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  1. Aegon the II. The Mad Masturbator.

    So Aegon just gets completely nude, brazenly stands in a window,  and jerks off over the threshold to the sight of pigeons and the sound of bells?
    What about any poor peasants passing underneath his window?  
    His mom is totally cool with him throwing seed to pigeons like this? Like this is just a regular thing he does?   
    It happens so often she doesn’t even comment on it. Kinda hard not to comment when he’s naked. 

    Flying pig and no Suggs reference? bah!


  2. I know who it is.


    The handsome paramour.

    Ser Criston Cole. 
    Her sworn protector?

    Look at him. 
    The man is fully cunt struck

    I believe ser Criston has bloodied that white cloak of his with your brides maidenhead

    Keep your voice down.

    This is a good thing. She knows your secret and now you know hers.



    It would be powerful to reveal a more complete version of events, and the off screen actions we haven’t seen of some of the characters, latter in the show. The dramatic effect of Deamon’s fall into the Gods Eye and a montage of his life from,
    Playing with his brother as a child,  The toast to an heir for a day,   
    Rhea’s life and death.

    To see a full picture of a life. From another perspective. Maybe more abominable, or less, or just different. 
    …would be cheating by editing without establishing cinematography pov’s

  4. 2 hours ago, Ran said:

    The whole silent menacing thing was calculated to keep her intrigued

    Ah ok. I was like, what are they showing us here. A silent Daemon, wearing a ridiculously over the top manhood cloak, appears in a pass, apparently walked to the vale, and just happened to encounters his wife wile she was hunting…deer.

         I just have to breathe and let it go. Inhale the calm, and exhale the, the, the, nope I can’t do it!


    I shall withdraw to my mothers basement and endeavor to concoct a most convoluted conspiracy theory that contains a rubber chicken and no less than 3 Klaatu Barada Niktu’s!*.  Royal dog or worm head? 

    *For our younger audience, Thats an old movie quote. 

  5. 16 minutes ago, Ran said:

    a reason to call their faction the Blacks

    Oh yea that would be upsetting to depict. Very uncomfortable. I just like the idea of history twisting  the focus towards the dresses and maybe not another reason. 
    I really wanted to see a closer view on the city miniature at High Tide. Do you know what city that was? And was that a Sphinx statue above? 
    Final question :) What rings are some of the characters wearing? Deamon’s looks like a Blackwood sigil? 
    Final, final question. The crab feeder was carried by Daemon to the sea cheaply ?

  6. 23 minutes ago, Ran said:

    change to the worldbuilding

    Was Corlys skin tone ever mentioned in the books? I couldn’t recall if it was. I had just assumed. I love the casting choice of Corlys. The color of the dresses seemed a far-fetched reason to name a war Greens vs. Blacks. I thought it was blood but skin makes it even more despicable and real

    …if that’s what ya talking about? :) 

  7. 2 hours ago, Lord Varys said:

    Where does he come from? How did he get there? Where is his dragon? How did he find her? Why exactly does he want to kill her?

    There is only one motive I can think of for Daemon to murder Rhea. If I recall correctly in a previous episode Daemon said of his Broze Bitch that the sheep are prettier? That would mean she has information coming to her from someone who was present. Maybe she’s cooperating with someone who opposes Daemon’s or the king’s plans.

    Her death brings up the rules of inheritance. This may set a precedent for future rulings and votes in the vale. A husband would be past up in line if he was married into the house. So Laenor would not inherit in the case of his wife’s death. Could be a defensive move to protect his niece or one of self interest.

  8. 1 hour ago, Domeric Stark said:

    why people say Daemon is silent - he had a lot to speak at the wedding

    I find it curious that the behavior of Deamon, and other characters, appear    to have personality’s that are dependent upon the location and costumes they wear. Viserys in his solar wearing robes. Viserys in black at throne room. Night, day, dawn, dusk etc. with or without dagger. Deamon not speaking to Rhea and wearing his manhood.

  9. 3 hours ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    I think it reared because she went for her bow.

    You’d think a bow would be a bad choice to defend yourself with. Draw bow, draw arrow, nock, draw, lose. Maybe that was the only weapon at hand. Something to do with Visearys saying Mayhaps we turn to happier things?

  10. Rhea Royce 

    She rides out.

    She encounters her cousin randomly.

    She says she’s hunting deer.

