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  1. That was the way of the cold world, where men fished the sea and dug in the ground and died whilst women brought forth short-lived children from beds of blood and pain. (The Prophet, AFfC 1) This is the only other time the term bed of blood is used in the text. Lyanna was in her bed of blood when Ned found her.
  2. If Viserys was like Aerys and Rhaegar was nothing like Aerys, wouldn't that mean that Rhaegar was more like Rhaella? If Dany is more like Rhaegar than Aerys and Rhaegar is more like Rhaella, then Dany would be more like her mother, no? The exchange with she has with Daario in Dany IV, ADwD 23, goes right along with that trippy vision quest she had in Dothraki sea. Dany has tried to do the right thing so much that she lost herself and her most grievous sin was locking up her dragons who are part of her identity.
  3. Really? All my expectations of infants have now been dashed. Do I think Ned told Jon he was born in Dorne? No. I don't. I'm not even clear whether Jon thinks his mother is alive or dead. He seems to think that she didn't want him, though. Whether this is his own idea or something he was told remains to be seen. I think Jon knows he wasn't born in the north. Did Ned tell him he was born somewhere in the riverlands? I think as far as locations go, the riverlands would make sense since Ned would have been in there until right after the BotT. Anyway. It doesn't matter. I was just curious to see what the reply would be. Timeline talk is tedious. The AGoT timeline is a dumpster fire, especially when Jon's birth is plugged into it.
  4. Does Jon even know where he was born? There is nothing in his thoughts about it. When he thinks about the red mountains of Dorne, he doesn't think of it as the place he was born, but as one of the places he wants to see, but won't be able to because he will be a man of the NW.
  5. No, it's not. Her body could have easily been dragged by the current into the sea. She might have fed the fishes near the Arbor for all we know. About Jon's birth. The Battle of the Bells was in early 283 AC. Unless Lyanna gave birth prematurely or Ned decided to fudge up dates by a month or so (which is entirely possible), Jon couldn't have been born earlier than October since Catelyn says that she carried Robb to full term. That would put Dany's own birth either in June or July. And that's if the BotB took place in January.
  6. Whatever the truth is, everyone in story believes that Jon is younger than Robb. Ned talks about dishonoring Catelyn, which has been mentioned before. Ygritte was much in his thoughts as well. He remembered the smell of her hair, the warmth of her body . . . and the look on her face as she slit the old man's throat. You were wrong to love her, a voice whispered. You were wrong to leave her, a different voice insisted. He wondered if his father had been torn the same way, when he'd left Jon's mother to return to Lady Catelyn. He was pledged to Lady Stark, and I am pledged to the Night's Watch. (Jon VI, ASoS 48) There are different reasons Jon could be younger. For one, Rhaegar could have decided that Lyanna was too young. Elia's last birth left her unable to have anymore children. So maybe there's caution there. In FaB, Jaehaerys married Alysanne, but the marriage was not consummated because he felt she was too young for that. Something similar could have happened with Lyanna. We can debate this for as long as we want. Until a book comes out to debunk what Jon and Catelyn know / were told. Until some character comes out and says that Ned lied about when Jon was born, Jon is younger than Robb.
  7. I have a candidate for who Wylla might be. Something was dropped in AFfC about Garin's mother. Garin was Arianne's milk brother. His mother was Arianne's wet nurse and she was a midwife as well. By the time 283 AC rolls around, Arianne is already some 7 years old.
  8. I think it would have worked just fine. Dayne hair runs to silver too. Gerold Dayne has silver hair. Edric has pale blond hair.
  9. Cersei is wonderfully nuts. She is wonderfully narcissistic. The way she pats herself on the back for what she thinks is a job well done is. She thinks she knows everything, she thinks her plans are so very awesome as they blow up in her face one by one. Cersei is such a stable genius. Cersei thought of all the King's Hands that she had known through the years: Owen Merryweather, Jon Connington, Qarlton Chelsted, Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark, her brother Tyrion. And her father, Lord Tywin Lannister, her father most of all. All of them are burning now, she told herself, savoring the thought. They are dead and burning, every one, with all their plots and schemes and betrayals. It is my day now. It is my castle and my kingdom.
  10. Whatever happens with Jon, whether he's resurrected, or pushed out of Ghost and into his own body, or whatever scenario that has him walking around by the time Mel is through, I think those chapters leading up to it are going to fall 100% in line with the chapters we're going to get about Euron, the battle with the Redwyne fleet, him possibly ending up in Oldtown and going god knows what there.
  11. Varys is a bit of a contradiction. Varys rescued Gendry from Cersei by sending him north to the Wall (and there is a really interesting parallel here with Rhaegar's children vs Robert's bastards), but as you say takes the tongue of small children. And these children have no qualms when it comes to murder either. It was noted some time ago by one of the posters that the deaths of Pycelle and Kevan Lannister mirror the deaths of "Aegon" and Rhaenys, like Varys is in some way avenging those deaths. Pycelle counseled Aerys to open his gates which directly led to the deaths of two small children and probably countless other faceless, nameless ones down in the city. Kevan was there at the Sack, was there when the bodies of the Targaryen children were presented to Robert. The good man in service to a bad cause got the Rhaenys treatment while Pycelle got his brains bashed in.
  12. We don't know if he attended, that's true. But we know he has informants. And this is Varys, the guy who plays dress up and can move incognito. This is the same guy who traveled all the way to the Free Cities or the Disputed Lands to recruit Jon Connington. Contrary to the majority of posters, I believe Varys is a Targaryen loyalist and that the Pisswater Bend baby story is true. A lot of sleepless nights. A lot of memories that he seems, imo, not eager to think about. Elia is a lot like Lyanna. Her nickname, the jousting, could open the floodgates to what happened at Harrenhal, from the mystery knight entering the tourney to Aerys's paranoia over the KotT to the moment Rhaegar crowned Lyanna. There's a lot of history repeating itself here, and I think our Griff will see it right away and will do his damnest to stop that happening.
  13. I don't know if it's something that has to do with him personally, or something else. I think Varys straight up gave up Lyanna's identity as the KotLT in the same way he gave up the information about Dany's pregnancy in AGoT, then turned around and made sure she was rescued. If Varys did that, then the consequences of what he did are difficult to ignore. It's possible that Jon Conn blames Varys for Rhaegar's death. But for a speculation like this, it depends what you think happened between Lyanna and Rhaegar. I feel sorry for the character, poor sucker. I think that PTSD over the Battle of the Bells will be nothing compared to what Elia Sand might trigger. 100% agree with this.
  14. I think someone entered Aemon's dreams and that Sam has a lot more to say about what Aemon told him. I think he understands what Aemon told him about as much as you and I understand it, so he seems to have chalked up most of it to the ravings of an old dying man. This is part of a conversation between Tyrion and Brown Ben Plumm about his two drops of dragon blood. "No one. Most of the stories you hear about dragons are fodder for fools. Talking dragons, dragons hoarding gold and gems, dragons with four legs and bellies big as elephants, dragons riddling with sphinxes . . . nonsense, all of it. But there are truths in the old books as well. Not only do I know that the queen's dragons took to you, but I know why." (Tyrion XI, ADwD 57) Dragons riddling with sphinxes. The dragon part was not mentioned in Sam's POV. The dragon is the riddler, the sphinx is the riddle. I think the sphinx has more to with one's identity than skinchanging or dragon bonding. Alleras is one of those hidden identities, the difference is that she knows who she is, while everyone around her is clueless. I think there are more "sphinxes" in the story. I think Jon Snow is one and it so happens that his BFF is now in contact with Sarella.
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