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  1. Ah yes, Sunak and No 10 has finally decided to do something 6 months after the rest of the country has had to tell them every single day of the real crunch caused by the cost of living crisis.
  2. There are thousands of stories like this up & down the country.
  3. No issue with Eddie or Elneny staying. Going to be lots of games next season and Eddie has shown that he can score goals & be a handful at this level, which he hasn't shown before. They were offered better terms because they showed the club that they have something to offer, that's how football works. Things change when players perform. They need to come out with the all or nothing documentary soon, I hope I don't have to wait till August for it.
  4. My biggest takeaway from reading the report were just how many of these events they did, which makes it impossible to plead ignorance or to claim that the PM was along for the ride. Like mormont and the others have said, it's just so lacking in any morals not only from the PM, but for all the senior staff that was present. This bit from the report jumped out to me in particular, which is all what you need to know about these people Yeah, fuck the people cleaning up after your booze ups, eh? It's such a contrast to what my life was like personally at that time that it is difficult not to think about when compared to what these people were doing. I was in a country and city where I knew absolutely no one and wasn't allowed to meet anyone for almost a year ( Leicester was under significant restrictions for quite a long time), whilst working non-stop seeing covid patients and explaining to families that they couldn't visit and having very difficult conversations on the phone. Medics did this up and down the country and it's just such a slap in the face to us & all the families and patients we dealt with.
  5. Lol. I wish I could look at Art and not think about the world it comes from. Like DMC said, it's not arguable really but you keep wearing those blinkers.
  6. Agreed. I don't even realize the point of 'looking to be offended', given that there are so many other things wrong with the movie. Looking to be offended to what end? Not making the association is totally reasonable but @sifth not bothering to read about why it's a caricature and then aruging people are 'just looking to get offended' just because you don't know enough about the response to that character is intellectually lazy.
  7. Because you weren't able to see it? Like I said, lack of humility & introspection or perhaps just education.
  8. And see these things from miles away.
  9. Or maybe you just weren't paying enough attention when compared to all the people that did make the connection. Stating 'I didn't make that connection' and then extending that to 'well, since I didn't see it so people are just looking for things to be offended over' exhibts a lack of introspection & humilty on your part.
  10. Yes, but that way I wouldn't hear whatever the fuck Idris Elba was trying to do in that movie
  11. That main theme is defo 10/10 I also liked prometheus tbf, but I totally get everyone's complaints about it.
  12. Yeah, to me, TLJ is an excellent star wars movie and on par with the original trilogy. I think it has flaws, as I don't think the Canto Bight stuff worked well at all, but the writing was decent and it Rian Johnson was willing to take chances with the story and more importantly it was a movie that was centered on the characters and actually made them feel like people I gave a shit about. Tbh, even the treverrow stuff was interesting compared to what we ended up with in Rise of Skywalker.
  13. Haven't recovered from Bfc calling frank 'hot', tbh Happy for the everton fans, nice to have something to cheer after that kind of season.
  14. Maybe? But I think what Solo hurt it more than anything else was that it just wasn't a good movie. If it was, whatever ill effect TLJ may have had, it would have been able to overcome it. I just thinking bringing TLJ into the conversation around why Solo failed is weird, I would blame like 10 other things first before thinking it had anything to do with TLJ. Imo, we're giving a huge pass to a completely mediocre movie, and that is strange. If people want to like Solo, good for them and I'm all for people liking what they like ( For example, I love Prometheus and would rate it as better than Avatar, but that's for the avatar thread), but using TLJ to explain why Solo didn't do great doesn't make sense to me, and serves only to give it a huge pass.
  15. Correct. If Solo was a good movie, and was well written, it would have done well, but unfortunately it was neither of those things. The writing in particular was quite poor and the set pieces were entirely forgettable and when you hire someone like Ron Howard to direct, you're guranteed to get completely average direction. A heist movie in the star wars universe is an excellent premise, but they made a bland film in which Han Solo was the least interesting character. It's mediocre.
  16. I meant for Ramsey, Geo & Kamara tbh.
  17. When you're connected to arsenal, all you will feel is pain
  18. And he's just scored! Fairly against the run of play, tbh.
  19. Aribo's been fairly tidy and had the best chance in the first half which he narrowly put just wide. He's probably not in the game as much as he probably should be.
  20. Everything Mormont has said up there and also the fact that different countries decide asylum applications at different times, and someone might seek an asylum application in one country over the other because the number of pending applications are fewer in one country compared to the other. But instead of looking at these factors, you've @Gorn come in here and decided that this person isn't an 'actual refugee', whilst completely ignoring a whole host of writing, research & evidence about people that claim asylum in Europe because you know what actual refugees are, whilst being completely flippant about a person fleeing a war. You should really be ashamed of that post, and I hope you treat & speak about refugees in a better manner than you have in your last posts, especially if half your family are refugees.
  21. More of an even game now!
  22. Rangers can't get anywhere close to this Frankfurt side atm
  23. It's a pity that you haven't retained a shred of empathy. 'Actual refugee', what a morally bankrupt thing to say
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