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  1. GallowsKnight

    Renly agree to support stannis

    I don't know, I could see the Tyrells going along with Renly and Stannis, with a plot to kill Stannis like they did Joffrey, then crown Renly. Whether it would work given Mellisandre's presence I don't know.
  2. GallowsKnight

    Was the second shadowbaby necessary?

    I think Davos had the right of it. That single combat was a chance for Penrose to surrender/die honourably in an impossible situation. Stannis should have taken him up on the offer (and sooner than waiting 2 weeks). He can always use Melissandre if his champion fails. Because if he can take Storm's End faster he can take Kingslanding before the Lannisters arrive, and then have have an animated shadow assassin up his sleeve for offing Tywin.
  3. GallowsKnight

    What if renly killed in king landing

    I think the Tyrells would not want Stannis on the throne certainly and I think they might make overtures towards Robb. But if Robb didn't accept/crown himself and instead backed Stannis I think they would simply sit out the conflict until they could safely bend the knee to Stannis, his forces tired there's intact. They wouldn't get much from him. But they would retain their status quo. I don't think they'd back the Lannisters there position seemed hopeless at the start of the War. Robb is also of the North so I'm not sure if religious concerns would appeal to him.
  4. Plans don't have to be fully formed immediately. They can evolve. They might have initially kept Jaime in the Kingsguard initially as a subtle hostage to Tywin. Then when Robert married Cersei, it had the other benefit I mentioned. Also at the risk of being insensitive, Jon Arryn (even if Robert didn't) very possibly might have considered Lyanna "soiled goods" having been allegedly raped by Rhaegar. He might not have wanted Robert to marry Lyanna if she was recovered. I don't think that's right, just that they do live in a very sexist society.
  5. It's been my theory that Jon Arryn left Jaime on the King's Guard so that Robert's heirs would have a better shot at getting Casterly Rock. If Tywin died and Jaime couldn't inherit, technically Tyrion should be ahead of Cersei. But they might be able to make an argument for removing him from the succession as being "unsuitable" or he might die in the interim (there can be associated medical issues with Dwarfism). If Cersei had both the King and Kevan Lannister (another alternative heir) backing her she could have made Tommen Lord of Casterly Rock. Likely taking her surname over his father's.
  6. GallowsKnight

    What if renly killed in king landing

    Yeah, though now that I think about it Robb might be less likely to crown himself if there's a clear alternative to Joffrey in Stannis. Part of the discussion that prompted the Great John's speech was the Renly or Stannis choice. Especially when Catelyn hears about the incest and confirms her suspicions with Robb that the Lannister conspiracy that crippled Bran/sent the Catspaw must have been about this.
  7. GallowsKnight

    What if renly killed in king landing

    Stannis probably get the Stormlands cleanly. Being Robert's brother and announcing Joffrey's illegitimacy. But he won't get the Reach I don't think. They might sit out the war. Or join Robb. Or the Lannisters. So who knows.
  8. GallowsKnight

    Greywater Watch

    We have a rough idea starting with the concept of a Crannog. Which is usually an artificial island formation/foritification made by Celts and other tribes. They generally weren't portable. But given they are made of wood not stone it may be easier to build and dismantle them. My imagining is the Reed have a number of different sized barges and boats they use to move about the Neck. When they stay for a period of time they construct this Crannog (or many Crannogs) with the barges interconnecting. Possibly among some of the waterlogged groves that are mentioned, where they build up into the trees I could imagine the seasons playing a role in this. They might find beat bogs and hot springs to help keep warm in winter, and head to better hunting in summer. They stay there for a few years (the lenght of a season) before packing up and moving. The changing nature of marshland and the relocation of the Crannog is why Greywater Watch "moves". But it's not moving always. It's probably stationary for years at a time. But even if a Frey managed to find it, they could pack up and move/abandon what they can't carry before they could return in force (even if they knew how to which is unlikely).
  9. GallowsKnight

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    Ummm. I mean he sacrificed his life. He was killed by a wight. As you point out doing his duty by aiming to report back. I'm talking about Gared who does get away (flipped in the show for some reason) and gets executed for desertion.
  10. GallowsKnight

    How did Ned learn where Lyanna was?

    Good point. I think she might have, I can't imagine her spending the entire war in the tower of joy. But I guess she wouldn't have been paraded around in court either.. Perhaps hidden out of the Redkeep in Kingslanding or the countryside. Edit: My thoughts goes like this the Daynes most likely knew about the Tower of Joy/were supplying it. But Ashara is in Starfall when Ned brings back the sword. Not Kingslanding. I think he had to have a lead which is Ethan Glover whom he freed from the Black Cells. I could imagine that Rhaegar didn't have much of plan when he "abducted Lyanna". He might have stashed her Kingslanding, outside the Redkeep in a Manse while he made arrangments. We know Brandon came to Kingslanding looking for Rhaegar so he might have known he returned there. Artur Dayne seems to be Rhaegar's friend so he might have brought his sister to keep her company. She might have passed a message from Lyanna to Ethan at her request in case things went wrong.
  11. GallowsKnight

    Was Stannis a good swordsman?

