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  1. Yeah, Daeron II could tell one differently about Targaryens not suffering illness, as would Valarr and Matarys.
  2. Victarion would have to find Daenerys first, she's somewhere in the Dothraki Sea.
  3. What duty to stop the Others? Bowen doesn't seem interested in stopping the Others, he just wants to keep the wildlings out.
  4. This is a thought I had on the What will be the Reactions to Young Griff? thread. So what would happen if when Khal Jhaqo finds Daenerys at the end of ADWD, Daenerys, who is suffering from diarrhea and spewing up green slime, just keels over and dies? Now where is everyone? Tyrion and Jorah are in a camp outside Meereen Arch and Gerris are still in Meereen after Quentyn died, Barristan is serving as Hand of the Queen, Victarion is sailing there Rhaegal and Viserion are flying amok Drogon is next to Daenerys And it isn't like GRRM has shied away from killing off a main character simply because they're a main character.
  5. It depends on how many Dothraki take the voyage to Westeros and I'm actually confused at how many Drogo had in his khalasar. Does anyone know that one? I've been hearing conflicting reports.
  6. Perhaps I should expand it: say the Dothraki show up and Daenerys dies of dysentery. And there you go, another "main character" bites the dust.
  7. If Tyrion makes it to Daenerys. Right now he's in an army camp outside of Meereen and she's in the Dothraki Sea, pooping out green. Imagine if the Dothraki show up and she just keels over dead.
  8. If Young Griff shows up with Blackfyre, that'll probably raise some questions since any lord worth their salt and read their history would know that Blackfyre was known to have been with the Golden Company, who have long been affiliated with the cause of the Blackfyres.
  9. Unless GRRM and D&D are pushing the narrative that Bran would be a good king because he has no emotions, the concept of an impartial king.
  10. My interpretation is that Connington will do something desperate so he can fulfill his goals before succumbing to greyscale.
  11. My opinion on the unkiss is that Sansa's so damaged that she's desperately seeking through her own memories for a scrap of affection, even with someone who belittled her almost every time she interacted with him and tried to rape or kill her the last time she saw him.
  12. The Lannisters intended to withhold help even if Stannis didn't show up at Castle Black unless Slynt became Lord Commander. Slynt, who proved he could be bought by the highest bidder and proved incompetent while at the Wall. The Watch was screwed either way.
  13. Well, GRRM will certainly be hard-pressed to one-up the Red Wedding...if the sequels get published.
  14. Plus the storming of the Dragonpit and if they go long enough, Cregan Stark taking heads.
  15. To some extent, I think Robert wasn't exactly interested in tearing everything down, hence why Varys, Pycelle, Barristan, and Jaime were kept on from previous regimes (plus he probably wouldn't have understood Pycelle and Varys' importance). Jon Arryn was already designated as Hand of the King, and there likely was some measure of changeover with Master of Coin since Littlefinger was barely a blip on Robert's radar and likely another Master of Laws since Renly had to come of age before sitting on the Small Council.
  16. On the other hand I'm surprised Cersei didn't have everyone (or at least Tyrion) shot with ballistae; it isn't like she isn't adverse to trying a move like that, just look at the Green Trial and her putting The Mountain on standby to kill everyone at the Dragonpit.
  17. Well, GRRM hasn't really shown Littlefinger as someone not to emulate, so they're following his rules.
  18. I'm talking about any point beforehand, since Littlefinger had apparently been boasting about taking Catelyn for awhile. As for during Tyrion's tenure as Hand, at that point he has a bit more of a bone with Littlefinger, primarily the whole catspaw business.
  19. Like the recap given at the beginning of Obi-Wan Kenobi?
  20. So in AGOT, Tyrion mentions that Littlefinger has apparently told everyone at court he took Catelyn's virginity (really Lysa's but don't tell him that). If what Tyrion says is true, how does Littlefinger still have his neck? If he's lying, why would Littlefinger tell something like that to Tyrion, who could also make him lose his neck?
  21. Not to mention the Lannisters intended to interfere with the Night's Watch themselves since Tywin refused to help the Watch unless Slynt was named Lord Commander and Cersei intended to send Osney Kettleblack to assassinate Jon. Speaking of which, why didn't Tyrion have Slynt killed like he did Allar Deem?
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