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  1. I think more than to continue Got HBO should want to make it advertizable again. It is hard to make an extended universe and create buzz when people don t want to rewatch the original series. In regards to kit I agree. It should be hard to stomach that you were 1 of the main characters of something like Got and in the end everybody hated the show and your character was ruined. My only doubt is if they intend to make a got s8.5 or some weird Jon snow solo show...
  2. But at the time there was a lot of madness going around. I can t imagine anyone wanting to see a show about terminator Arya in a new land. What is the relation between that and got? Unfortunately that would kind of fit with show Arya. She finds a new land and decides to take it for the starks... And if there is gold she would totally think to use the natives to work the mine so that she can help her smart sister getting money to buy food...
  3. Is Arya that popular? Because after she became the terminator it became kind of hard to care about her... And with S8 and she going away what would her story be about? Who want to see a show about Arya in a land with no relation to westeros or essos exterminating people?
  4. I think this might be positive for the books. It could mean that grrm is admitting that the ending doesn t work and is working on some changes. I mean, if he hasn t released winds by now we can all agree that he is completely lost. Probably realised that whatever he had planed doesn t work... On the other hand this might be a show 9nly about Jon and his wildling pals and therefore have no real meaning...
  5. You really have a grudge against most characters! I think most of what you wrote would be cool but it won t happen. My problem with these suggestions is that they are a mix between a kind of reboot or a story about a conflict between wildlings that I have no real interest to see. For example, the varamyr idea. What would the story of that show be? Jon brooding about his life choices while chasing varamyr? Him accepting that he could have been better for Danny but at that point the only choice was to kill her? I think that while the story will be mostly about Jon it has be about more than the wildlings. And given how got has taken most of the magic out of the story it made the wildlings even more boring... And there are several ways to include other characters while mostly focusing on Jon. Like a essos invasion because of a blackfyre (it would tide pretty well with other series), slavers capturing wildlings and Jon going into the world in order to save them, bran or Sansa dyeing leading to a sucessin crisis, people plotting against Sansa and/or bran and them needing help...
  6. Anything that makes people think about a continuation of Got would attract a lot of attention.
  7. It is always funny to see asoiaf fans worried about delays in wild cards. I am more interested to know if the series will be only about things happening in the true north or if it will involve more places in westeros.
  8. Imdb has an individual rating for each episode and a completely different rating for the series as a whole. And I meant the show was bad, as in it isn t interesting. I didn t mean it bad as in it is unwatchable garbage. Maybe I am being to strict, but a good show needs to have more than slightly good reviews. And by the way, a show that landed kit and Liv Tyler at the time attracted a lot of buzz.
  9. LOL that is similar to the plot of Gunpowder... I confess, in my head this is a one season project where we have an update of what happened in westeros and have a somewhat different ending. If the objective is to have Jon and the wildlings go on adventures and find the beauty of the true north I will be shocked
  10. You are confusing the titles. Kit's Gunpowder has 6.5 on imdb which is bad for a series. For the standards of imdb and Metacritic those scores are bad. You don't really get scores much lower than that unless the production is very low budget or the story is very bad. And your opinion about imdb is what I think about rt. To me it is useless and unreliable. And another parameter you can use to evaluate the series is the low number of people that bordered to rate it.
  11. You consider those numbers a success? 6.5 on imdb for a series is bad. 63 on Metacritic the same. I don t have enough experience with rt to say if 7.25 is good or not. For comparison, those numbers are similar to the outpost. A cw sci-fi show...
  12. Kit was very involved in the creation of gunpowder. I think it was his personal project. And the kindest thing to say about it was that it was boring. If you think about it there aren t a lot of needed returning characters. Sansa, bran, Sam, tyrion would need to appear in some episodes, then it would be nice to have some unimportant characters from got to appear in 1 or 2 eps for continuity and finally at the very least a special appearance from Danny in order to change the last impression we had from jon/Danny. And if some of these characters don t want to return then they can have died. Hell, if the spin off was about the succession after branʼs death it could work...
  13. The problem here is that kit's interviews and his previous series gunpowder are very far from inspiring confidence. And I don t see how a Jon snow spin off can be anything else than a GOT8.5... If they won t show us the consequences of what happened in Got why make this? What I can agree is that other Got important characters won t appear in every episode.
