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  1. Tywin's brutality is usually carried out by others, like the Mountain. I think he's just amused by his cupbearer. The exchange between him and Arya was great but now that she knows that Jaqen is legit it'll be hard to believe that her next pick wouldn't be Tywin considering he is right there and that she understands what his death would mean. My guess is that Polliver lays a beating on her and she bumps into Jaqen right after and makes the impulsive decision to have him nicked.
  2. Best episode yet imo, gave it my first 9! Might be the fact that there was no Shae or Ros that swayed me but I really couldn't find much fault in this episode at all apart from it feeling too short. Not sure why Quaithe addressed Jorah instead of Daeny but she looked pretty neat, Pree was fantastically creepy as well. Dagmer could have used a Cleftjaw but HBO are lazy pricks when it comes to facial disfigurements. Brienne's acting was so-so, but she fits the bill and I'm fine with her. Tyrion and Bronn were brilliant. Arya was great, I'm guessing Polliver will be next and after that some Weasel soup. Hope they never show the Hill that rides again, glad I wasn't burdened with his lanky ass this episode. The Fist looked great. Does Qhorin Halfhand even have a Halfhand? Theon scenes were pretty good.
  3. Greywind was amazing. Tyrion was the brilliant as always. I liked Roose, a dad I can be proud of. I liked the looked of Harrenhal. The torture was blown out of proportion, didn't see a thing there was a bucket in the way. The violence was tame this episode, it's much more violent to see beheadings and all out battle. The Mountain looked awful scrawny. Littlefinger is really not subtle, even my 67 year old actual father felt he was running his mouth too much. Jeyne being from volantis and Robb being taken by her at the end of a massacre seems silly. Tywin saving the day was a bit weird. Oh and now that I see it acted out in the show I can't understand why the Qartheen wouldn't slaughter Daeny and her pathetic khalesar and take the dragons.
  4. Because he is black and black people are from the Summer Islands.
  5. But the cast was not all announced. That's why it came as a surprise to people that we had Polliver show up last episode.
  6. I don't understand why D&D can't come right out and say who it is they omitted this season. How hard is it to release a statement saying no there will be no reeds/reek/ramsay or additional Tully's this season.
  7. It looked like she was touched by Sansa in that scene between her, Myrcella and Tommen. She is still being a bitch but it felt like at some moment she was feeling a bit human. Might just be how I saw it.
  8. No one else enjoyed Jons opening scene? I thought it was a great display of Kit's improved acting and great interaction with Mormont. The Bran setup was nice. The Iron Islands stuff was brilliant. The further inclusion of Dorne has me happy. Tyrion was great. All his KL was spot on. Brienne was great, and huge! Sansa and Cersei really had me convinced. I like the Tyrells. Arya and Yoren was great. Timmet son of Timmet as Shagga son of Dolf? Have they gone fully retarded? Why not just keep Timmet as Timmet if the actor for Shagga is gone? I don't much care for Shae's brilliance in other films when she is sucking in the show I'm currently watching. She is much to ignorant to risk putting with Sansa, especially if Tyrion is trying to keep her concealed. Her accent, attitude and delivery are aggravating. I was a bit bugged that Cersei was almost brought to tears by Sansa's plight but I guess she sees herself as a young pawn. Best show so far, 8/10
  9. I've never been buggered by the wigs. I felt the 2nd episode flowed much more nicely than the first. All the Tyrion scenes were brilliant. Bronn as Commander of Gold Watch suits me just fine. Cersei is amazing in her coldness. Pyke was fantastic, as are the Iron Born. Arya and Gendry play off each other well, Jaqen was okay, Rorge and Biter really disappointed me. Stannis's scene surprised me, but it was hinted at in the books, and my gods Mel has me wanting to convert! Davos is awesome yet he seems more highborn then he should. Saan should have been a bit more colourful, so although he is from Lys is he an immigrant from the Summer Isles? I'll assume this for Xaro as well. Daeny's scene was succinct. I like Jon's ending, it is good to have read the books but to still be surprised. Petyr/Ros... I suppose it serves to enlighten us into how much of a cunt he is. I wasn't impressed with Ros's acting though. I'm happy to have voted an 8, I feel it was well deserved and the show will only get better from now on.
  10. That is why you should have rated it before reading the post. That is what I did and still ended up choosing 7. It was good, but I feel like the episodes are going to be exponentially better. If I'm giving away nines and tens now it'll just seem wasted for when I really am blown away.
  11. It got a 7 from me as well. Might have gotten more if I hadn't watched the last 4 episodes of last season before jumping into this intro. I loved Tyrion's scenes. Cersei looks lovier than before. The locations are beautiful. The CGI is amazing. The acting was spot on. Changing the joust to the melee was a mistake. When you establish the scene as involving fights to the death it seems out of place for Sansa to step in a save some random fool. It just didn't make as much sense as it did in the books. I didn't really like the changes to Cressen's ending, I understand he took the first sip to get her to feel it is safe... But when a poison is that fast acting it really seems like a moot move. It was so much better in the book when she gave him the opportunity to spill it, took the first sip and invited him, to his horror, to take the last swallow. The Littlefinger thing didn't bother me as much as I thought it would... Obviously the rumours of the incest were common knowledge at this point if even Joffrey heard of it, it is no longer a trump card, no longer a very well kept secret... In my interpretation this was just LF being a smartass and checking how much he can toy with the Queen. Cersei knows that the cat has been let out of the hat at this point, elsewise she would have had him killed. Crasters keep felt a bit off for me as well yet I still enjoyed it visually and had I not read the books I still would have known there was something very wrong about the place, the biggest problem is that it felt a bit rushed and not fleshed out enough. Cersei slapping Joffrey made sense given the situation and I felt it played well into showing how sinister and power mad Joffrey is becoming when he would threaten the life of his own mother. Honestly though, where the fuck is my Greatjon? If he isn't going to be present this season at least make mention that he is fighting important battles on some other front or something. I just spent a few episodes seeing him constantly as a sort of right hand man to Robb, the very man who called him King in the North first... and now I'm supposed to shrug off his complete absence? Ros being the main Madame at the brothel is a bit sudden, happy that I had infanticide to take my mind off that one... I know I'm sounding more negative than someone who gave it an honest 7, it is just easier to voice criticism than it is to praise.
  12. Hi, I'm more runoff from the HBO bandwagon! Watched the show, got addicted, found out I'd have to wait about a year for a continuation to the story so I said to hell with that and purchased all the available books, powered through them and am needing a fix so this seemed like the place to be. I find it amazing how much I missed out on from one reading so soon as I started browsing this place!
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