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  1. 10/10. That last 20 minutes was amazing TV. I'm in awe. Other stuff in the episode was pretty good, but that end seals it for me as one of the top showings in the series.
  2. The writing's kinda weak, which has me worried for this season. But they got most other things right today. 8/10
  3. The Northern/Wall plots look like they'll carry the mail for season 6. So far so good for those plot lines. A-ok for me on that front. Didn't really get enough screen time for KL/Mereen/Dany/Arya for my liking, but what was there was pretty solid. And dorne...ugh. My only hope is D&D rushed to their conclusion so that dorne could be effectively ignored going forward. Still a ham-fisted way to do it. But if we get more Sand Snakes...god help us all. 7/10
  4. 5/10. Fuck Stannis. Seriously fuck that guy. I don't care if it were GRRM's idea, that was bad.
  5. There was also a mention of 'dragonsteel' in the books, and I thought it was separate from dragonglass. I think it's an offhand name for Valyrian Steel.
  6. Last week was an 8.5, so I rounded up to 9. This week was 9.5, but not a 10 so I had to vote 9 again. That was fucking intense. Hardhome was a great change from book to show. We saw just how fucked Westeros is today.
  7. This gets a solid 9/10 and is easily the best of the season. Jonathan Pryce is fantastic as the High Sparrow, and Olenna has finally met her match. Cersei's comeuppance was done quite well too, and I imagine it'd be a huge payoff for shownlies. And I like that they pared down Tyrion's Essosi travelogue from the books - and it's a major plus that they finally had his meeting with Dany. Looks like the wheels are finally turning, and this show should hopefully kick into overdrive in the last 3 episodes (and hopefully those wheels don't break).
  8. That'll get a 7 from me. Tyrion/Jorah's adventures aren't half bad, but that Sansa scene...ugh. Alfie Allen continues to knock it out of the park though.
  9. At one point during the episode I was wondering if I had read the same books. Not that I hated the changes, but ehh they were pretty contrived. And tbh they could've had Jon go to Craster's without knowing Bran was there, just imagine the dramatic tension that would bring! That Darth Maul looking dude was pretty surprising though. And there was something about 13 and the Night's King? I'm pretty sure there were that many shadows behind frozen Darth Maul.
  10. Hmm I'm really not liking where the Bran story I'd going. It seems as though they altered it to make him seem relevant, but that might come back to bite them. Either that or it ends up being a small detour as Ghost and Summer free them. Still, not a fan of it. Decent episode otherwise. And Craster's sons...become Others. I wasn't expecting to find that out from the show.
  11. I'd give an 8.5, but I just rounded up to a 9. I thought it was great aside from Dany's scenes. I'm not a fan of book Dany so there's some obvious bias, but I just thought her scenes were lacking.
  12. This was probably already posted here somewhere, but there's a GoT version of White Wedding. Thought it was cool
  13. Hmm I gave it an 8. Just kind of bummed there's no Coldhands. Otherwise I felt it adequately tied up the loose ends after the heavy episode last week. That scene with Jon struggling, saying "Pyp...Sam..." was so very familiar to some scene with a bunch of Hobbits..
  14. Gave it a 10. Talisa and Robb's deaths were pretty gut wrenching. That was a great episode, and (sadly) they nailed the RW. Rickon's got some acting chops! Too bad that's the last we'll see of him until like season 8. That was a touching brotherly scene. Arya was a bit flat, but was pretty good. Daenerys' 'victory' paled in comparison to the rest of the episode, and yet even her scenes were pretty good. Jon didn't stand out, and that's a good thing. Whenever he did stand out, I felt it was in a bad way. He was good enough, and there's a good setup for the subsequent events at Castle Black. And thank got Tormund Thunderfist aka Giantsbane aka Husband to Bears is still alive, I thought he'd be doomed in that wildling mission. But he lives to HAR another day! HAR! Oh and Walder's actor is that janitor dude from Harry Potter right? Argo or Argus whatever...I was actually starting to like him, he had that cool senile humor. Then of course he unleashed on the Starks. Damn that man. I actually burst out laughing when he gave that look to Robb when he saw Roslin, it's like 'hey, she's pretty hot, eh?'
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