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  1. I think that we should make the rule where the first person who guesses correctly gets to post a new question, and the popular opinion on who should be next would kick in only if nobody does after the allotted number of questions.
  2. You may, as far as I am concerned.
  3. Btw, the hints are Contraptions = wheelchairs, he was assassinated by family, and the song contains a lyric of 'it's a dirty little war', a reference to his pacifistic nature. All from the show.
  4. The answer has been revealed. No more questions, Only silence.
  5. Anyway, this character condition definitely didn't begin at the end of ADWD. Hope it is clear now.
  6. But what I am trying to tell you, it's not at the end of the book series. How do I explain it? He didn't get his condition near the end of the series, he got it way earlier than that. So unless you mean to ask if he still had his condition at the end of ADWD or not, as opposed as getting it at the end of ADWD or not, you are misinterpreting my answers.
  7. But seriously, which part of 'NOT AT THE END OF ADWD' do you not understand?
  8. I have to ask, are you ignoring me on purpose, or are you not paying attention to all the questions and are instead fixating on a single one and ignoring all of my attempts to tell you otherwise? Because you're ignoring these: Repeatedly. So I have to wonder are you normally selectively inattentive or are you doing it on purpose?
  9. No to both. I think you're misunderstanding me, so I'll say it plainly. He is not exiled on the run, and the events in question do not happen at the end of ADWD. They happen way earlier than that.
  10. I mean, I clearly answered 'NO' to 'at the end of ADWD' part, so why are you acting as if I said 'yes' to that part is beyond me...
  11. Uh, they don't. I said 'NO' to the end of ADWD. NO. Meaning that NONE of those things happened to him at the end of ADWD. I answered NO to that question. Stop treating the whole thing as if I answered YES. Otherwise, I will assume you are making fun of me on purpose and react accordingly.
  12. All of my hints are based on show stuff, not book stuff. Thought I'd clarify.
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