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  1. I will rate this the worst final episode ever made. I thought after watching True Detective 3 final episode it could not get worse, but this did topped it. In the final episode there is absolutely no room for small talk and blabbering. This needed to be an all out war to the end, and it did not deliver. Instead they delivered a small talk garbage S3E5 equivalent. A complete an utter failure.
  2. I stopped at min 42, could not stand to continue. This is so stupid. I cannot listen to the little weasel Tyrion and his garbage any more, too much Tyrion. Who decided to give this bullsht so much screentime? Should've been killed in the first minutes of the show. Jon Snow bullsht. This episode is just so aggressively dumb. As far as I'm concerned this show ended with ep5.
  3. No. Strategic goals are to destroy the enemy. That never changes! For any nation, ever. That goal is static. The only thing that changes is the "enemy" part. That's why there is diplomacy, ideologies, politics, laws -- and we peddle it to convince, so that we can find common ground, so that we are not enemies, we have the same worldview, we are on the same page. The goal is to gain friends so that they are not enemies, because enemies must be destroyed. If there is an enemy, the enemy must be destroyed in a war, or befriended somehow. Both are valid -- it's a judgment call.
  4. I disagree. It's a commonality. They all seek to "enforce" "ideology." That is terrorism.
  5. That's how I feel about your posts. They are all bullsht.
  6. All politicans are evil, every single one of them in every country is a terrorist -- seeks to use force for political aims.
  7. Yes, civilians must know what is coming, what the war is about and where to side. More often than not the war is about them and their lives because it is either directly against them; or it will escalate to be about them and that escalation is a flip of a coin.
  8. Hitler and Stalin are considered evil because they persecuted "political" enemies. In the case of Hitler the Jews, targeted as a group enemy of National-Socialist political agenda. Stalin, the same thing. Nobody cares that Russian civilians were killed en masse in WWII. Hitler and Stalin were not building a "democratic" society. That is their sin. It's political bullsht.
  9. It's reality of war. Civilians flee for that reason. They know what's coming.
  10. You can be upset, depending on which side of war you are on. Hutu wiped out 70% of Tutsi. That was the war, its ordinary prosecution. That is the reality.
  11. During thee WWI Austrian, Hungarian, Bulgarian troops entered a few counties in Serbia, and wiped out 500,000 people. Mostly those not fit for service who stayed behind in villages, women, elderly, children. That is the goal of war! Anyone who says otherwise is peddling bullsht. Selling you unicorns. The reality is something else.
  12. I feel the same way about you peddling bullsht about justice and morality. It makes me want to puke. The whole reason countries are careful about wars is because civilians will be wiped out. If it was just militaries fighting, wars would be no big deal, matter of fact militiaries would fight all the time everywhere. They loved that sht. The problem, civilians will be wiped out. That is why in real world there is diplomacy. That was the narrative in the show as well, preceding the battles, the talk about civilians, because it goes without saying they will be wiped out.
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