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  1. Yep, and I'm not saying D&D are all bad. But to me the best part about Hardhome was not the battle. It was what they did with the characters. The breathed life into Karsi and her death was tragic despite being in one episode. We hated Loboda the Thenn, then loved him when he told Jon to "Get the glass" as he took on the Other. That is the GOT I remember and love. For some people the zombie battle is what made it, but not for me.
  2. I think that's all fair. D&D adjustments were mostly fantastic in the first couple seasons too. They now have a tougher job and unfortunately they've missed the mark a bit in the last two seasons. It feels like they are trying to appease the masses and have struggled to recreate the magic for some of the more seasoned watchers/readers. And hey, at least they're meeting their deadlines. 600 hours of TV isn't easy to create.
  3. We're on the same page. I'm in the same boat...So allow me to explain why at one stage I viewed this as the greatest show on television and now I think it's more just a spectacle for the masses. 1) It really is all about the dialogue. There was an economy of motion and words so even when a character was doing almost nothing, they were saying something of value. The story was in fact told through dialogue. I challenge anyone to go back and watch the first or second season and tell me they are operating on the same level. 2) Things have become too obvious and formulaic. Something GOT could never be accused of in the beginning. The intrigue is mostly gone. There has been a clear division of fan favorites/good vs evil. Sure, there is something to be said about a good old fashioned good vs evil brawl here and there. But the in-between space, the grey areas that made this show so human and unique have become almost non existent. And hey, that's hard to write. Oh and is there any doubt Dany is going to come swooping in at the last second to save Westeros with Dragon Fire? 3) There are so many plot holes and plot gifts. D&D have a deadline. Unlike GRRM they can't go back and change what doesn't work. So we need to cut them some slack because GRRM hasn't exactly brought it home recently. So the general storyline hasn't been well crafted. Why the hate for Cogman? I think he's does the most with the least.
  4. Best episode of the season for sure. No major gripes throughout and what an ending! Hodor the hero.
  5. 8/10 Best episode of the season. It had some good dialogue and some interesting plot movement. Arya stuff was surprisingly enjoyable. Tormund and Jon had a funny moment. And Umber was a good character, I'll be interested to see where that goes. On the other hand.. Dany's stuff is still pretty painfully boring. I'm not loving Jaime being Cersei's lap dog. The end would have been a perfect chance for a letter about Rickon and the version of the Shield Hall.
  6. 7 - Much better. The story drove forward and there was nothing catastrophic in it. I'm glad they didn't drag the the Jon Snow thing out for too long. I'm interested to see how things play out from here. My favorite scene had to be with Jaime and the High Sparrow. That had some of the crisp and believable dialogue we were used to seeing in the early seasons. I will miss Roose Bolton. He was a scene stealer.
  7. 3 It was a nothing. The plot didn't drive forward much but what happened to the snappy dialog we used to get? The dialog was so meh. There won't be a single clip from this episode I'll ever feel compelled to go back and watch. There wasn't anything too horrible..Oh wait! WTF is going on with Dorne. So they called a quick audible on the Dornish storyline, fine. They choose to have the Sand Snakes murder their own cousin? What? I'm sure Oberyn would have been so proud. On a serious note are the Snakes supposed to be funny? Because they are a joke. Essos is still dull even with Tyrion and Varys there. Arya's is cool, but not interesting enough to carry a storyline on her own. I was so excited for this, I feel pretty let down tonight. D&D spears to the dome are no substitute for good dialog and a well thought out story. "Hey Dave, why don't we get rid of the best character in Dorne?" "Great idea Dan. Let's do it in Episode 1, everyone will be shocked." We're so clever
  8. Everyone needs to relax on the SH bit. There is plenty of time to introduce her if they so choose. She's in what two chapters? I don't think they need to introduce her that early. The covered their basis in an action packed episode. 9/10
  9. Pedro Pascal was great again. But as I feared, the fight didn't really translate well to TV. When a man is speared to the ground he's finished. The Mountain rising and bursting Oberyn's scuff with his hands is cartoonish. Still I have to respect that Pedro did what he could to save it. It was great seeing Sansa take some control over her destiny although It does diminish Littlefinger a bit. Beetles and another Hound/Arya left me feeling meh... 6
  10. A soft episode overall that was saved by Oberyn.
  11. Cogman nailed it. Kings Landing was perfect. Aside from the Dreadfort filler this was a fantastic episode. The best episode of the season gets a 10.
  12. Mediocre episode Some good moments.. -The Tywin/Tommen scene worked -Sansa/LF was executed well -Tyrion/Pod was nice -Kit Harrington has learned how to act Some bad moments... -Jaime/Cersei WTF, either that scene was misdirected or misacted because I doubt they were trying to do a rape scene -Sam and Gilly will continue to bore us to tears for many an episode I'm sure -How many Dornish pornos are needed before we get that Oberyn is a passionate bisexual man. ...and of course we need to be subjected to another insufferable Dany badass scene(well acted though) while Stannis tells Davos he's running out of time. :bang:
  13. + Oberyn/Ellaria vs Tywin/Cersei + Jamie and Bronn + Queen of Thorns + Well executed Wedding + No Danny + Stannis sticking up for Shireen - Tyrion/Shae - Another step towards religious fanaticism for Stannis. I was also hoping for "Don't make me rue the day..." from Roose but I guess there is still time. 8/10
  14. Fantastic I think they did this episode about as well as it could be done. It doesn't have a ton of action in the material but each scene was still enjoyable as well as meaningful.
  15. No jaw dropping moments, but it was written outstandingly. There was some great character development stuff. It's the second best episode of the season for me, after episode 4.
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