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  1. I haven't read A Song for Lya, but I think there are some really good indicators that connect the crypts to weirwoods. There's this quote in Bran II, AGoT; To a boy, Winterfell was a grey stone labyrinth of walls and towers and courtyards and tunnels spreading out in all directions. In the older parts of the castle, the halls slanted up and down so that you couldn't even be sure what floor you were on. The place had grown over the centuries like some monstrous stone tree, Maester Luwin told him once, and its branches were gnarled and thick and twisted, its roots sunk deep into the earth. The roots of Winterfell would be the sprawling crypts beneath it, where all the kings and the lords are buried. We get again the same reference in Bran VII, ACoK; At the edge of the wolfswood, Bran turned in his basket for one last glimpse of the castle that had been his life. Wisps of smoke still rose into the grey sky, but no more than might have risen from Winterfell's chimneys on a cold autumn afternoon. Soot stains marked some of the arrow loops, and here and there a crack or a missing merlon could be seen in the curtain wall, but it seemed little enough from this distance. Beyond, the tops of the keeps and towers still stood as they had for hundreds of years, and it was hard to tell that the castle had been sacked and burned at all. The stone is strong, Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me, he thought. I'm not dead either. Plus Bran opened his third eye in the crypts, amidst what is considered the roots of Winterfell. He entered Jon's dream through Ghost. And I think that he did it once more in ADwD. So I think these places are similar if not the same.
  2. That's precisely my point. I think it was more of a show and tell than trying to convince Jon Conn with words. And you and I will have to keep disagreeing on who Septa Lemore is. But it's good to see you around
  3. I think that the question we never really ask is why Jon Connington believes that this is Aegon. Varys left King's Landing and traveled all the way to the Disputed Lands to find Jon Connington and recruit him. Connington doesn't even like Varys and he says that everything that he's done, he's done for Aegon's sake. So what did Varys tell him that convinced him of Aegon's legitimacy?
  4. Tyrion also made a two year mistake when he thought that Jon Snow was 12 in AGoT. I think one of the things that gets overlooked with this whole Aegon v. (f)Aegon (and I hate this nickname so much!) is the ground work that GRRM laid by using Jon Snow and his baby switcheroo at the Wall in order to save Mance's son. He wanted to scream. He wanted to howl and sob and shake and curl up in a little ball and whimper. He switched the babes, he told himself. He switched the babes to protect the little prince, to keep him away from Lady Melisandre's fires, away from her red god. If she burns Gilly's boy, who will care? No one but Gilly. He was only Craster's whelp, an abomination born of incest, not the son if the King-Beyond-the-Wall. He's no good for a hostage, no good for a sacrifice, no good for anything, he doesn't even have a name. (Sam II, AFfC) What Jon did at the Wall aligns exactly with what Varys may have done in King's Landing, with the role of Monster being played by the Pisswater Baby (who doesn't even have a name) and the role of Aegon being played by Aemon Steelsong. Varys even sent the baby out with a fat man, a maester and a wetnurse who has been his mother in all but name. When Aegon says that he was switched with another baby, I totally believe it. Nobody looked long at the body because it was in a horrible state. Even Davos, a grown adult, was switched out with another.
  5. Very probably Varys, who also took steps to send Gendry away from King's Landing after Robert's death.
  6. I don't believe any ironborn have been mentioned to have gone to King's Landing, although I wouldn't be surprised if Quellon Greyjoy did at some point.
  7. I think there's really just one indicator that YG could be a Blackfyre, and that's the Golden Company. The Slayer of Lies triad is not about him being a fake Targaryen, imo. That triad is a Azor Ahai triad and I will keep saying this until I'm blue in the face. All in all, I think there's more that indicates that YG is Aegon Targaryen than there is that says that he is someone else.
  8. Oberyn Martell: I think he was kept back in Dorne during the Rebellion. His last known movement before the rebellion was his presence at they tourney of Harrenhal. So either he went back home or he went to Dragonstone. Elia was pregnant and gave birth something like 2-3 months after the tourney. He wasn't the one led the Dornish host to the Trident, which doesn't mean that he wasn't part of it, but the Dornish host is also mentioned when we're give exposition about Lyn Corbray breaking that flank and killing Prince Lewyn. Plus we know for sure that Oberyn was in Dorne after the Sack of King's Landing since he tried to rouse Dorne for Viserys. And there are some really interesting things going on with him and Sarella in that she seems to know a thing or two about that prophecy. Richard Lonmouth: I know the speculation that he is Lem Lemoncloak has reached canon status in the fandom, which is entirely possible. But that means that Lem may never have gone back home. He would have settled in the riverlands where he got married, had a daughter and maybe he did that because he fought on Rhaegar's side and simply couldn't return home after Rhaegar's death. We know that both his wife and child were killed during the War of the Five Kings. The flip side of that is that the A World of Ice and Fire App states that Lem was in King's Landing during the tourney of the Hand and left with Beric and Thoros for the Mummer's Ford. So things don't really fit for me. It's possible that Richard Lonmouth has just been home since the end of Robert's Rebellion. I sort of always wondered if he wasn't also at the ToJ and one of those "they" who had found Ned holding his Lyanna's hand after she died. Ashara Dayne -- She's dead. Maester Walys: I think he's well and alive and simply moved on from Winterfell after the rebellion. I'm pretty convinced that he will appear in Oldtown in TWoW. He's either a maester at the Citadel or a maester at the Hightower. And I'm more inclined to think that he is at the Hightower.
