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  1. The forum forced me to delve in more depth when it came to certain conclusions fandom had come to. Like Rickard's southern ambitions, or Aegon being a Blackfyre for instance. I landed on the other side. Actually, I felt challenged to by some of the posters to know my shit before I post. I still make mistakes, but I think I know my shit pretty well now.
  2. I know that Rhaegar is generally regarded as some sort of idiot, but I have a really hard time believing that he had no contingency plan for his family in KL. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up finding out at some point that he had a hand in the switch or left instructions. Myrcella's hair was dyed brown by the septa to hide her while Rosamund was to be sacrificed. Theon murdered the miller's sons and replaced Bran and Rickon with them. I don't think it's a coincidence that we see a baby switch at the Wall under Jon's watch either. Two babies born a month or two apart, switched out. Only those who spent a lot of time with them, namely Gilly and Val, would know the difference between them.
  3. I think the same concept used to birth the dragons will be used for Jon Snow. That blue print is being used by Euron in The Forsaken and I think will also be used for Jon Snow. The only thing that changes is the elements. Dany's rebirth and the birth of the dragons happened fire. Euron is enacting that same ritual in water, which his element because he is ironborn, and whatever happens with Jon will be done through ice (the Wall, the magic that's woven there) and fire (Melisandre and her magic). I think like the 3EC served as a guide for Bran during his coma, Bran will be Jon's guide while he's inside Ghost. The set up is there from ACoK between Bran and Jon and that encounter they had while Bran was in the crypts and Jon in the Frostfangs.
  4. I thought about lions, specifically in the context of the Rains of Castamere. For some reason, it made me think of the Targaryens and Blackfyres. I don't know that that's the case. I think it's his inner turmoil playing out in the dream. Jon always thinks back to that last time he saw Robb. It was lightly snowing and the snow was melting in his hair. He always thinks of Robb in this context. The last time he sees Sam, it's snowing, and Jon tells Sam to pull up his hood because the snow is melting in his hair. Jon again thinks back on that later. The snow is melting in Robb's hair, the boy he grew up with and thought was his brother. The snow is melting in Sam's hair, the boy he adopted as his brother. I think we're going to see this theme come up again with someone else.
  5. Manderly is too fat to sit a horse, so he's not going out in the storm. Poor beast might sink in the snow. I think Wyman is dead and his head is on the walls of Winterfell.
  6. I think this dream is especially important because Jon wakes up when a "gnarled hand seized Jon roughly by the shoulder" in his dream. Jon has this tendency to wake up when he is close to getting some answers in his dreams, which is frustrating. In this case, when he wakes up, Mormont's raven pecking at his chest and there is no one else shaking him awake or anything like that. In the dream, there's an eagle screaming "Snow." Mormont's raven is probably screaming "Snow," but it appearing in the dream as an eagle is really interesting when you look up the sort of symbolism that surrounds eagles. The dream always read to me as being influenced by outside forces and it always felt like BR may have been reaching out to Jon in his dream, that the gnarled hand was his and like he was about to appear to him, then Jon woke up. This dreams bookends Jon's first dream in ADwD nicely.
  7. If it makes you feel better, there's that dream Jon has in Jon XII in ADwD. So that's a chapter before his stabbing. Jon was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his fist [. . .] The world dissolved into a red mist. Jon slashed and cut. He hacked down Donal Noye and gutted Deaf Dick Follard. Qhorin Halfhand stumbled to his knees, trying in vain to staunch the flow of blood from his neck. "I am the Lord of Winterfell," Jon screamed. It was Robb before him now, his hair wet with melting snow. Longclaw took his head off. As far as I understand it, Longclaw is the blade that's burning red in his fist. The sword's name is also sort of funny. Animals have claws. Bears, direwolves. Dragons. Right now, as it stands, we have Dany who has fulfilled the prophecy criteria for AA. And we'll see what happens with Jon next.
  8. I don't think he has terrible communication per se. He communicated his plans to his officers very well. I think it feels that way because he refuses to yield a single inch. As much as Jon and Dany run parallel to one another, she let the Green Grace and the Sons of the Harpy rule her. She locks up her dragons, she marries Hizdhar for the peace, she reopens the fighting pits. Jon gives up nothing. For instance, he could have compromised with naming Satin his squire. He could have sent Satin to Long Barrow with Iron Emmett and kept Dolorous Edd back in his position. That's genuinely something he could have given his idiot officers. But he didn't. In the end, though, I don't think it would have mattered. The outcome was still going to be the same. Cersei is actually one of my favorite characters. Her pride knows no bounds and she is batshit crazy.
