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  1. Paramount considering shutting down Showtime and migrating its content to Paramount+
  2. Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series to adapted for Universal: https://deadline.com/2022/09/universal-television-boards-valdemar-universe-fantasy-book-series-adaptation-1235109776/
  3. As long as Bezos has money, I imagine they'll keep going. Their mascot is a turtle for a reason though.
  4. Sadly, Masten Space Systems, one of the pioneers of the New Space movement, filed for bankruptcy and is selling off its assets. They were the unexpected winner of the Grumman Lunar Lander X-Prize so surprising they didn't go on to win the Google Lunar XPrize to actually land on the Moon. No one did, and that prize ended without being claimed, though the Israeli effort SpaceIL actually managed to crash on the moon more than a year after the competition ended.
  5. The capsule's escape systems worked, at least, so if it had humans riding they would have survived fine. Meanwhile Blue Origin still hasn't delivered the BE-4 engines to ULA for integrating with the Vulcan rocket. https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/09/as-summer-turns-to-fall-ula-still-waiting-for-its-be-4-rocket-engines/ Firefly scrubbed a launch on the weekend, will try again next week. And the CEO of Ariane Group, an entirely subsidized consortium providing European launchers, is crying about European start-ups being providing a piddling amount of subsidies to try building cheaper rockets that couldn't even compete with them as they're microlaunchers.
  6. Is there a word for this sort of thing? Cryptoautobiographical?
  7. Reminder that Patrick Brown is still a piece of shit: https://thepointer.com/article/2022-09-07/patrick-brown-allies-cancel-future-council-meetings-ahead-of-election-suppress-investigation-details
  8. I'm not quite half way through episode 4 of the season and I think
  9. Looks like The Leader is the villain of Captain America: New World Order.
  10. No confirmation on Foggy or Karen in DD
  11. Secret Invasion apparently leads directly to Armor Wars. Ke Huy Quan joining Loki S2
  12. Paper Girls canceled by Amazon, Legendary shopping it around.
  13. I want to know how the Harfoots are baking pie when they can't be farming wheat to make the flour? Maybe they're making chestnut flour to make their chestnut pie. I think Harbrand is definitely not Sauron, and it's incredible to me anybody still thinks he or Meteor Man is. Could be a future Nazgul though. No, the fireflies don't indicate the wizard is evil, it indicates he doesn't have control of his own power yet.
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