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  1. Is that the one where there are hordes of the infected attacking prior to the bloater? That scene along with another one where you are in a room having to hold off waves of the infected were definitely intense. Oddly I can handle it fine in this game but I've just ditched RE:2 because I couldn't be on with the constant threat of Mr X and being short on ammo. I think the key difference is the "radar" in LOU and the stealth/hand-to-hand fighting offer more options than RE2 - which tends to require ammo as a means of killing enemies. Going to have a go at RE3 though as my brother lent me them both so no big loss to me if I can't get into them.
  2. I think Pike would simply because he's a "right thing to do" character. I also think most of the discovery crew would do the right thing but usually for the wrong reason eg it being turned around to being all about them and how amazing they are for having done it. Wrath of khan instilled a lasting fear that insects (particularly earwigs) could crawl into my ears and eat/control my brain. So I'd still say that film was the most disturbing trek has been for me. Although there is the head exploding alien parasite episode of next gen season 1. I guess Picard/discovery has to have aliens inserting themselves into character brains to "disgust" me. Fungi don't cut it.
  3. I think they had quite a bit of development time prior to the show being released so it might be that they had a lot of season 2 completed before season 1 aired. I think it's a common practice with animated shows otherwise there's a huge gap. The distinction between seasons and "parts" are a bit arbitrary these days anyhow. Although this show so far stands up well in terms of having distinct season arcs. I'm enjoying how the cast is fleshing out. They've wisely dropped/side-lined the plant and the landlord but increased the roles of Gordon and Batgirl (which was hilarious when he wasn't spotting all the obvious clues she was his daughter) and Kite-man is really endearing as an everyman. I loved the callback with Gordon's tattoo. It's that attention to detail that makes the show a great comedy as it's not afraid to reference things and trust the audience to pick it up. All the best sitcoms do this. For me it's currently as strong as Rick and morty, Sunny in Philli, South Park and Arrested Development. But the sitcom elements in terms of relationships are more traditional like with Simpsons/futurama at their best. I'd say Lego Batman movie is along the same lines but family friendly in terms of using all the DC characters in a fun way. Toth: you make a good point in how it distills decades of continuity into what makes the characters tick and while this show does it for comedy, it's what Batman:the animated series and the recent Spider-man game also managed to do effectively. The DC characters are a lot like Sherlock Holmes in that they have so many interpretations and re-imaginings already that they can be stretched to fit whatever it is you are going for if you are talented enough. I mean Harley's team could easily be used in a terrifying way instead of comedy. The same with Batman and Gordon.
  4. I guess a show that is mainly tendering to the nostalgia crowd of a show that is 30 years old doesn't need to be overly concerned about whether it appeals to an under 16 audience. Whereas discovery was mainly trying to capture old fans and fans of the current films so it makes sense it's a bit more all age friendly. I imagine the pike show will aim for a similar audience to discovery
  5. Shame it's the final episode tomorrow but we've had two seasons in around 6 months so can't really grumble. I think the DC adaptations have been quite interesting for the streaming channel (I don't touch the CW shows anymore), they've taken the "adult approach" but in a variety of ways from being violent (titans), weird/zany (Doom Patrol) and outrageous comedy (Harley). The episode that began with the two comic geeks was priceless. Even more funny as one of them had the SnyderCut T-shirt on (wonder if they knew about that already?). Speaking of, the films could definitely benefit from some of the approaches being shown in the TV department. Some of the animated films are better than the live-action films eg the recent apokolips war.
  6. I really enjoy it. I was hesitant about the piss take approach but they do so in a way that shows more knowledge of the characters than a lot of the "serious" takes do. Dr Psycho is great as are the rest of her crew and bane cracks me up just by speaking. Even Gordon works in the sense that you probably would feel insecure if you rely on batman to do your job. It's a shame the birds of prey film couldn't capture the same energy but i think it's the animation that makes it click. One of the best sitcoms currently on air.
