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  1. SanSan. If that theory comes true I’ll put the books down and not even bother reading the rest of it. Thankfully I don’t see GRRM doing it. I really hope Bolt-On and Jojen Paste aren’t true either.
  2. I’d imagine that Garth ‘Goldenhand’ would be the Jaehaerys of the reach https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Garth_VII_Gardener
  3. That’s actually a really good idea, never thought that maybe they brang them before a Weirwood and waited for a sign from a greenseer to see if they were guilty or not. Didn’t they used to hang the entrails of criminals from Weirwood?
  4. Do you think it’ll make a return in the coming books or is it probably gone for good. (Weirwood blood sacrifice)
  5. Did the Starks practise blood sacrifice? So we know from Brans visions that there has been a blood sacrifice at the Winterfell Godswood before but do we have any idea if this happened often? The World Book mentions blood sacrifice persisting in White Harbour 500 years ago yet it seems to have vanished from The North. So basically did House Stark once partake in Blood Sacrifice and are we given any idea as to why they stopped if they did?
  6. Didn’t the world book state that Aegon had intended to keep marching south before he dealt with the North? If Torrhen had of stayed at Moat Caitlin, then by the time the Dornish war came to an end with Dorne retaining its independence, the Iron Throne would’ve been a spent force with only two dragons + The North would’ve been able to watch Dorne n learn from them + getting vast preparation time for the war. **Just found the quote in the World Book:
  7. I think The Stormlands is more like Wales to be honest, especially with its martial culture. Think you've got all the others spot on though.
  8. I'd always assumed that Western Essos as a whole wasn't very militarily strong considering they didn't need to be for thousands of years because they had Valyria protecting them and Valyria had dragons and could send 300 dragons to there aid as did in the Rhoynish wars and so because of this, they never developed strong armies and a military tradition and culture which left them weak against The Dothraki. Also The Dothraki were very cunning and smart when conquering Sarnor and didn't just conquer them solely because of their military power.
  9. Gregor admitted to killing Aegon. The Aegon returning is King of The Frauds and not King of Westeros. He’s a feigned Targaryen. Maybe a Blackfyre.
  10. Yeah that’s what I’m hoping. I agree it makes way too much sense for it not be R + L = J but it also feels like there’s a twist that George is hiding.
  11. I don’t know to be honest, feels too much like a Mary Sue for GRRM to make Jon born of ice and fire and raised from the dead to fulfill an ancient prophecy that makes him the ‘chosen one.’ You’re probably right though but I’m not sure wether George will spin the prophecy as he has made it very clear that prophecy’s are dangerous.
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