    He actually mentions wielding Lightbringer at the Blackwater and it being no different to any other sword. So he did fight then. He's tall, had a formal martial education at a Lord-Paramounts castle and quite dedicated to his duty. So it's likely he's a decent fighter. Just not legendary tier like some famous figures and Kingsguard. We don't actually know how much fighting he has personally done. It could be a bunch or not much. Did the Tyrells ever attempt to take Storm's End by force and had to be rebuffed? Did he ever lead a sortie? Did he fight earlier before that at Summerhall? (He recalls Robert returning before his lose at Ashford). Did he ever have to personal fight in his time in the Navy or the Greyjoy rebellion?
  12. GallowsKnight

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    I tend to think Waymar (and Jeor Mormont appointing him) did nothing wrong in the prologue. Waymar is a grown man and a knight. He has a lot of formal training, but no practical experience. He's the sort you groom for command material but needs to get less green. So he gets given a pretty straightforward mission with a couple of experienced rangers. No one anticipated an ancient 8000 year old horror to pick that day to blindside them. As you say. Waymar wants to find out why the Wildlings died all of a sudden in the middle of Winter. He wants to do his job and his duty. Will and Gared both suddenly lose their nerve and he has to chide them into action. Now their gut instincts are right. But they're not in the Night's Watch just to survive another day. If something spooky is happening they need to know. Even some of Will's criticisms of Waymar are probably wrong given he lacks any martial education other than what Ser Alister bashed into him. He comments that Waymer is carrying too long a sword, except Waymar would know how to fight in close-quarters with it. Grappling and half-swording. He criticizes the warhorse. But it is summer, not winter. He doesn't need a Garron for the conditions and if they had to fight Wildlings him mounted on a warhorse is a combat multiplier. Waymar actually sacrifices his life so Gared can get back to the Wall. Except instead of reporting he deserts. Making Waymar and Will's sacrfice in vain.
  13. GallowsKnight

    How did Ned learn where Lyanna was?

    My thought has always been Ethan Glover. I'm not sure exactly how it worked out, but he was probably of a similar age to Lyanna and of the North. She might have told him either intentionally or accidentally of the location. I think he might not have been confined to the Black cells his whole time. Early on he might have been treated better only to be locked away later. If Lyanna confided in him some details like the Tower of Joy (which they may have visited more than once), he could then pass that onto Ned once rescued. Edit: Reading other comments I think an Ethan Glover, Ashara Dayne combination might have been responsible.
  14. GallowsKnight

    Why would Stannis ever marry Selyse??? WHY?????

    Schizoid doesn't have delusions or hallucinations. That's full blown schizophrenia. That said Schizotypal, Schizoid and even Schizophrenia have a lot of overlap. Two psychiatrists might sit down with Stannis and disagree as we are. One might even just say "shows cluster A features" (the broad heading both are under). I'm not a psychiatrist. I have worked with them when I worked in an inpatient psych unit. And in general practice I do see patient with both diagnosis as incidental history. Personally I think he does meet 1 and 3. He doesn't really have much love for either of his brothers, he doesn't seem to mind his wife and child living away in Dragonstone while he works in Kingslanding. As for sex, they don't have to have absolutely no sex. Just little interest. Until Melissandre a literally magical seductress comes along he is mocked as "[going] to his marriage bed like a man marching to a battlefield, with a grim look in his eyes and a determination to do his duty." He has no other lovers and dislikes prostitution. Even his sexual relationship with Melissandre seems equally motivated by the power she/he gets from it. Again a schizoid person doesn't necessarily have no close friends, simply "lacks them". Which he does. He only friend is Davos. And their relationship is pretty unconventional. With Stannis being Davos' boss pretty much and Davos obligated to him.I don't know if I'd consider Mel a friend for hims. And if so it's equally a weird relationship. With her being a magical seductress and him being her messiah. Compare to say Ned who was a quiet boy but still seems to have normal friendships. I'd disagree about 7. It's not about being an emotionally stunted zombie. It's about compared to everyone around you being more emotionally reserved/restricted which he definitely is. You can still gripe and make bitter comments. As for the last part, it's a magical setting we know people can predict the future in fires, it's not necessarily a perceptual distortion if it's actually possible. We can't really try to apply realism to such fantastical elements. Up until then and even latter he shows a healthy scepticism for the occult even when it actually exists. In real life an example I have encountered with a lady with Schizotypal personality disorder, who holds a job and is a functional adult who adamantly believes fairies exist, that she watches them in the evening outside her window. Weird but not full blown delusional. Stannis doesn't show this sort of fantastical quirk,
  15. GallowsKnight

    robb response to iron island invding north

    Which is pretty huge because it prevents Rodrik Cassel from rallying the North to push out the Ironborn and lets Ramsay Snow get free to wreak more chaos. Had the Ironborn only held Deepwood Motte and Moat Caitlin, Ser Rodrik could have driven them out and laid siege to the causeway until Robb could work something out. It also means that the North has two Frey guests. Probably not enough to defer Walder from treason if it really came to it but it helps a bit.