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  1. That's one of the good points of the show for me. Even villains in the show could be justified in their actions and other than Joffrey, Ramsey and I am guessing Euron, there were no one-dimensional evil characters on the show. Final Twist in the end actual makes a completely perfect sense to me since basically episode or two before HS with help of Margaery and unwitten Tommen literally backed her in a corner and made it death or life decision for her with no other choices remaining. And with the death of her last child, it could be explained that she will become completely unhinged next season, unlike in AFFC where it came out of nowhere. What doesn't make sense for me in the books is Cersei's crazy prophecy-based fixation on Margaery who is far less defined character in the books and who manipulation skills are not that as clearly shown as in the show. I agree about omissions of Quentyn and Faegon storyline, in the books they seem like a bit of filler to spent time, so that that the main characters would have more time to catch up to main storyline and also to make sure that South/Western forces are just as decimated as Riverlands/Northern forces to put them all on equal standing
  2. Cersei is definitely better in the show. She is not horribly one-sided female villain from the beginning and doesn't just suddenly looses her marbles after death of her father as in the fifth book. In the show she is shown as a real person, who loves her children and whatever she does is for them and whatever she becomes without them is understandable. . She just doesn't go around aborting her husbands babies just because he is not Jaime. She is basically shown to become who she is. She doesn't hate Margaery for no good reason, since in the books she basically hates her "because of prophecy". It actually shows that she has pretty good reasons to do what she does in terms of Margaery and others. So if in the next season she will go crazy, it will be expected because of what happened before
  3. I actually was re-reading the books, and while I can't even begin to defend other rapes, I can understand why they did the one where Drogo raped Dany on their wedding night. In the books, its kind of weird. First, he is inexplicably gentle with her on her first night and then immediately after he starts mercilessly raping her on daily basis till she gets some pointers and takes control like in the show. In the show, the sequence is far more believable. *************** I liked: Removal of Tyrion acrobatic antics Aging up children No Travelogues, I could barely get over Brianne's chapters. Though lately the jumps between scenes became far more abrupt with less transitioning Removal of filler characters- fAegon, JonCon, etc Disliked: The first few seasons sextopositions. I understood that they had to add some explanation, but those scenes were jarring. I am glad they stopped doing that after 2nd-3rd season? Dorne obviously. But I can't blame them while Sand Snakes and Doran conspiracy sounds cool so far, I expect it would end up being big fat nothing. Rape of Sansa, they probably could have done something better with her even if they couldn't leave her as in books in Vale, which would have basically took her out of show till last seasons. Just disliked that they didn't get her growth sequence properly. It would have been far better, if they didn't have the ending they did with "dark Sansa" in season 4. If they left it as in books, her still under control of her "father" it would have been far more believable. Unnecessary trolling. They gone out on a campaign that "Dead is Dead" for whole year, while EVERYONE knew he was coming back. That was just silly. They could have been just coy and secretive and it would have been enough to spark the same fan frenzy. Now they are doing the same with Sansa vs Jon, since its obvious that in the end she will NOT turn against him, but they are playing and implying that she will. Getting rid of Jon and Arya's warging. They might have had couple of scenes to imply that they had little talent there and that it was a family trait, but Bran was the exception and Sansa didn't have it. Or they could have implied that Bran awoke that in them like he did with Jon in the books. Cersei's valonqar prophecy. It would have added a bit more speculation about Jaime or Tyrion killing Cersei in the end.
  4. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Will Arianne actually like Aegon? I mean she was kind of freaked out by Lysono Maar's Targeryen looks. She actually thinks, its a good thing that she is not marrying Viserys if he looked like that. (Silver and gold hair, eyes pale lilac)
  5. Masha

    Bael the Bard is Jon Snow's father

    This. I doubt that Wildlings met that many NOBLE born bastards other than at Nights Watch, and I doubt that so many Night Watch members who are noble bastards sleep around the wildlings for Ygrette to meet and get used to as "very common". Its a rare name beyond the wall. While Snow is common beyond the Wall, the Winter should be a thousands times worse in the North and it hasn't been there for over 7 years! And you can't deny that Winter should be just horrible beyond the Wall hence the association of Snow to Bad Omen. And If as old Nan claims that in Winter, South of the Wall, Snows reach 40 feet in the Winter, can you imagine what is happening beyond the Wall?
  6. Masha

    Bael the Bard is Jon Snow's father

    It is plausible theory since Jon is an extremely popular First Men's name and there were dozens of Stark Kings and Bastards named Jon, so about 25% chance of Bael's son named Jon. However, I don't think Ygrette reacted to "Jon" but to word "Snow" and she didn't react to it as a Bastard name but the word itself. Probably because many wildlings probably don't know or CARE enough to know about Westerosi bastards surname tradition and whenever they hear someone name XXX Waters or YYY Sands or XYX Snow, they assume it as legit Westerosi style last name without realizing it means a bastard born. So, when I read it, I made the assumption is that Yigrette reacted to word "Snow", in sense of Snow=Winter=Death. I would think that however harsh winter conditions are in the North, where old man leave to die in the wild or man fight each other and die in order to conserve the resources for their families, Beyond-the-Wall the Winter is just horrendous. For them, Winter probably means Death and Hunger and people freezing to death constantly, Snows so deep they can bury a smallish Wildling hut and people inside would suffocate or starve to death. Therefore, any mention of Winter or Snow would invoke such reaction from a Wildling. Also, another point against it is, by the time Bael's son kills him, he is already Stark Lord/King, so he couldn't be named Snow, he would be already named Stark. Furthermore, there were so many Jon Starks out there, many of them were really good ones and lucky ones, so chances are Ygrette didn't react to Jon side of it. Another, major point against Ygrette reacting to Jon instead of Snow, is that according to legend that Stark King, the kinslayer, died at Bolton hands and was skinned and not one of famous ones you mentioned.
  7. Masha