  9. The whole water magic aspect of things is something that's not spoken of nearly enough, imo. I think that was the purpose of the trip down the Rhoyne to the biggest center of water magic, and why I'm convinced Young Griff is very much Aegon Targaryen. Why would Aerys want to minimize Targ access to fire magic, though ,when he was trying to hatch dragons himself? I don't think Elia's death would have mattered because Aerys would still have chosen his son's next bride. And it still wouldn't have been Cersei.
  10. I think it's two fold. First, we have that kerfuffle between Tywin and the Princess of Dorne and the way he spurned her, undoing the plans that she and Joanna had made for their children. Second, there are no highborn ladies that Rhaegar can marry that fall into that age bracket where they can start having children right away. Elia has Valyrian blood from something like a 100 years before. But the really interesting thing about her is that first, she is Dornish, and second her health is frail. And those two things matter. We are in a post-Duskendale world where Aerys is convinced that Tywin wanted him dead, that Tywin arranged for Steffon Baratheon's death (since Aerys was allegedly intent on executing Tywin and giving the Handship to Steffon). Aerys becomes paranoid of Rhaegar. So to answer that question about who arranged the marriage, I think that the Princess of Dorne went to Aerys with the proposal, maybe even told him what transpired between her and Tywin when she went to Casterly Rock with her children. For me Rhaegar's marriage to Elia always came off as something vengeful against Tywin, something to skewer him with. The Princess of Dorne gets what she wants and Aerys gets what he wants. Aerys wanting a bride of Valyrian blood for Rhaegar then marrying him off to Elia was, I think, designed to cripple him politically and then some. Marrying Rhaegar off to a foreign bride does nothing for Rhaegar's political standing. And marrying him to a Dornish princess does nothing for his political standing either. In both cases, Rhaegar was going to be politically isolated. Young lordlings can flock to Rhaegar all they want, the fact remains that their fathers swore oaths to Aerys, not his son. And some lords are not exactly fans of Dorne. And then we have Elia's health. We don't know what was wrong with her, but we are told a couple of times that she wasn't the healthiest person. With a House that had dwindled to 4 members, Aerys chose a bride for his son who was not exactly hale and hearty. He chose a woman who was sickly. And Aerys is a man who lost a bunch of children through miscarriages, cradle deaths, stillbirths. So my speculation is that Rhaegar's marriage to Elia kills two birds with one stone. It hurts Rhaegar's political prospects, since it seems Aerys was worried his son was going to remove him from the throne; and it puts uncertainty on the marriage producing heirs. And perhaps that was the hope, that Rhaegar and Elia would not have children. I think that the whole "she smells Dornish" comment about Rhaenys may have been due in part to that. Elia gave birth to a healthy child. I don't think Rhaegar or Rhaella had a say in who Rhaegar married. Before Duskendale, maybe. But not after. Not when he was becoming paranoid and untrusting of his family. ETA - Aerys saying that Rhaenys smelled Dornish is, I think, more politically motivated than racist. If Rhaenys smells Dornish, then so does her brother, who is Rhaegar's heir and the heir to the Iron Throne after his father. And Aerys saying what he said gives others carte blanche to say the same thing, whether it's in support of their king because they are ass kissers, or because they simply don't like the Dornish and/or Rhaegar's marriage. So Aerys hurts his son there too.
  11. It's definitely a nod to Rhaegar and Lyanna. Even the name Rickon, Sara's father, is close to Rickard. The funniest thing about the whole story was how pissed Cregan was about Jace and Sara sleeping together then went "it's all good, you little rascals" because they married in the godswood. I wonder if Cregan slapped Jace on his back when he welcomed him to the family. The thing is, Jace needed the marriage to Baela, given all the rumors about his bastardy. His marriage to Baela would have consolidated his power and hold on the throne. I think the whole idea is that the Pact of Ice and Fire went unfulfilled for like 150 years. Cregan never got that Targaryen bride for his son. And even later, when the Targaryens were marrying their daughters off outside the family, House Stark doesn't seem to have been considered. And when Aegon V and his wife were making alliances, Shaena and Rhaelle don't seem to have been considered as possible brides for House Stark. Even marrying a Stark lady to a Targaryen prince doesn't seem like it was something that was on the table.
  12. The first one who makes an appearance in the story is a Liddle back in a Bran, ASoS. I don't know if you remember the cave scene. He shares his food with Bran and the others. After that, yes, they show up in The Wayward Bride chapter. The one who calls Asha that lovely word is Morgan Liddle. After Deepwood, they all head toward Winterfell to take it back from the Boltons, but get stranded at the crofter's village, that's where you'll find them in the tracker under crofter's village since it's their last known location.
  13. I'm confused by this. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I could be very wrong, in which case, you have my apologies, but I think you might be confusing characters marching with Stannis with the two clansmen leaders who are at Castle Black. I have a characters tracker that I put together some time ago. Infighting is entirely possible. Definitely can't rule it out, but the wildlings outnumber pretty much all the others at Castle Black.
  14. So there are Flints and Norreys marching with Stannis, along with Hugo Wull and Morgan Liddle. But at Castle Black, we have both the Flint, Torghen, and the Norrey, Brandon. Those two are too old to march, so they sent along sons and grandsons with Stannis. These two came to Castle Black with small retinues, one wetnurse each for Monster, and were there when Alys Karstark and Sigorn got hitched. Jon spoke to them atop the Wall after he met with Tormund and negotiated his and the wildlings' passage south of the Wall. I disagree with you from a practical standpoint. If the Flint and the Norrey are aware of Robb's will, which I think they very likely are, then the Bowen Marsh didn't just shank the lord commander of the Night's Watch, but also their king. All these people banding together for a common cause to take down a bunch of mutineers makes sense to me.
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