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  1. I think that if the original Ice will not be found then they might get back oathkeeper but probably not widows wail. If you believe in the theory that Dawn is the original ice - which I do - then they might get Dawn instead. But personally I don’t think they’re getting back the Valyrian steel greatsword Ice.
  2. If he really doesn’t announce a release date for TWOW at the end of July, then I hope that at least we’ll get one more sample chapter so we have at least something to talk about even if it’s a breadcrumb and not the whole loaf.
  3. Would the andal raiders have been conquering or just pillaging? - Also doesn’t it state that the Stark conquest of the north took 2000 years and finished as the earliest andal ships were crossing? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the long night to have happened 5000 years ago?
  4. When did The Long Night happen? So I’ve been re-reading TWOIAF and the dates seem completely off. I know GRRM has deliberately done this to make the history a bit more foggy/hazy as it would be but does anyone have any ideas on when it actually started or could you link some threads if it’s already been discussed. Personally I think it happened around 4000 years ago with the Andal inavasion happening around 2000 years ago.
  5. This is something I’ve always wondered about, feels like 200 is way too much
  6. Yep and I’m pretty sure D&D said that making Bran king at the end of the abomination was George’s idea too.
  7. I think Westeros will become a place where magic is common and Bran as a greenseer and a warg will be king from the Gods Eye. It might not happen and I might be wrong but it’s what I imagine as I feel like magic is coming back into the world , not leaving. As for the others and how they’re defeated, well, your guess is as good as mine until we find out more about them in TWOW.
  8. That’s what I meant, changed it so it’s more obvious
  9. So I know that we’ve been told that Ice was forged 400 years ago and considering the doom was also 400 years ago it must have been forged not long before the doom. That being said do we know which Stark ordered it to be forged + any additional info we may have? I’ve scoured the wikis and not found anything so I’m wondering if anyone has any info that I might have missed, thanks.
  10. House Wylde of the Rainwood and House Royce and House Dayne are the three houses I think should’ve been worshipping the old gods. Maybe not Royce though as the Vale has the largest Sandal influence.
  11. SanSan. If that theory comes true I’ll put the books down and not even bother reading the rest of it. Thankfully I don’t see GRRM doing it. I really hope Bolt-On and Jojen Paste aren’t true either.
  12. I’d imagine that Garth ‘Goldenhand’ would be the Jaehaerys of the reach https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Garth_VII_Gardener
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