  14. I agree with you, but I think there are 2 important things to add. If the tyrells and lf were together the when it becomes public knowledge that lf is in the vale with a bastard daughter nobody knew about they would immediately suspect it was Sansa. One of the strongest arguments there is for LF having plotted everything to happen exactly as it did is that he tells Sansa he met with joff and influenced him to do something. I am on my phone so I don't have the quote but it is interesting to keep that in mind. However, if we all can agree that nobody knew that tywin was going to die then LF planning to kill joff is mostly useless. It would be much better for him to kill tyrion. But to be honest, I have no idea why everybody was so adamant to blame tyrion and kill him when he was married to Sansa and if they could find her he was still the lannisters best bet to get the north. And there is also the fact there was a known poisoner in KL that hated the lannisters...
  15. Season 5 is much better than 4. It has its silly moments, but in the end you will feel that the whole story of the show makes sense. It is the kind of feeling you would want to have after watching GoTs8.
  16. That doesn't seem remotely acurate. After all daemon led the fight in the riverlands and lured cole and aemond to harrenhall so that he could fly to KL unoposed. In adition, it was daemon that had the contacts in KL that allowed the blacks to conquer it. Rhaenyra at most was responsable to send her sons to the lords of the realm in order to negotiate their support, but it is undeniable that daemon was responsable for the war effort at the start. I have no idea where you even came up with rhaenyra doing much until she conquered KL...
  17. Isn't it more of a choice between daemon and otto? Because they were the ones that were really in charge in the beguining of the war. And between the 2 daemon is definetly the most inspiring and more balanced (capable of good strategies and cruelty). And the blacks allies and rhaenyra's heirs are just better than the greens. The black's big problem is precisely rhaenyra that seems very incompetent.
  18. It is obviously much better than s8. And despite the wtf moments of bran's soul that I don't get it is full of unexpected turns, a bittersweet ending and actually feels fulfiling...
  19. Another interesting thing is that if brienne goes with him then it would bring her into stannis orbit and her revenge. And given that the show had brienne killing stannis instead of ramsay (that was really weird) it might be what will happen in the books. And with jaime's military knowledge and knowing about what happened in the south and how they think he would be an important pov in the north. On the other hand he brings very little to whatever is happeing in KL or the riverlands. In KL we don't need someone telling us how crazy cersei is, faegon already has 2 pov's with him and it looks like tarly and the tyrells are going to lead the fight against faegon at this stage. In the riverlands I just don't see him doing anyhting besides dying or being tortured.
  20. Maybe if someone had pointed that Ned or robb would never do something like that. That robb lost some of his men because he killed a guy for killing an inocent kid then LSH would have acted diferently. I am not saying it is a garantee, just that it is possible that LSH acepts that jaime should take the black instead of killing him. It isn't something too farfetched.
  21. I completly agree that LSH doesn t want justice or mercy. She wants vengence. But I also think that if people mention that ned would never kill someone that wants to take the black or something like that she will feel pressured to do the right thing. And going to the wall is a punishment.
  22. I keep thinking that brienne will convince him to take the black in order to avoid being killed.
  23. I think that in Agot grrm wanted us to think that danny was AA and in Adwd he wants us to think that after all it might be jon because he drops a lot of hints in that book.
  24. I haven't rejected. I have said why it looks unlikely to me. And while I agree with you that the BwB acepted a trial by combat, I also asked you how jaime could end up in a similar situation with the current BwB. What can lead people in the BwB to say something like this about jaime? Is there any doubt that he lead lannister men against the tullys? That he threatned edmure's baby and it was witnessed by a member of the BwB? That he has been helping the freys end the war? That roose gave jaime's regards to LSH during the RW and therefore implicating him? That the current BwB wants revenge and is breaking the old laws in order to acheive it? I am genuinely asking you why you think a trial by combat is likely. Because some of the arguments you used just aren't that good. Brienne isn't trusted in the BwB and is seen as a lannister lackey. Her words won't do much to defend jaime and given their separation she will say that jaime was alone with roose for a while and could in fact planed the RW. How can jaime defend his actions in the riverlands? Will the BwB acuse him of fathering cersei's children? What can be done to defend jaime? Edit And look at this. and are proof of more of jaime's crimes that he himself admited.
  25. But how can anyone judge in jaime's favor? How can there be a doubt that he is guilty of a lot of things he is being acused of?
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