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  1. The Perks of Being a Buckwheat.

    1. Arya kiddin'

      Arya kiddin'

      You would never have guessed. No one would've. Just so.

    2. Stannis Eats No Peaches

      Stannis Eats No Peaches

      I'm sure they're inferior to the perks of eating no peaches. Seriously, you should try it.

    3. Myrish Swamp Thing

      Myrish Swamp Thing

      My particular perks go without saying :leer:

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  2. Sansa does not kneel.

    1. Mladen


      Oh, I 'adore' how they equalized Tyrion's and Sansa's torments... I have to say I haven't seen anyone screw up that royally since Judah... :)))

    2. Buckwheat


      Yes, and how Tyrion tries to prove himself a hero by telling Sansa about the marriage himself (god forbid they show the scene, Tyrion does not make girls cry!), and how he is shown suffering more than she ... good thing the wedding scene is followed immediately by the scene with Gendry and Melisandre, that one ... calms one down. :blushing:

    3. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      If you try to make her kneel the Hound will have a meeting with you :P

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  3. Is it actually possible to upload a picture from one's computer now? I know this was not an option some time ago, but now I have seen it said that it also works. Does it? I do not want to go trying anything before I get a confirmation from somebody who knows for sure, I do not want to be left without an avatar after unsuccessful trying. Also, is the possibility to link a picture from URL (I use imageshack) coming back any time?
  4. Turned into a book purist by the last two episodes

    1. Jon's Queen Consort
    2. Buckwheat


      Oh, you mean my avatar? Yes, I missed my flower very much, I wanted to wait the duck theme out, but then I could not do without it anymore! :D I am way too attached to this picture, I tell you.

    3. Jon's Queen Consort
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  5. I agree about that. It only felt somehow wrong to me, that is all. Heh, I wrote this just because she reminded me of Ros in one moment when Robb starts talking about his problems and she is there only for him to have someone to talk to. I do not really think their relationship works (I like it better in the books, despite there we know almost nothing about it), but opinions differ in that, apparently. :shrug:
  6. Gah, that is definitely bad fantasy. The part where he talks about the "cheeky stableboy telling off the princess" reminds me so much of the Volantene nurse telking back to Robb and being allowed to randomly walk into the tent while he is discussing war with Bolton. I definitely understand Bolton's betrayal now.
  7. I honestly do not know what to think of it. I liked Jaime and Brienne scene, it will be fun seeing much more of it. Also, the Arya and Jaqen scene was as good as all her scenes till now, and I loved her look when she realised Tywin is leaving and she was too late to wish for his death. A lot disappointed by the lack of the weasel soup, though, I feel robbed of it. I hated that they gave Robb the lines that Eddard is supposed to have told him about a man being brave when he is afraid. Ok, they left the lines out from the discussion between Brandon and Eddard at the beginning. It is shame, but I can live with it. But giving this to Robb talking to this random Volantene is just wrong. As is the whole Robb+Volantene romance. She is becoming his personal Ros now. Also, he was terrible to Catelyn, much more than is the books. I do not care about Asha and Theon much, they were good, I suppose. I loved the scene with Luwin findding out that they were still alive. Still no House of the Undying? I thought they were going to show it at least 2 episodes ago, and still not? Ros has a point in the plot now, thank the Old Gods. The thing with the necklace made sense. It was interesting to see Tyrion all concerned for Shae, it really showed that he loves her. But since when can Shae read?
  8. Yup, I am a girl, and still think there was too much blood for her first time, I have always heard girls saying that the first time, there was almost nothing. You say, she might have been bleeding for an hour, but they show that much blood that she could have been bleeding the whole week. At least in my experience. I think the blood on her legs and some smaller stains on her gown and sheets would have told it quite sufficietly and much more realistic.
  9. That was no rant. It was a very good thought-out and well-written post. I agree with everything you said.
  10. I agree that Catelyn's role has been downplayed so far, but I did not really see it in this particular episode. I loved her scene with Jaime and she showed her strong side in it, which I very much like (still, I hate the idea the LF had to spell out to her the plan that she has to release Jaime). I was puzzled as to why would the script writers need to make Jaime talk about Brienne in every second sentence, instead of the focusing on the topic, but it was still a great scene. There was far too much blood on Sansa's bed. I do not think she would survive bleeding like that for a week. I wonder what the actresses themselves thought about it. Overall, I liked the scenes directly from the book the most.
  11. It is not only the honour thing, it is also that making shadowbabies is draining Stannis. Not a spoiler about what happens next, only the explanation:
  12. Rejoicing over the lack of naked scenes for the last two episodes.

