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  1. Well they don't have a Master of War in the books because despite the time period the story is set in wars are actually a rare event. And when they do happen they'd generally be overseen by the King, the Hand of the King, or the four Wardens. As mentioned a standing army is expensive and also is likely to see push-back from the nobles as it's a counter to their power. But I have thought that expanding the number of the Goldcloaks slowly to be both the city watch and a more militaristic arm of the king would probably be a good idea.
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  3. Human bites are nasty. The human mouth is full of lots of bacteria. I'm an doctor and we routinely give the strongest oral antibiotics (sometimes even IV) for human bites that pierce the skin and draw blood (which this one did), even if it's just a piddly one from a toddler. Where the hound was bit was pretty nasty too. On an arm or a leg the infection could be more localised, but the neck, it's going to spread.
  4. Context this guy on a saddle-less horse in full wildling gear has collapsed. Until they recognised Jon they probably weren't going to do much to help him.
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