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  1. stoked about the Sansa chapter, lurking in PTP =)

  2. "Mildly inspirational fluff quote." - Inaccurate Attribution

    1. E-Ro


      Wow that is a really uplifting quote, really gives me hope for the future.

    2. bbstark


      I know that my quote will inspire great things in the youths, it's why I posted it! Now go, be great! be mildly and fluffly inspired ;)

  3. Happy March 8th :)

    1. E-Ro


      Wow your really embracing this brony thing aren't you? I'm happy you have found your calling.

    2. King of Winters
    3. bbstark


      ok, admittedly not my personal best (joke); I can live with that :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bbstark


      ouch.... burrnnnn... you really got me, brah!

    3. E-Ro


      Oh, i wasnt trying to "burn" you I was just speaking the truth. Im sorry if that offends your delicate sensibilities.

    4. bbstark


      cute, brah brah, ever so cute!

  4. more stannisesque than E-Ro

    1. E-Ro


      Nope. Not now not ever.

    2. bbstark


      4EVA AND EVA AND EVA!!!!

  5. I have found the greatest, most sophisticated troll of all time: http://seriouslyforreal.com/funny/dear-neighbor-2/

    1. bbstark


      Disclaimer: excludes all and any trolls the harpies do on Ero

  6. go here! do it! DO IT ! http://3.14-pi.net

    1. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      I just wanted to say awwww! for your avatar.

    2. The Great Walrus

      The Great Walrus

      Same thing here, BB always knows how to make me happy. :)

    3. bbstark


      oh I didn't do anything... I'm just a little kitten with congenital defects that prevent me from closing my mouth completely, give me cute little munchkin legs, and render me adorable :P

  7. joke's over, tip your waiters everybody ;) I'll be looking for my next big troll...

    1. E-Ro


      You mean your going to try something like your last stunt again? Im shivering with fear brah, shivering.

      do your worst.

    2. Risto


      Please don't turn your Troll eye on me... :)))

  8. When I was a lad I found an injured goshawk and nursed her back to health. Proudwing, I named her. Time and again i would taker her hawking, but she never flew higher than the treetops. I was making a fool of myself with Proudwing, he said, and he was right.