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  1. GallowsKnight

    They did it.

    Laughs in Stannis fan
  2. GallowsKnight

    How powerful are the Royces?

    Yeah agreed. Waymer was a good choice and he performed his duty admirably. It's just they got blindsided by others and even then Garet managed to escape to report back that important fact but blew it by deserting. Jeor only speculates it was the wrong choice because he doesn't know what happened.
  3. GallowsKnight

    Does a peasant have to be scum to move up in Westeoes?

    I'm not trying to be argumentative. I'm not even committed to my argument. I just think we can't make an assumption they have no land. I feel that just because they're the only members left alive doesn't mean they don't have some incredibly piece-meal holding somewhere that is being managed by an underling. Nobility is a huge spectrum and there are people like Petyr Baelish's father who own the smallest shittiest of holdings. Which if they can get a better job at the court of a High Lord they will leave in a heartbeat. Jory and Rodrik are more than simple guards. I don't recall if Martyn had a position or not. Ned Stark is a king in all but name. One is his Master of Arms, the other his Captain of Guards. These are really important jobs.
  4. GallowsKnight

    Does a peasant have to be scum to move up in Westeoes?

    We actually don't know that that they have no land. They could be a very low-level Master house with a tiny keep and tiny villages miles from anything. If you had the choice of being Winterfell's Captain of Guards or Master of Arms and living in an actual castle with all of the respect, luxuries etc that come with the position and location or living in some cold tiny one room keep (like the thing Bran and his group hide in in the gift or Stannis stays in the Fishing village), I'd take the former in a heartbeat.
  5. GallowsKnight

    Renly was a dummy

    I'll agree Robert isn't to blame entirely. Cersei is/was a real piece of work. But a better relationship between the two was possible. Cersei was ambitious, he was charismatic and handsome. Had it gotten to a better start it would have likely been stable. Cersei made sense. It brought Tywin firmly to their side, which made bringing the Reach and Dorne into line so much easier.
  6. GallowsKnight

    Renly was a dummy

    Robert let the Lannisters infiltrate the court, whilst he otherwise ignored, openly disliked and antagonized them. He drove a wedge between what could have been a powerful and fruitful union, letting a situation arise where his heir was untrue. I don't think there is an issue if Renly lets the Tyrells have lots of power, as long as they all remain close allies and family. He and Loras love each other. He will be married to Margeary, their legitimate children will rule the Seven kingdom. I don't think it's a problem. I do think he squandered his excellent position. He starts with the most resources, the most possible friends to make, and of course the largest army. Sure he can't anticipate a shadow assassin but unexpected things happen in war all the time. What happens if the Iron Islands and Vale back Robb and suddenly they don't want anything to do with the Iron Throne anymore? He loses more than half his Kingdom. If I was Renly I would have sent 20,000 men under Alester Florent (get him away from Stannis) and maybe Garlan Tyrell north up the Ocean Road to attack the Westerlands. I would have sent another 20,000 under Bryce Caron and Mathis Rowan along the Roseroad to besiege Kingslanding. I would send Randyl Tarly with another 20,000 up the Gold road to intercept and pressure Tywin Lannister. That still leaves myself with 20,000 and Loras Tyrell, to wait and see where it's best for me to move. Reinforce the Stormlands against Stannis? Protect against Dorne if they attack? Or to join up with my forces in the Westerlands, Riverlands and Crownsland depending on what happens there. All the meanwhile making politcal advances to all the possible factions. Dorne. Iron Islands. the Vale. Robb. Heck even Stannis. Not waiting to be recognized as King. Showing them my powers and bargaining to bring them back into the fold.
  7. GallowsKnight

    Renly agree to support stannis

    I don't know, I could see the Tyrells going along with Renly and Stannis, with a plot to kill Stannis like they did Joffrey, then crown Renly. Whether it would work given Mellisandre's presence I don't know.
  8. GallowsKnight

    Was the second shadowbaby necessary?

    I think Davos had the right of it. That single combat was a chance for Penrose to surrender/die honourably in an impossible situation. Stannis should have taken him up on the offer (and sooner than waiting 2 weeks). He can always use Melissandre if his champion fails. Because if he can take Storm's End faster he can take Kingslanding before the Lannisters arrive, and then have have an animated shadow assassin up his sleeve for offing Tywin.
  9. GallowsKnight

    What if renly killed in king landing

    I think the Tyrells would not want Stannis on the throne certainly and I think they might make overtures towards Robb. But if Robb didn't accept/crown himself and instead backed Stannis I think they would simply sit out the conflict until they could safely bend the knee to Stannis, his forces tired there's intact. They wouldn't get much from him. But they would retain their status quo. I don't think they'd back the Lannisters there position seemed hopeless at the start of the War. Robb is also of the North so I'm not sure if religious concerns would appeal to him.
  10. Plans don't have to be fully formed immediately. They can evolve. They might have initially kept Jaime in the Kingsguard initially as a subtle hostage to Tywin. Then when Robert married Cersei, it had the other benefit I mentioned. Also at the risk of being insensitive, Jon Arryn (even if Robert didn't) very possibly might have considered Lyanna "soiled goods" having been allegedly raped by Rhaegar. He might not have wanted Robert to marry Lyanna if she was recovered. I don't think that's right, just that they do live in a very sexist society.
  11. It's been my theory that Jon Arryn left Jaime on the King's Guard so that Robert's heirs would have a better shot at getting Casterly Rock. If Tywin died and Jaime couldn't inherit, technically Tyrion should be ahead of Cersei. But they might be able to make an argument for removing him from the succession as being "unsuitable" or he might die in the interim (there can be associated medical issues with Dwarfism). If Cersei had both the King and Kevan Lannister (another alternative heir) backing her she could have made Tommen Lord of Casterly Rock. Likely taking her surname over his father's.
  12. GallowsKnight

    What if renly killed in king landing

    Yeah, though now that I think about it Robb might be less likely to crown himself if there's a clear alternative to Joffrey in Stannis. Part of the discussion that prompted the Great John's speech was the Renly or Stannis choice. Especially when Catelyn hears about the incest and confirms her suspicions with Robb that the Lannister conspiracy that crippled Bran/sent the Catspaw must have been about this.
  13. GallowsKnight

    What if renly killed in king landing

    Stannis probably get the Stormlands cleanly. Being Robert's brother and announcing Joffrey's illegitimacy. But he won't get the Reach I don't think. They might sit out the war. Or join Robb. Or the Lannisters. So who knows.
  14. GallowsKnight

    Greywater Watch

    We have a rough idea starting with the concept of a Crannog. Which is usually an artificial island formation/foritification made by Celts and other tribes. They generally weren't portable. But given they are made of wood not stone it may be easier to build and dismantle them. My imagining is the Reed have a number of different sized barges and boats they use to move about the Neck. When they stay for a period of time they construct this Crannog (or many Crannogs) with the barges interconnecting. Possibly among some of the waterlogged groves that are mentioned, where they build up into the trees I could imagine the seasons playing a role in this. They might find beat bogs and hot springs to help keep warm in winter, and head to better hunting in summer. They stay there for a few years (the lenght of a season) before packing up and moving. The changing nature of marshland and the relocation of the Crannog is why Greywater Watch "moves". But it's not moving always. It's probably stationary for years at a time. But even if a Frey managed to find it, they could pack up and move/abandon what they can't carry before they could return in force (even if they knew how to which is unlikely).
  15. GallowsKnight

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    Ummm. I mean he sacrificed his life. He was killed by a wight. As you point out doing his duty by aiming to report back. I'm talking about Gared who does get away (flipped in the show for some reason) and gets executed for desertion.