  9. For the record, I think that Ice/Dawn/Lightbringer are the same and I think that AA/PtwP/Last hero are one person. Dawn being described with the same words that are used to describe the bones of the Others is important. Furthermore, when we look at the swords of the Others, they are extremely sharp, and they have a faint blue glow to them. Dawn is alive with light. I can't really elaborate much more because I never really thought about. I think there's good stuff in the World Book about Huzhor Amai and his three wives. Huzhor Amai was the son of the last of the Fisher Queens. The FQ sounds a lot like they could be greenseers or a version of that at the very least. Old Nan's story about the Last Hero tells us that the Last Hero and his companions went in search of the children of the forest for their assistance. If the Long Night began in Essos, then AA would have sough after the Ifequevron who sound like the Essosi version of the children. These are just a few possible parallels between AA/Last Hero. If AA and the Last Hero are the same person, then they would have wielded the same sword, the same sword that is mentioned in the Night's Watch vows. The sword in the darkness, the light that brings the dawn.
  10. I said in my first post in this thread that I think that the original Ice, Dawn, Lightbringer were one and the same. I think it's the same sword that is called three different things in different places, like the Last Hero, AA and the PtwP. About Symeon Star-Eyes, you also have Brandon Ice Eyes much later. @Curled Finger, you also have the Just Maid, which belonged to Galladon of Morne. The Just Maid is straight up enchanted per Brienne's story. Florian the Fool also bore a famous sword, but we don't know the name.
  11. Dawn is an incomparable sword, but its description of being pale as milkglass is used two other times in the text. It is used to describe the ghost grass and the bones of the Others. I think this is where the connection is.
  12. "The final battle was on Pyke. When Robert's stonethrowers opened a breach in King Balon's wall, a priest from Myr was the first man through, but I was not far behind. For that I won my knighthood."
  13. I have to ask. Why do you think these swords are magical? Is it because they're Valyrian steel? The only difference between the two swords is the crossguard. For what it's worth, I don't believe the sword mentioned in the Tyrion sample chapter for ADwD is Blackfyre at all. I wrote something about it here. I think the sword has been back in Westeros for a while. That said, going back in the text, I cannot remember anything about Jorah giving up or leaving his sword, except for what Jeor told Jon when he gave him the sword. Even when Dany tells Jorah that she will one day gift him a Valyrian steel sword, there has been no follow up on that. I don't know, but it seems to me that Jorah might have mentioned this at one point, that his family owns a Valyrian steel sword. It's also interesting that while he crossed the line and sold poachers into slavery, the one thing of value that he might have had, Longclaw, he didn't sell, and we know there's a family that would have paid a small fortune to get their grubby paws on a Valyrian steel sword. I don't know if Longclaw and Blackfyre are the same and I tend to doubt it, but the biggest hole in the Longclaw story is Jorah. Part of me goes, well, Aegon must have had a good reason to allow BR to take Dark Sister to the Wall when he had three sons who could have wielded the sword. So if Blackfyre turned up in Westeros, then maybe the same reasoning was used to allow BR to take it with him as well. I like these opposite thing. Dawn, as you said, is the opposite of Nightfall. It would be really interesting to find out if Dalton Greyjoy renamed the sword Nightfall seeing as a Greyjoy is set to bring about the apocalypse. There's also Red Rain that could fit in with Dawn and Nightfall if we relate it to the Long Night and the bleeding star. Red stars falling from the sky would be like red rain. I think the fact that both Nightfall and Red Rain are in possession of two ironborn makes things even more interesting. I think the original Ice that was mentioned in like the 3rd chapter of the story, along with Lightbringer and Dawn could be the same sword.
  14. I'm not sure who the red herring is, if you mean it's Septa Lemore, but I definitely think that Aegon is the red herring for another character.
  15. Please no. Especially RLJ. I've had my fill of <insert some guy's name here> + Lyanna = Jon. The road for Aegon goes through Lemore. Her real identity has been kept back for a reason.
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