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  1. Yes. To all of this. And also, could someone BESIDES Davos had begged Mel for magic. We set up seasons of Davos hating/being afraid of her magic. And then today he 'magically' oh Mels, can't you do a little hocus pocus for us? That line couldn't have been delivered by anyone else? They just assassinated the character they set up.
  2. Well, it's nice to know there are a few minutes that I can sneak to the bathroom if I forget before the show. So that is nice.
  3. 3/10 Bran's visions were good. I hope they are setting us up for more. I liked Arya's scene. That was solid. I was glad to see Thorne get his at last. That was it. It was farrrrr better than last week's episode, that is for sure. I thought it was full of plot holes, but I am getting used to that and trying to focus on what's good and just gloss over the rest.
  4. I am a. Glad that Jon is back, but not convinced he is gone/not just glamoured by Mel... I think UnJon is too cheap and I am prayyyying that GRRM can do better.... b. Loved the flashbacks with bran and hope it is setting up more of Lyanna's backstory or at least setting up TOJ. Looking forward to that. Hopefully they get it right. c. Loved Arya. Looking forward to her development. d. Loved that the wildlings came to Jon's aid to defend his honor and Thorne finally got his. I'm wondering what the effect Jon's second coming will have on Mel and the wildlings. Is he removed from the NW now? I could care less about the rest of the show/characters at this point tbh.
  5. They broke the internet. And ewww UnJon. I pray to Rhllor that GRRM does not make UnJon.
  6. I hate everything about how they are doing this, but I am also glad that they are doing this "Weisseroff" style so that the books will still be rich and done right and still surprising and unspoiled. Also, I bet she fails because shocking...
  7. I loved the Bran flashbacks and I am glad that Saint Tyrion didn't go the way of Quentin. Really excited for the Arya arc. At least this part seems to still be in tact.
  8. Terrible. I have one more week of complimentary HBO. I will not be paying for it. Glad I didn't jump the gun and renew. Eh.
  9. 4 Worst episode of the season. What a let down. Even my unsullied friends thought: meh.
  10. It was flawless. Talisa had a point for once. I just sat stunned after. Faith restored. I hope that they can keep true to the books from now on.
  11. They nailed it. I was shaking and I knew what was coming.
  12. OMG. Yes, please. The best way to untie the Mereenese knot is to just burn it! Goodbye harpy, Krappo mo Whattiz, and floppy ears. It will also end the pale mare by burning the infected bodies.
  13. I gave it a 9. I am very happy with this episode.
  14. Thank you for this! Comcast decided to freeze on me at the end of the episode AGAIN! It's only happened twice and only when I'm watching GoT! I missed dead Ros last week because it froze.
  15. Cat can only insist on things if they give her lines.
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