  13. Agree about the first line so much. Sexplanation works on very very very rare occasions, I think. "Sometimes" is too strong a word.
  14. Maybe Ros is already a spy for Littlefinger ... so she can very well use the information she gets that way. But I agree that this season's take on characters' psychology is better, if you look at it that way.
  15. This episode's theme seems to me "the silly things I do for love/passion": Ummmmm, what was Jon doing the whole episode? I mean, really. They are making him look like an idiot for the whole season now, and this episode especially. Talking that way to Qhorin was strange, and his indecisiveness about Ygritte even more. I like Jon in the books, but I am starting to wonder if this is supposed to be the same person - I have no idea how they will make his being chosen for LC work. Anyway, the scene with "Stop moving!" was funny in a ridiculous way. Theon sees a naked girl and forgets about everything, like that she might not be as loyal as it seems. And Robb. I do not really like his scenes with the random Volantene who is probably Jeyne Westerling. But Carelyn was priceless. I like Tywin and Arya scenes, like most here, I think. They are great. Does LF have an airplane or what? How could he possibly travel around Westeros that way? I was really afraid for Sansa for a moment. A painful moment, just as Ser Rodrik's beheading. What I like the most: 1. The pacing has gotten quicker, now things are starting to actually happen. I assume it has something to do with the fact that there were no Highgarden and no Dragonstone scenes this time, so the story acted like a story and no random scenes from different parts of the continent. 2. We managed to see two episodes without pointless too long sex scenes. Yes, I know we have seen Osha's seducing Theon, but that was one shot and then she was climbing out of bed. No stupid Ros or sexposition scenes!
  16. That is what I noticed too. In the books, Bolton reminds Theon that he must talk like Reek. Perhaps they added a minor plot about Tywin discovering who Arya is, and then she will have even more reason to escape with Hot Pie and Gendry. It changes nothing later on, only Tywin learns that Arya is not in KL an little earlier.
  17. I think this episode was much better than the last one. Likely I mostly have this impression because of the absence of the pointless naked scenes. I loved Arya and Tywin scene. I am very happy that Rickon has made an appearance, one could almost forget he exists if he were not there. Pyat Pree was creepy from the first moment he appeared on screen. He made me feel really uncomfortable, which I guess was the point. Quaithe looked weird and not as good as him, I think. I hope she talks to Dany as well some time. I liked Rakharo much better than the new bloodrider. He was willing to accept and learn about another culture. This new one, whatever his name is, just wants to destroy everything he does not understand. I am sad about the absence of the Reeds. What is with Doreah and Jhiqui haitng each other? Jealousy, because each one thinks Dany likes the other more? Anyway, it was fun to see. And hear "it is known."
  18. True. I imegined the shadwobabies very different, but I still like what they made of them. Sorry, out of likes, but I really really agree with you about this. Catelyn could definitely be the one who talks to Robb about the consequences of the war and stuff. They are making her like a concerned woman who cannot think of solutiouns for herself, always relying on Robb and now LF had to spell the plan about releasing Jaime out to her - a great change from the first season actually, where she acted in her own right, kidnapped Tyrion and went to Robb's camp and everything. It is like she lost all her strength. I believe they are now not going to show Robb wounded in the battle - they are making him some sort of invincible hero, he cannot be wounded, so they had to find some other way to introduce him to Jeyne/whatever her name is now. And a random commoner cannot talk to the king just like that. If I did not know that the actress apparently has a lot of scenes, I would hope that we meet another girl, the real Jeyne Westerling: innocent, shy, and completely in love with Robb, never questioning his decisions. I wonder why there was no Greywind in the scene, I would like to see his reaction to her. Like: "Grrrrr ... really?" Raksha, where did you see a lot of oral sex in the episode?
  19. He certainly knew she would be there, Tyrion sent him there just to talk to her. But it would be more practical to send the bones straight North without carrying them across half the continent.
  20. Really? I felt terrible for Sansa getting beaten and stripped in the throne room, I really did. But the scene with Joff abusing two prostitutes and the torture in Harrenhal were equally sick. I could not say one made me feel worse than another. Actually, Petyr spelled it out for her ;). Does anyone else think it illogical that Petyr would carry Ned's bones south with him to Renly's place?
  21. I agree with everything you said in this post, especially with that. And I do not like it. Those naked scenes are going too far. Yup, that concerning. Although, I would point ou a little, but maybe significant difference from the books: in the books, Sandor only throws his white cloak to the floor, Sansa picks it up and covers herself with it. In the series, he comes to her and puts the cloak around her shoulders himself. There might be still a chance for them. In this scene, it was very obvious that the floor in the throne room is very dirty - have they not invented brooms in Westeros yet?
  22. It is understandable, but it is certainly out of character for Sansa. She never yells at anybody, ever. She keeps her sadness inside her, cries to her pillow at night. She does not take her frustrations out on servants. It is already out of character inside the TV series, even more so if one compares the scene to the books. I hope we see her interact with Sandor soon.
  23. I have not read the whole thread, so I do not know if it was said yet, but Sammy after his conversation with Gilly is adorable.
  24. I have not seen much comment about Brandon and random Northern lord scene - what was that about? Who was that guy, really? I got the feeling that this scene was important only to hear Luwin say that a Lord must sometimes listen to what he does not want to.
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