enforced through legislature.
  10. So far sports organisations have been lacking and inept addressing this issue especially the IOC (semenya and other African women banned due to natural testosterone levels and transwomen allowed after a couple of years of Testosterone in their 30s and 40s after undergoing male puberty decades ago). Governments need to intervene and legislate appropriately. Especially in School sports.
  11. I think if early transition occurred using puberty blockers and HRT then things get more fairer. But post puberty transitioners obviously have clear advantages.
  12. Bradley Beal seems fine. Kyrie won, maybe the earth really is flat.
  13. The core of this show is Loki figuring out who he wants to be and that is explored through him meeting these different variants and seeing from a third person perspective how he acts and can be. Which is why I think it’s more likely that our main baddie is another Loki variant.Someone who accomplished everything that our Loki initially set out to do and became a God-King because of it , to the point that he basically controls time to his whim and has become someone who our Loki would despise…a person who controls not only the fates of people but even versions of himself.
  14. People are saying it's YellowJacket's helmet.
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