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  1. Masha

    Loose Ends

    That was the show utilizing fAegin storyline from the books, my theory is that Dany assumes he is fake and will "righteously" slaughter him and his. and when she meets book Jon, him being Rhaegar's son won't be an issue for her this much.
  2. Masha

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    I think the whole point of GRRM subverting usual tropes means that R+L=J doesn't matter. The revelation would come too late, will mean nothing and willing change nothing in the end. It will be actually surprisingly me, if anyone outside main characters will ever find out. As for Jon being punished for being Queenslayer, I suspect in the books Jon will decide himself to go beyond the wall, partly in his disgust with everything and partly because he might get this happy ending there by stealing and marrying Val who won't expect anything else from him. And this situation will cause the call for Great Council, to find replacement for now empty throne
  3. Masha

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I think D&D took from lot fAegon/JonCon storyline besides Jorah getting grayscale. I think Dany will fight fAegon and kill him urged on by Tyrion who convinces her he is fake. JonCon will be the one triggered by the bells and will do something cruel. Dany will get together with Jon and try to marry him precisely because she will suspect/know that he is Rhaegar's son not just King of the North, she will learn about it before he does. (That book that Maester Mewin took). Jon will kill Dany and then will himself decide to go north. Perhaps for Val. Stannis will burn Shireen in a failed attempt to get a dragon, but this will factor in Jon's resurrection instead. I don't think Arya will kill the Night King. Bran will probably end up as the King of Westeros and Tyrion as his Hand. Barristan Selmy will get executed for treason, for trying to ally with fAegon because he will think Dany is losing it. Things I hope for in the books: all prophecies are addressed, even if meaningless, as long as they are not forgotten about.
  4. Jaime's arc was always meant to be a circle. He would break up with Cersei, get together with Brienne, but comes back to Cersei to die together. I also suspect valonqar prophecy to be fulfilled when Jaime and Cersei get trapped somewhere, she will ask Jaime to kill her so she won't suffer and he will choke her before dying of his wounds/killing himself. Roof/stones might collapse on still living Jaime though. Varys probably taken Barristan Selmy place in the show. I suspect when Dany hears of fAegon she will show first signs of madness and Barristan will want to switch sides. At this point sans last episode, the whole books storyline is kind of predictable, even with book deviations.
  5. I ended up with: For Gold - Jorah (the one that already happened) or Syrio For Blood - Barriston Selmy (because he thinks fAegon is real thing and less psycho than Dany - like Varys did in show), Tyrion (when he finishes with mid-life crisis and is consumed with remorse and guilt towards his siblings). For Love - Jon (when he kills Dany even though he loves her to save the realm) though Tyrion might qualify here better than for Blood.
  6. Over past few days I been freaked out about rumors for new dark theory regarding my favorite Targaryen that have been very upsetting for me. That theory supposedly states that in order to hatch dragon eggs in Summerhall, the nicest Targ king - Egg was planning to sacrifice his newborn and only grandson Rhaegar. Thus the tragedy had occured because someone, like Dunk, prevented the sacrifice. Is there really such theory? Can someone point me in the right direction for it?
  7. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Will Arianne actually like Aegon? I mean she was kind of freaked out by Lysono Maar's Targeryen looks. She actually thinks, its a good thing that she is not marrying Viserys if he looked like that. (Silver and gold hair, eyes pale lilac)
  8. Masha

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Sorry just no, I just don't get with the whole Sansa x Sandor thing.
  9. Masha

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Thats what I am assuming, otherwise its too easy for Dany, she could basically finish Cersei in space of one episode, but have Cersei ally with Euron - that would be a good 4-6 episode arc I don't think Arya targetting Jaime, I saw the flirtation thing as more of consideration type thing - like does he deserve to be on my list? She might follow/use him to get to Cersei, who is her target thats for sure. I kind of see Arya infiltrating KL getting close to kill Cersei, like almost there and then see Jaime killing Cersei!
  10. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    The reason I am thinking there is a threat to her is because she thinks so herself. When Daemon objects to her going - Arianne thinks that she has "uneasy" feelings that she would be forced to go on the ship whether she wants to or not, she gets completely negative and threatening impressions from the Golden companies like "making her skin crawl", "cold eyes", etc. Furthermore, Golden Company mercenaries basically assume that she will go to Storms End and her Dorne's support automatically, they dismiss her words and they definitely don't attempt to woo her. And she is getting a bit concerns Then she basically gets her chin up, and decides to do her duty - exactly like Quentin, because she needs to check out Aegon, and dismissed her instinct and plunges in.
  11. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Doran didn't send her there to make an alliance, he sent her to investigate and let him know if there should be an alliance in the first place, and not waste Dorne's money and blood on pretenders with no blood ties to Martells. She didn't stumble yet. By thinking that she has no choice but to go to JonCon she is making a mistake. She really should have send Daemon there regardless of her feelings of honor and such. And after her impetuous POVs earlier now she is behaving like Quentin by allowing her assumptions, pretensions of power to cloud her judgement. She will not be JonCon's hostage - she will have a huge crush on fAegon who probably will have zero interest in her other than her Dorne connections.
  12. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Yes, its just sad that while this book is supposed to start winding things down and we have two chapters of endless travelogue and Arianne still hasn't met fAegon. So much space wasted on obviously doomed character thats going nowhere. It makes me sad that I am starting to anticipate GOT TV more than I do this book.
  13. Masha

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    At this point, if by end of season Boltons (and Freys) don't get their justified bloody end to at least one of the 4 (Ramsey, Roose, fat Walda, maybe Miranda) due to Sansa manipulations or from hands of Northerners, Stannis or Brienne/Pod one way or another, then I would expect to see LadyStoneheart to show up and start her reign). Otherwise, she is unnecessary. I remember D&D said the reason Lady Stoneheart does not appear, is while she makes couple of fan-favorite appearances - her role in the end is unnecessary and appearances are rare, and they don't like to ask a great actress as Michelle Fairley to show up for few short scenes basically as a glorified revenge zombie. At the same time, I don't know if someone was pranking fans on April 1st or what, but Michelle Fairley profile on IMBD for a few days in April showed her appearing as "hooded woman" in season 5 of GOT, profile was updated to remove that line since then. So I guess, the answer is you never know!
  14. Agree on all but I don't think Jorah and Tyrion will go thru Smoking sea, they will go thru the Sorrows - Bridge of Dreams - where Tyrion and Griff traveled. Sorrows is constantly covered in fog and there Tyrion saw a shape of large bird/bat flying - based on trailer, Tyrion sees a dragon thru the fog (not smoke) Based on reviews, most reviewers (unsullied and what not) felt that Jaime's venting over Tyrion was half-hearted and defensive, like he felt he had to explain it to his sister though she was not even there and they commented that Bronn looks very skeptical over Jaime's claim. So, its obvious even to unsullied that Jaime is not that murderously angry at Tyrion, just defensive
  15. Masha

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    What is the secret to hatching the dragons. Originally it was assumed that the secret involved a lot of fire and blood sacrifice - life for life. In Summerhall, due to Aegon V attempt, both he and his son had died along with Duncan the tall, so at least 2 royal sacrifices plus, the egss did not hatch at all. At the same time, due to new GRRM stories, early Targs put dragon eggs into newborn prince/princesses cradles and they hatched, just like that, no blood sacrifice or nothing! What is the deal with differences, why dragons stopped hatching for about 100-150 yrs before Dany? Is that because "magic was gone" from the world and with awakening of the Other it returned and allowed Dragon eggs to hatch ?