  7. Timothy olyphant joining the cast cements this show as a western. Don't care who he's playing but the rumoured speculation sounds tailored for him.
  8. I guess the income from comics is more reliable and substantial at least prior to coronavirus. It's a tricky call - make a living off comics or not make a living writing books. They wouldn't be the first to do so - actually quite a long list of successful comic writers who were initially authors. Many of them eventually return to novels when they have the time.
  9. If I was CBS I'd insulate the TV shows from the films anyhow. Irrespective of quality the TV shows (now a franchise) are doing really well while the films have floundered since Into Darkness in the sense no one seems to have a clue what to do next and it takes years for them to put out a mediocre film (which I guess is faithful to the original films in a sense).
  10. And the flipside - will he try and avert his (lets face it) shitty ending? I think it'd be hard to remain upbeat the closer you get to that time. It might be beneficial for the show to introduce the concept that it isn't a fixed event (even if it is) so that Pike knows that he isn't indestructible. Otherwise embrace his "I can't die yet" by having him dodge such things thanks to continuity gods. God damn prequel shows! Good characters and actors can make up for a lot and the better shows rely mostly on this with the story coming from the characters.
  11. I think what's nice about the Hickman run so far is that it has the grant Morrison "big ideas" but there's still room for the soap opera elements and it's clear Hickman is familiar with at least the claremont era but probably everything up to the end of Morrisons run. The "dawn of x" books have a nice mix of styles. Like i said "X-Men" is the closest to HOX but i think you might like Excalibur as that has a very classic Claremont feel to it. Marauders is more of a modern whedonesque take too. There's only "fallen angels" that isn't worth a try I'd say.
  12. I have that in my kindle unlimited list. I read the first few issues when they were released but I was a student with a limited budget so never finished it. I was still mainly drawn to superheroics at the time. I finally finished "clean room". It fell down my to read list when I moved a few years back. The art change wasn't so bad with a little bit of distance and the imagery was still as disturbing as ever. It's a damn shame it ended where it did as it felt like Simone had only scratched the surface of what she could do with the concept. Some great characters as well. I wonder if she'll ever be able to resurrect it at DC (Black label) or Image? She should own the rights but I guess Vertigo might have had slightly different rules regarding keeping publishing rights.
  13. If I were you I'd look forwards and not backwards. There are trade collections of most of the "Dawn of X" books now and they are all curated by Hickman (who created HOX/POX) with the X-men title (and half of "new mutants") being written by him. In all honesty the X-men books have been pretty awful for almost around a decade. The last decent era was pre Avengers vs X-men where Cyclops is in charge of all the remaining mutants. One of the main stories at that time involved an arc called messiah complex. It's interesting as it has a more military vibe as mutantkind are on the brink of extinction (I think there's less than 300 of them ). But everything from Bendis' run to the stuff prior to HOX and POX would just remind you of why you fell out of love with the X-men.
  14. That's probably a good start although it means they have to come up with more stories.
  15. Will it even matter to this current production team? This show could be great if it's a bit more fun and reminiscent of the original show. I fear it will just fall into the exact same trap that discovery did and given the status quo change for season 3 of discovery I'm inclined to think this new show will just be season 1 and 2 of discovery without deus ex fungi. But the potential to be a lot of fun is still there. Anson mount and the new spock were welcome additions in discovery but this is definitely going to be a "whose making this show" pause for me. Fingers crossed it's a different group from what we've seen so far. Someone who can do fun with moments of gravity - not sure who fits that bill at the moment maybe some of the "stranger things" folk or possibly creators/writers from a comedy background eg "the good place", "rick and morty" or YA animation eg "avatar" or dragon prince"
  16. My brother gave me his copies of res 2/3 remake. Weirdly, i think the games succeeds too much with the horror feel. Zombies that keep Coming back (my precious ammo) and a very claustrophobic feel makes it quite hard to relax (which is my primary goal in playing a game). I'll stick with it until mister x appears but i may have to put this one being too good at creating a tense atmosphere.
