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  1. I am done with this forum and your hypocrisy. Since you want to play dirty and make me waste my time, then I am moving this round elsewhere, where people would actually sign up for it. To those who disagree, complain to someone who is actually willing to put up with your flippant/hypocritical attitude.
  2. Will you sign up for my game if I added some clarifications?
  3. I already said no. Not until some people answer my question...
  4. Well, since none of you are signing up yet, then you host it. Then you'll see how it feels like when no one is signing up despite your efforts. I even asked all of you if you would sign up if I implemented your suggestions, and none of you replied. If you're too lazy to answer one simple question, then you'll be too lazy to sign up no matter what I do. >.>
  5. Will skip this one, I am busy and kinda angry at y'all.
  6. I have a question for everyone. Will you sign up if I make some additional changes? Yes or no?
  7. You know what? Run this yourselves since you know so much about how everything should work. I am sure people will sign up instantly the moment you lot blink too.
  8. There. I've made the changes to the rules so obvious you'd have to be blind not to see them. >.>
  9. If it wasn't for hint 9, I'd say it's either Horn of Joramun or 'crown of gold' used to kill Viserys...
  10. Because vacation, that's why. And I thought that place was really lovely when I went there, so why not?
  11. Yeah, but I practically told all of you about Lily and Maeglin during the last pictionary. Hell, I even answered your question which Lily I meant. Not my fault you weren't paying attention to what I said back then. Especially since I was rather vocal about how I planned to write a starting sentence using those characters and refused to play in your game because I couldn't do so...
  12. For the future. Lily Maeglin I thought people would at least know about Lily, cultural osmosis and all that...
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