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  1. Gabriele

    Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    OMG, if the name of the author weren't Goodkind, the poor intern who'd have to read the submitted sample chapters would have quit the job and never touched a book again. I've written more coherent plots in 3rd grade. Myshkin, how many bottles of Vodka did you need to survive reading and summarising that smelly piece of chicken poop?
  2. Gabriele

    The Return of JV Jones

    Yep, I don't need details either. But this is the sort of post I've been waiting for years. Sorry, life got in the way and writing doesn't flow well. Dunno when the book will be out. I'm fine with that, authors are human beings, after all, and I'm waitng for more than one unfinished series but I want to get the occasional quick update.
  3. Gabriele

    Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    Two chapters in and no torture? Nicci's grown soft.
  4. Gabriele

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    I've been working on and off on my magnum opus Kings and Rebels since 2004 or so. It was not intended as several-books-series back then and has morphed almost beyond recognition - it changed from historical fiction to Fantasy because the history kept getting in the way of the story I wanted to tell, and at some point I got the idea to write about the Lost Realms (Kêr Ys, Lyonesse, Vineta, Cantre'r Gwaelod and their ilk) which I then combined with the no-longer-historical fiction. But some of the characters and basic conflicts still exist, plus a few scenes, albeit heavily edited. Fortunately, I don't have fans breathing down my neck like Martin, because my writing speed isn't any better. The other projects are historical fiction. The Sichelstein Saga - probably a trilogy - is set in the 10th century, the other ones in the Roman Empire. And damn Jovis if they don't remain standalones. I'll use the April Nano Camp to get a prequel story to one of the Roman novels down, and I hope it will stick to the planned 10K.
  5. Gabriele

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    I wish I would get some short story plotbunnies. That way I could finish something in a reasonable amount of time. But all I get are epic monster bunnies who bring their family and multiply into series, so it will be years until I can put 'The End' under any of those huge projects. The one thing I get better at is not allowing any new plotbunnies into my life.
  6. Gabriele

    The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    I'm sure there are, but I haven't found any, which is a pity since I like to read some cheesy love and adventure stuff now and then. I should try to find out how many words those Mediaeval compilations like the Karlamagnús saga or the Prose Lancelot have - those are usually reprinted in several hefty volumes. But while I've written my MA thesis about the first and own a fine edition, I don't know the wordcount.
  7. Gabriele

    The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    Oh yes, Karl May. I remember serial novels like Die Herren von Geifenklau (the family is actually named Königsau in the unabridged original version) or Das Waldröschen running to 7 or 8 volumes of tiny print. Longer even than the Orient cycle. Well, you get Dumas in France and Sir Walter Scott in England, though the quality of their novels is a bit higher than May's early Kolportageromane. And none of them has written a single book or a serial novel encompassing 8 volumes. Dumas Musketeer series (Les Trois Mousquetaieres / Vingt ans après / Le vicomte de Bragelonne) may come closest.
  8. Gabriele

    The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    Most of the big whoppers are published in two volumes. English Fantasy (both US and UK) is extremely popular here; there are more translations than original German novels. And a considerable number of Germans read that stuff in the original English, myself included. I've had more than one discussion about Martin, Abercrombie and Erikson in the bus I take for my commute (which is full of students of the natural sciences who obviously have a soft spot for stories that defy the laws of nature ).
  9. Gabriele

    The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    Oh yes, them Russians, they like their books big. Which reminds me, I could do a reread of Dostojevsky's Demons when I'm done with Thomas Mann's Joseph und seine Brüder. Though I'll probably sneak Blood upon the Sand and The Bear and the Serpent (now there's a huge font and half a metre margins for you; that book can't be more than 100something K words ) in between.
  10. Gabriele

    The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    I likely got an abridged version then. Luckily. That book gives boring a new dimension.
  11. Gabriele

    The Longest SF & Fantasy Novels of All Time

    That's a weird list. I don't remember Clarissa or Zettels Traum to be overly long (luckily, because esp. the first was boring), and if we count books published in more than one volume, Thomas Mann's Joseph und seine Brüder should be on the list. Other than those I've read War and Peace (like five times), À la recherche du temps perdus, Les Misérables, Charles Grandison and To Green Angel Tower (more than once).
  12. Gabriele

    Here's Sanderson's recent update to Stormlight #3

    He could cut half of Kaladin being Emo and Shallan trying to be Witty, that would get him down 10% or so. And he could take out all those stray short stories and publish them in an extra book. The structure of the Stormlight Archives is an interesting attempt, but it doesn't work for me. I've read the main books and skipped all that short story stuff which I read after the main books. They felt distracting, esp. combined with the amount of flashback chapters that also halt the main action (though I was ok with those; there's at least a consistency in the main characters).
  13. Gabriele

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Here's the place where the crits should go. I's hiding on page 8 or so.
  14. Gabriele

    Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    I wonder how often Nicci will be almost raped.
  15. Kearney never got the promotion his books deserved, and his defunct website doesn't help. He needs to have some internet presence - at least an updated website if he doesn't want to go the line of blogging or F-book.