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  1. Where??? It's Whatshisface Swift who is sent off to Braavos by Cersei. Mace goes to besiege Storm's End and comes back like a lighting bolt once Marg is imprisoned. And Teryn fucking Mant is still just wasting air as a kingsguard-thug in KL.
  2. ambi76


    Why, hello, Ser Gustav, my fellow Loras fanatic. A rare breed indeed. (I think we might be the only one's actually :crying: ). PS @ Zhalia: I'm also German. So yeah, we may take over here soon.
  3. I would prefer King Gendry way over King Jon and I find King Gendry already rather cheesy to be honest. The problem I see with all potential candidates though is: Absolutely no one is going to want to be the king after the war. Well maybe Margaery will try for a sex-change since the marriages are clearly not working out. I'm extremely neutral on the Arya/Gendry romance, but really who would wish queendom on the poor girl in the end?
  4. Yeah, but they never will because they're all twelve years old or something. :rolleyes:
  5. You've got a problem with - Tatort?
  6. Minor quibble and often made mistake: That should be Dragonstone not Storm's End (Mace goes there and it is often mixed up). Otherwise: :love: :wub: :thumbsup:
  7. Nice DogLover. You forgot Renly's "gay porn", I think. The chapter where Loras tells Jaime that Renly owned books with illuminations that would turn a septon blind. :blushing: I think it's chapter 16 in AFFC.
  8. From a thousand pages ago, but I still like the idea of Salladhor being used as "Aurane Waters" stand-in. So a Stannis betrayal of him could work in that way. Runs over to Cersei. Promptly betrays her too.
  9. An extra in Tyrell clothing. OMFG this means there are other male Tyrells? :dunno:
  10. Well, yeah siberia82, he gets to use a sword for something else than waving it at Littlefinger and being almost knocked to the ground by Margaery for it. :bang: (Okay, I forgot the 5 seconds Blackwater scene, but then 90% of watchers had no idea who that was supposed to be, and the other 10% thought it was Tywin.)
  11. For self-reporting/identifying LGBTQ folks that's a pretty solid statistic (most statistics show something between 3-5%). The ~10% numbers come usually from LA and the ~1% numbers come usually from Westboro Baptist types. Oh and yes, times are changing. In the under 30 years old cohort the LGBTQ numbers can almost double (6-8%).
  12. It wasn't left out Ser Robert, just very subtle implemented at the end. But blink and you miss it. The leader of the Tyrell/Lannister vanguard on the white horse is Loras (instead of Garlan) in Renly's armor. Tyrion sees him before losing consciousness, which gives it a nice surreal touch imho. And later we see Loras take off the antler helmet and a thousand LOREAL Westeros macros are born. :laugh:
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