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Sorry just no, I just don't get with the whole Sansa x Sandor thing.
  8. Masha

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Thats what I am assuming, otherwise its too easy for Dany, she could basically finish Cersei in space of one episode, but have Cersei ally with Euron - that would be a good 4-6 episode arc I don't think Arya targetting Jaime, I saw the flirtation thing as more of consideration type thing - like does he deserve to be on my list? She might follow/use him to get to Cersei, who is her target thats for sure. I kind of see Arya infiltrating KL getting close to kill Cersei, like almost there and then see Jaime killing Cersei!
  9. If you are just talking about Ramsey's defeat by Jon instead of Stannis, most likely yes. The whole battle by Stannis will play out completely different, with many fans theorizing that Roose/Ramsey sends out a small force, a version of "20 good men", but instead of them doing the damage, Stannis forces kill them and then play-out pretend thing where they claim that Stannis was defeated and killed, meanwhile arriving undercover in WF and catching Boltons by Surprise. But yeah, I am not holding out hope that Stannis and Shireen survive next book, they will just die differently
  10. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    The reason I am thinking there is a threat to her is because she thinks so herself. When Daemon objects to her going - Arianne thinks that she has "uneasy" feelings that she would be forced to go on the ship whether she wants to or not, she gets completely negative and threatening impressions from the Golden companies like "making her skin crawl", "cold eyes", etc. Furthermore, Golden Company mercenaries basically assume that she will go to Storms End and her Dorne's support automatically, they dismiss her words and they definitely don't attempt to woo her. And she is getting a bit concerns Then she basically gets her chin up, and decides to do her duty - exactly like Quentin, because she needs to check out Aegon, and dismissed her instinct and plunges in.
  11. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Doran didn't send her there to make an alliance, he sent her to investigate and let him know if there should be an alliance in the first place, and not waste Dorne's money and blood on pretenders with no blood ties to Martells. She didn't stumble yet. By thinking that she has no choice but to go to JonCon she is making a mistake. She really should have send Daemon there regardless of her feelings of honor and such. And after her impetuous POVs earlier now she is behaving like Quentin by allowing her assumptions, pretensions of power to cloud her judgement. She will not be JonCon's hostage - she will have a huge crush on fAegon who probably will have zero interest in her other than her Dorne connections.
  12. Masha

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Yes, its just sad that while this book is supposed to start winding things down and we have two chapters of endless travelogue and Arianne still hasn't met fAegon. So much space wasted on obviously doomed character thats going nowhere. It makes me sad that I am starting to anticipate GOT TV more than I do this book.
  13. Masha

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    I can see D&D having fan with all the over-analyzing viewers and their crazy theories, so they messed up with shape of the blood pool, just some harmless trolling the fans to add to "dead is dead" thing. I mean people started talking about color of his eyes, shape of the pool of blood immediately after season 5 finale. There was an interview where did talked about how they spent a lot of money on the shot of Jon's eyes to make it seen like he is actually dying, and how it backfired on them as crazy eye light/color theories abounded, so I can totally see them mess with the blood to finish the trolling.
  14. Masha

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    I just gotten to read this theory website - Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire - and I was just so impressed with their theories. They looks VERY realistic predictions about how GRRM likes to write, especially their theories for Jon, Dany and Battle of Ice part. Their theory is that Ramsey might have written the letter because Stannis and Northmen made a play to trick Ramsey to think that he had won, that Stannis is dead by presenting him with Stannis's sword and all, and as Ramsey pulls back into WF has a bit of time to write a pink letter, all of Northmen short of Karstarks and perhaps Lady Dustin, turn on Boltons and attack along with Stannis.
  15. Masha

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    I doubt that is was Manderly for main reason that I don't think the letter was wrote by someone who was for Jon/Starks. I think the letter was wrote by someone who wanted to provoke Jon into rash action/disaster or miscalculated drastically. I don't think Manderly is the guy who would wish Jon ill or would make such a mistake, neither is Stannis.   The letter has so much info, that I sincerely doubt its Ramsey, even if he did manage to torture Mance/Spearwives. The truth of their appearance is so convoluted that Ramsey (and most people) would not believe such confession, I think Mance would tell Ramsey want he wanted to hear (aka being agent of treacherous northern lords and of Stannis). Same for Mance, there is zero reason for Mance to write such letter.   I believe that letter was provocative and it miscalculated in its aim. It was mean to provoke Jon into getting his Night Watch brothers and wildlings into the army and actually start helping Stannis other than with advice and platitudes, and it miscalculated in Jon's favorability standing with the Nightwatch and their reaction to such provocative actions. There is only one person who constantly miscalculates, makes error in her predictions and still remains ABSOLUTELY convinced that she is correct and that's Melisandre. She knew Mance, Lord of Bones, Spearwives identities, she knew "Arya" escaped, and she has enough magic to fake Bolton's seals