  17. I mean, i can imagine a cosmic MCU film called annihilation would make sense but the article reads like me thinking it would make sense and then posting it as a scoop. They had films called civil war, winter soldier and age of Ultron too that were hardly carbon copies of the comic material. Even though it would make the film title less clever, Galactus makes sense as a "big bad" especially when you've recently acquired the rights to use him. But you can't have Galactus without silver surfer so i agree it's still speculative fan fic.
  18. I thought the episode was trying too hard but they pretty much disarmed it by mentioning how rubbish the rubbish parts were.
  19. Or tame them? Very much looking forward to it. The action looks intense too. I think what it does well is convey the emotions behind the violence as it's clear there's rage behind it in most cases. Hopefully Coronavirus hasn't derailed the show either although i think it's still in pre production
  20. I enjoyed the finale and the season as a whole got me back on board the show when i was on verge if ditching after season 2. I liked that sarrac was just a mouthpiece for the AI having completely embraced his lack if free will. Bernard has clearly been offline for a while with all that dust in him. I'm interested to see where season 4 will go. Not sure i saw the point in the amount of screentime ed harris received this season for that ending. Honestly could have had that scene in episode 1 and done something more useful with the time. Shame they didn't try and deliver some throughline from Hopkins character to what was happening in season 3. It's not essential but i think it would have been neat. They did quote him at some point i guess
  21. The bonus of playing uncharted is that the game engine is very similar eg I know my aim was a lot better going into LOU having just finished Uncharted 4. I've played the uncharted games before but it's been a while and they are good fun. Also I'd have no problem shelving those games having played them through before.
  22. Outside of Gangs of London there hasn't really been anything I've properly binged but Devs was definitely one of them (guess being ill helps with binge viewing). It maybe didn't feel so slow because of that but I agree with your saying it was more deliberate. It certainly didn't feel like anything was added merely to pad the story. It'd probably only continue in the way that "28 days later" did eg without his involvement. The soundtrack is excellent, it feels like Garland picked them quite deliberately if not someone did an excellent job picking songs that fit the mood and story.
  23. I really liked the ending Although I was quite surprised that I have zero interest in levelling up/finishing the additional VR missions. For me the game is complete, I have no interest in trophies and would much rather play another game at this stage. A few friends have said God of war is their favourite PS4 title and I think I'd prefer a more direct story and conclusion. It sounds like it's a bit quicker to finish too because I think whatever I'm playing will be dropped as soon as last of us part 2 lands in my lap.
  24. I'll definitely be giving that a listen. I really enjoyed the show, while the ending was "out there" it certainly wasn't at "annihilation" levels. I guess the simple answer could be I don't think the show needs or will get a second season but there was a pretty obvious set up for a second season that would be interesting to explore and be very different from season 1 I'd still rather they'd leave it alone but it's not like there are no options to continue. I'd be far more interested in Garland getting to do another mini-series on some other pet project of his. I guess he could always give consent for someone else to do a season 2 but that rarely works out well.
  25. This is no knock on Chris at all, whose work I enjoy but I'd have thought Joe abercrombie and Mark Lawrence (who've both done Vikings-ish fantasy) would have been more obvious choices. Then there's a horde of Vikings fiction authors out there as well. Good thing about Chris is he seems to be able to turn his hand at most genres and strides the YA/mature boundary in a way that a computer game would appreciate. Also, his banter between characters can be fun. As for the game itself the AC games always have my really interested in their setting particularly with origins and odyssey but the sprawling nature of them (and the ridiculous and unclear number of purchase options) put me off. I'm almost finished FFVII remake. Debating whether I play Witcher or God of war next or do the sensible thing and play through some of my PSplus titles. I didn't realise I only "own" the free titles as long as I have the PSplus account and tbh I'm reaching the point where the games they offer each month are either games I already have or games I have no intention of playing.
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