    She’s riding back from her hunt. No deer. Randomly encounters a hooded  Daemon.

    Daemon has no mount with him. He Does not speak. He raises his hand to Rhea. She falls off her ride.

    Rhea is unmoving after her fall.

    Deamon picks up a stone. 

    Did we see Deamon kill Rhea? Did we see a body or death?

    How was he traveling the vale mount less?

    Does the cousin have means, motive, and opportunity? Would he stand to inherit?

    Word got to Lady Rheanys fast in Drifmark. We only hear of a death.

  11. 31 minutes ago, Gigei said:

    a Kingsguard straight up beat someone to death, but not in the middle of a wedding

    "A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is deemed a dull affair," 

    I agree with the Dothraki. As far as Westerosi weddings go this one had the falling action of a dick softener.

    Better to have not forced a wedding expectation with bloodshed. Try a different shocker.
    I like how the king just sat there eating  and I guess everyone decided to leave? Seven day party’s over? People just went home?
    One “fight” and a body would be cleared and cleaned and everyone would move on. 

  12. 3 hours ago, Mithras said:

    Expectation: historical realism, aristocrats acting like aristocrats

    Yea, I was hoping for more political maneuvering, and courtly banter with the a classic “Only the strong. Might makes everything I do alright.” Character.
    I would much prefer  Jane Austin style quips and love interests than a two minute scene of Cole and Rheanys making fuck face at each other.

     The brothel scene, I get it. She has gone to a lower level of lust. But really they could have done better.


  13. 2 minutes ago, sifth said:

    that scene with Larys, sort of reminded me of the “that’s Jamie Lannister;

    Fully agree. I groaned at that.
    Should of been introduced another way. Her entrance halting the king was overacted, anticlimactic ? I was kinda hoping for a “girl fight” of snarky jabs in a Emily Brontë style.

  14. 19 minutes ago, sifth said:

    green dress scene

    I dislike it when it when dialogue speaks/explains to the audience. That aside moment felt disruptive. Then again it could be showing us Larry’s gossiping to spread discord. Maybe she was wearing another one of her mother’s dresses and the color was not the intent but the odor

  15. Rheaya Royce. 

    Was that Deamon? Looked more like a silent stranger. 
    Bah! I never thought she could have been a cripple like Bran. What if she couldn’t move because she was unhorsed and not because of a broken back. 
    “ I knew you couldn’t finish. Craven!” 
    Finish a mercy killing? Finish what? And who or when did it start? ! I’ll have to watch, reread, and think it some.

    I was hoping to see more screen time of the the Bronze Bitch.

    Imagine expressing the emotion of that scene’s dialogue atop a horse. Not easy. Talented little firecracker.


  16. On 9/18/2022 at 7:20 PM, Corvinus85 said:

    But the elephant in the room is Rhaenyra's dress. So are we getting the whites vs the greens now, or is the show simply not going to utilize those monikers? Would a red dress not have worked?

    When I saw the casting choice of Corlys Velayron I slapped myself a fool. I never considered  The Greens and The Blacks divide at the wedding as a family one. Maybe history has white washed it to be about dresses and not skin tone or blood lines. 

    Im unaware of it being a Westerosi custom but the division described in the book at the wedding, one side Black and the other side Green, may be the brides family and grooms family. 


  17. I like this thought.

    What if Dunk and Egg never met? What influence would another squire or a different knight have upon each of them? Unfortunately my mind immediately went to..

    Dunk  losing his horse, sword, and armor in his first tourney. So Dunk decides on a “brilliant” plan, a perfect plan, to win it all back…

    The Pillow House Plan. 

    If you have the coin then he’ll fill your loins.         He’s thicker than a castle wall and makes small cloth’s fall!
    He’s a knight walker and all night peach socker! 
    He’s Dunk the Hunk and his plan is to be your courtes-man! 

     years later.
     An old and used Dunk is tied to a four-poster bed. His whore’s paint is smeared with tears and fluids. Dried pus of sailor sick sores clump in his small hairs. 
    Dunk the once Hunk laughs sadly.

    “I had a plan…dreams! I wanted to be a just knight! I wanted to win tourney’s!” Spittle drips from his mouth. “I ended…just turned out.
      You wanna know what it feels like to take a life boy? Ha! There ain’t nothing left to take!”
    A crossbow sounds. Prince Joffrey exits.

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