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  1. Well, that's a stupid question. Daemon might be handsome, but also kinda shallow, so I will pick Viserys any day, and being Rhaenyra's stepmother has it's advantages. I would treat her kindly and support her claim, and then she would provide me with comfort once she finally gains her throne. Oh deary me, I am going off-topic. Anyway, would you rather be a Gold Cloak under Daemon's supervision, or be his brother's/niece's Kingsguard?
  2. Marry Viserys because he is a good husband Kill Tywin, because Robb, Tyrion, Elia and her kids, the Reynes and three hundred Northmen send their regards. And that leaves Daena to bang, I guess The three old friends Joanna Lannister Rhaella Targaryen Loreza Martell
  3. I'd rather not comment on this because my comment will be biased. *is still bitter about RW*
  4. Well, to end the curse, Dany (and possibly Jon as well) would have to die. I've explained why in my own thread. Then Harrenhal would just be a normal castle, I think.
  5. Marry Viserys without consummation for Rhaenyra's sake, because women are better rulers than men anyway. Bang Jaehaerys II Kill Aenys I Killed by dragons Harren the Black, Rhaenyra Targaryen, Kraznys mo Nakloz
  6. Well, I am not sure about that, as neither the book nor the show mentions their origins, but I assume most of them were from the same place.
  7. Jaime Lannister. He did what others could not. His actions are the real chivalry. He saved Rhaella from her husband and saved all of the people in King's Landing from death. Now which of the knights you've mentioned would be able to do either of those things?
  8. I just watched a video that made me think thoughts. The Targaryen dynasty's end began at Harrenhal, the very castle that they destroyed in the beginning. What if this isn't a coincidence? What if Harren's spirit still lingers in the very castle he built, trying to destroy the dynasty that destroyed him in the beginning? And during the tourney of Harrenhal, he got his chance and took it. He influenced Rhaegar to elope with Lyanna, and thus set events that would finally destroy the Targaryens for good into motion. And the reason the supposed curse of Harrenhal is still active is because Dany still lives. Once she dies, Harren would move on and the curse of Harrenhal would end.
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