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  1. Areisius

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    After re-watching the part where she gives her speech I see the resemblance. Those bastards!
  2. Areisius


  3. That's exactly what I was thinking when Sansa said for the 100th time "we want to be independent of the 7 kingdoms." It would be natural for every other kingdom to claim their independence. Sansa is a fucking idiot.
  4. Her last sentences were that of a sociopath but she is not a sociopath so either that wasn't her or the writer's decicided to make her a sociopath to fit their narrative. I think it's the latter.
  5. You got nothing to back this "insane" theory so stop bringing it up.
  6. What's pathetic is the writing.
  7. Jon was regamortis dead when he was revived and he had over a dozen stab wounds.
  8. Yeah, whatever happened to her?
  9. Areisius

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    That would make her a sudden turned sociopath which isn't possible as I stated on here.
  10. Areisius

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    This talk of Dany turning into a sociopath is not only unfounded but not even possible. A child is born with the capacity to become a sociopath. Environmental causes of sociopathy trigger the biological disposition. In addition, there are behaviors that exist in childhood that are clues that he will be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder as an adult (My Child Is A Sociopath! Is There Anything I Can Do?). This means that someone can't just suddenly become a sociopath later in life. There is one rare exception. Traumatic brain injury specifically to the paralimbic system can (but doesn't always) cause someone to develop a sociopathic personality. https://bit.ly/2TIowqu
  11. Areisius

    Daenerys’s death should have been the end

    S8 fizzled out so bad it's not even funny.
  12. I'm baffled as to who she was morphed into in S8. She went from having a sense of self awareness to becoming this delusional tyrannical child. In her last scene with Jon she acted completely detached from reality and was acting like a sociopath. What in the world did D&D do to her character?
  13. I gave it a 1 but I would go into the minus range if I could.