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  1. Hoo

    The Night's King masterplan

    The NK is the Lord of Light? He let the Hound see the arrow? He revived Jon Snow? He sent Meli to bring Jon to Dany? That's the only way it was a trap, you have to believe all that if you believe if it was a trap.
  2. Hoo

    Why we just have 4 houses at the dragon's pit meeting?

    Martells are destroyed. Tyrells are destroyed. Tullies are destroyed. Freys are destroyed. Aryns are under the King in the North. What's left is the Targ invader, the Starks KitN, the Lannisters QinS, and the Greyjoys.
  3. Hoo

    Varys has no purpose

    That's what he does. I think someone will catch him sending a raven, maybe Jorah, and he'll probably poison himself before being burned.
  4. Hoo

    Was Robert's Rebellion indeed based on a lie?

    It was likely a similar thing, but we are not told that story. In the end, I don't subscribe to the butterfly in one part of the world logic, like Hot Pie is guilty for LF's execution. Lannisters harmed Bran. The truth is, a wild boar started the war. And as far as the characters, Renly did. Renlyi sought Ned's support before Ned sent a letter to Stannis. Ned declared for Stannis right then and there, and against Sansa. The war started on Robert's deathbed, by the Baratheons, and Ned simply declared, incorrectly.
  5. Hoo

    Was Robert's Rebellion indeed based on a lie?

    Are you saying the knife did not belong to the Lannisters? (In the end Jamie admitted to Catelyn he pushed Bran from the tower. Lannister Stark problem is a real problem, not a lie, and much less a LF's lie.)
  6. haha. Maybe Tyrion can do his truth or dare schtick and get him waasted.
  7. I don't think death can be defeated. The grim reaper will take what's his, and leave them alone.
  8. Hoo

    Theon Theory

    Theon should be headed to the Iron Islands on the info they've got. Euron was however in Essos with Yara by the time Theon decided to leave Dragonstone. So, I am not sure where Theon is headed to free Yara. He has no clue. To me it makes most sense the crew chopped his head off, threw him overboard, and headed home.
  9. Hoo

    jon and dragon

    Probably soon. They need to burn Viserion to save the people. Jon also needs to make that ultimate sacrifice soon. I suspect it will happen before WF is attacked. They will ride out on information from Tormun and Beric about Viserion, and decide they need to take him out. By that time he'll know his name is Eggon.
  10. Hoo

    Is Cersei a better ruler than Robert?

    I liked Robert. He was a picture perfect king, the way I imagine them. Jolly, good natured, pragmatic, powerful, wise, understanding. it's hard to top Robert. Cersei and Robert were on the same page. Cersei added scorned-woman traits along the way. She is not better than Robert.
  11. Hoo

    Varys has no purpose

    @MinscS2 Varis told Tyrion, you have to get in her ear to control her. Varys is not on her side imo. To me Dany is political child, therefore unfit for big game. She's a mix of Jon Snow's blind heroism, Sweetrobin's moondoor whims, and Stannis's desperation. She never had a loyal Tywin-like figure to teach her the ways of Targ rule at high level. That's a deficiency. And time is running out. She asked Tyrion to teach her. But Tyrion is not a Targ. Lady Olenna gave her a good advice, you are a dragon, be a dragon. Don't listen to your advisors, they don't understand you. Be mean, and conquer! Play on your strengths. But to make matters worse she is surrounded by some weak advisors, traitors, incompetents. I really hope Jorah discovers the treason and kills Varys.
  12. Hoo

    Varys has no purpose

    I disagree. Those characters cater to her ego. Things like, she does not want to be lied to, she likes heroism in service of people, she likes people taking interest in her, etc. But she cannot agree to political things out of her comfort zone because it's a reasonable thing to do. She would never allow slavers 7 years to change the system. It had to be now. She's s political novice. There are serious deficiencies with her rule from the Westeros high politics point of view.
  13. Hoo

    Varys has no purpose

    Dany is unreasonable with incredible power and vengance. There are little hints to this, like the "my people" and breaking of chains. She gives no consideration to higher order things, and in return she will burn you. Varys is a higher up, like LF and Cersei. They do not get caught up in small things, and they know the full game. They are not dumb like Sansa and Arya. They topple unreasonable kings and queens, big-time players. This indicates Cersei knew Tyrion was saved by Jamie and Varys, and Maybe even Tywin made that decision. Tyrion does not know this, which makes him a fool, he is not the one spying, he is just trying to be reasonable but ends up doing wrong things. Or, maybe ge does know something, which is why he felt comfortable meeting Cersei. Is the fact that Dany went beyond the wall good for the realm? That the NK has a dragon? Is it good that Dany has no spies in KL but Cersei does on her court? Is it good that that Dany offered peace and full information to Cersei in time of war while Cersei was reeling? Can Varys trust someone so dumb and naive with his life snd the realm? The answers are no, he cannot!
  14. Hoo

    Varys has no purpose

    Cersei knew Yara's ships were coming, Olenna and Dorne turned to Dany, she knew Tyrion was coming to a meeting w Jamie, they knew Casterley Rock would be attacked. Who else would be a master of whispers in Dany's court to know all that and get it to Cersei? Varys is a spy. That's his purpose.