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  1. Eternally_His

    Pictionary 76 - Rnd 5 Saturday 5pm

    I loved these.
  2. Eternally_His

    Theon and Jeyne

    And whoever said that they would have to consummate the marriage? They would be marrying for comfort, not for baby-making.....
  3. Eternally_His

    Your king and small council?

    King: Tommen Baratheon (because he's a good King with a good heart) Hand: Walder Frey (because Hands have a habit of dying horribly ^_^) Coin: UnTywin Ships: Davos Seaworth Whispers: Bran Laws: UnRobb Grand Maester: Samwell
  4. Eternally_His

    Theon and Jeyne

    And why can't they get married? Two individuals that went through a terrible ordeal finding comfort in one another doesn't seem that unrealistic to me.
  5. Eternally_His

    Marry, Bang, Kill

    Marry: Bran (when he is older) Bang: Brienne Kill: Bronn All M's Missandei, Mycah, Mya
  6. Eternally_His

    Theon and Jeyne

    What do you think Theon and Jeyne's fate would be? Will they live or will they die? I personally hope they live and abandon the game, retiring to Braavos.
  7. Eternally_His

    Marry, Bang, Kill

  8. Eternally_His

    Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

    I love that idea too. By the way, today is Sunday, so (barring another extension) today is a day for this game to end.
  9. Eternally_His

    Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

    So.....how is the weather?
  10. Eternally_His

    Marry, Bang, Kill

    Marry Arya, bang Asha, kill Arianne. Winterfell escapee edition Osha, Jojen, Hodor
  11. Eternally_His

    ASOIAF/GOT Riddle Game

    Please try to solve mine first, not just post your own.....
  12. Eternally_His

    Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

    Some hints, please? Pretty please?
  13. Eternally_His

    Marry, Bang, Kill

    No longer playing? @Nagini's Neville @Lyanna<3Rhaegar
  14. Eternally_His

    Marry, Bang, Kill

    Marry: Jeyne Poole Bang: Jeyne Westerling (M) Kill: Jeyne Westerling (Sorry, but Sweetie is mine) Best dad edition Davos Seaworth, Ned Stark, Wyman Manderly