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  1. The movie is gorgeous looking and it’s easily one of my favourite Kubrick films ,love the time period ,the score, the atmosphere. Do you hate The Shining as well ?
  2. Ah fuck my life… Alright guys I’m going back to my usual staple of CSGO and heavily modded Skyrim till something good comes out…
  3. Any new news on Vampire the Masquerade ? i believe the release date is shifted to the end of the year now...which is a shame cause its my most eagerly awaited game now. Really loved playing the first one, probably the most atmospheric vampire game I've ever played and has a better lore/story than most vampire movies and novels...
  4. I agree with all of this although it also depends on the showrunner. I urge you to watch Godless, one of the finest western shows and certainly the best one on netflix. The same showrunner also made The Queens Gambit and both shows have a very real lived in feel that other Netflix productions simply can’t match. But yeah, I got the same feeling with GoT vs this show as well... For all of GoT’s flaws, the production values always been flawless and got a very realistic scale and feel to it , much better than this show gave. Typical HBO quality of production and world building...
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  6. Oh wow they didn’t end up making him Black too ??? Surprising !
  7. Looks like Lynch and Rothfuss are determined to outdo Martin....
  8. Yeah I even have a Ryzen 7 3700x, I think I’ll switch to team red for the GPU as well...nvidea also has one of the worst software apps ever for in game functions, causing never ending crashes...
  9. The irony is I had originally bought a RTX 2070 super with my build 6 months ago...then they announced the new 3000 series lineup with a vastly better price-to-performance ratio and I got the bright idea of refunding the 2070 and waiting for the 3080 launch to get a better deal......and now even the 2000 series are all scalped
  10. Guys, when is this fucking global GPU shortage ending? I’ve literally had my new build ready for more than 6 months now but can’t play anything without a new GPU (old 970 is busted) should I just give up and try to repair the 970?
  11. Debating on whether to get Horizon Zero Dawn. Is the writing and quests on par with The Witcher 3, Skyrim and the older Bioware games?
  12. My bad, the movie production will begin later this year, guessing it'll be 2022/early 23 release.
  13. They've left the Netflix production and have teamed up back with nickelodeon for creating new animated TV shows and movies set in the Avatarverse. Will all be launching on Paramount + later in the year.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2021/2/24/22297512/avatar-last-airbender-korra-studios-paramount-plus-streaming-netflix Netflix can fuck off now What'd you guys think the film will be about? I'm hoping it's an adaptation of The Search and The Promise. To finally tie up loose ends in the animated medium as well!
  15. Sad to hear about your health issues.. Although there are meds that prevent AMS, high blood pressure and other elevation related issues, hopefully you can work something out.. Macchu Pichu and Peru in general sound fantastic! South America (apart from Antarctica) is the only continent remaining that I haven't travelled at all, i will definitely cover it someday. (a circuit of Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil is in the works)
  16. Nice man... Doing Annapurna and Everest Base Camp is certainly on my bucketlist of treks.. Do share your blog link, want to read about the experience! Yeah Nepal has some fantastic spots, despite the increased commercialization.. You should try the Himalayan treks in India next time too if you enjoyed Nepal, much cheaper and less crowded I'd say.
  17. Any trekking enthusiasts in the forum ? I've done a few high altitude (10,000 feet+) Himalayan treks in North and East India where we spent 7-8 days camping out in nature... Planning another in August in the Kashmir Valley. How have your experiences been?What makes you do them? For me it's just the total disconnect from the rest of my life it offers..I always plan a solo trip with a larger group.Great chance to meet new people as well.. This a video shot by one of my teammates, shows you what it's like: Would love to hear your experiences trekking in other parts of the world!
  18. Outer worlds is so much fun, obsidians best since Alpha Protocol ( yeah I'm like that one person who loved that one). Up there with hades as my GOTY.
  19. For immigrants it is though...The tough regulations on hiring , language barriers, and lack of high paying jobs in other countries still keep America the best in opportunities.. That's why I specified both aspects. One might argue on Canada with its immigrant friendly practices but 40% taxes and conservative employers (leading to under employment massively) means you can send little to none back home. Also the weather and healthcare sucks. Anyways this is a discussion for another thread so I'll stop but my point is that for most immigrants America still remains the best combination in terms of earning potential and quality of life... However embarrassed and scared you guys mightve felt from this situation, I think it's a bit premature to herald your own country's start of a 'decline' cause of this presidency.
  20. Nah USA is fine, this is just a minor blip. I know all my Indian immigrant friends would give up their right arms before leaving USA and returning to their native country lol. Its still the best country for quality of life and opportunities. This polticial stuff happens everywhere from time to time. Weren't the riots in the 60s much worse?
  21. Disney is using your nostalgia for the OT to manipulate into evoking an emotional response from you... I hope you can see that.
  22. Even i played outer worlds this year, brilliant game, another great Obsidian title. My only complaint is the lack of romance options. My list for this year, in order of awesomeness :D) 1)Hades(GOTY material) 2)Dishonoured 2(finally got around to it!) 3)The Outer worlds ( a much better fallout game basically) 4)Deus ex Mankind Divided (another one I was late too but god its good) I also started SW : fallen order but the first 45 minutes so far have honestly been bland and disappointing. The games also giving me nausea and headaches for some reason(might be FOV) ... Lets see maybe it'll improve with time.
  23. Have you guys read those tales of the Jedi dark horse comics? Lots of great original characters (freedon nad, exar kun, ulic quel droma, Nomi sunrider) and interesting settings and planets to play around with (the Republic is 20,000 years old after all), outside of the skywalker saga timeline, if only the mouse would try....
  24. Are you guys seriously not able to see the grotesque and creepy way disney is fanservicing SW, with digital luke? When the hell will they leave the skywalker stuff and the 50 year period of the OT-PT-ST and finally move on to different time periods and new, totally unrelated stories in this universe? It's pretty sad when an RPG from 2003 still remains the most original and best story and characters star wars has had since the OT.
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