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  1. aFeastForDragons

    The argument of D&D was too focused on Star Wars

    They would have known for a long time before announcement. These things take years of pre-planning. They were getting bored of the show by S6 and wanted to really start tying it up. The Sept of Baelor and Dany just up and leaving Mereen is a clear indication of that
  2. aFeastForDragons

    How people's reaction to this season affects grrm?

    He had 10-11 years to finish the story when he signed off the TV show. ADWD came out the summer Season 1 ended in 2011. Since then he completely squandered his time, getting into a panic around S5 knowing the show was heading towards the finish line before him. He set some deadlines and completely missed them. Now it's 2019 and the last episode of GOT airs tomorrow night, concluding A song of Ice and Fire. His story that he hasn't got to even tell himself. The backlash from fans has been growing more and more the last few years. Its going to reach a boiling point and he will just throw his hands up and say screw it. Not like there was a chance of A Dream of Spring every being released since he hasn't even started it. On top of that fans disliking the ending? Thats not going to go down well but at least it will make sense in the books. We don't know how much is just fan-fiction which so much of GOT has become. If you saw the episode of Brienne fighting the Hound, Jon going to Hardhome and Littlefinger marrying Sansa to Ramsey would you believe it happens in the books?
  3. aFeastForDragons

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Look at it this way. - In the show Sansa marries Ramsey. In the book its a fake Arya. Its the same plot but would be ridiculous to happen in the books. - We know Jon going to Hardhome, Brienne vs The Hound, Theon going to Mereen, Beric alive and heading North, The Night King, Mance Rayder actually being burnt etc are all show inventions. We can assume the majority of S7 and 8 is D & D's own writing bar the major plot points. - Stannis obviously doesn't burn Shireen before Winterfell because George said he hadn't even wrote that chapter at the time of screening and we know he has already finished the Battle of Ice. For book Stannis to do that there will have to be a huge build up and an almost apocalyptic end of the world scenario where he is forced to do it. We know it will be way into TWOW and possibly the next book. - We don't know what happens after Cersei's trial but what if she just replaced Aegon on the show and that's who Dany fights at King\s landing. You could make a bullet point list of the two final seasons and it will match up to the books but with the wrong characters. To me thats a completely different story.
  4. aFeastForDragons

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Stannis is bad because Renly jumped the line of succession and left orders to kill Stannis and his men in the morning. There has always been a huge denial on this forum when it comes to Daenerys.
  5. aFeastForDragons

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    The theories about him having both books finished are absolutely moronic. I'm glad he finally wrote something about it since its being going on for years and it got so out of hand even people who never read the books started saying it as fact.
  6. aFeastForDragons

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    A lot of viewers let this slip or didn't notice it but now that nearly every major plot point is just shock effect they have finally started taking notice.
  7. aFeastForDragons

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Remember when people rolled their eyes at fans complaining how they butchered Stannis's character in S5............yeah now you understand. Also it its fairly obvious in the books that Dany was going to lose it later in the story but I imagine a much bigger build up and actual reason. This is like Stannis/Shireen twist, completely forced but the OMG moment satisfied most people. It was awful writing with little to no build up and went against the character they had built up. Exactly like Dany. Its just shock for TV without a believable lead up.
  8. aFeastForDragons

    The books are not going to end like this

    The books going like this is as likely as the Hound and Brienne fighting in A Clash of Kings.
  9. aFeastForDragons

    What does Stannis’ chapter reveal about the Pink Letter

    I posted a thread but I think it was rejected. It was to do with George's comments and a certain scene in the show that we can theorise more about the Pink Letter. Big spoiler for TWOW below.
  10. aFeastForDragons

    Book & Show

    I've no idea how people still take what happens on the show as what will happen in the books. If we didn't have AFFC/ADWD would people honestly believe Littlefinger marries Sansa off to Ramsey Bolton, Jon would fight the WW at Hardhome, Jamie and Broon would go to Dorne and Asha + Theon would sail off to Mereen to collect countless characters most notably Varys? None of those characters except Ramsey are even in those places. Sure its the rough plot line for some like WInterfell bu the story is heavily twisted for the show.
  11. aFeastForDragons

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    It was great to see everyone reunited but some of the interactions were so flat this episode which is strange because Sam got a really emotional scene. It was mentioned here before that characters just spit one liners back and forth at each other and its so noticeable this episode. It was so unbelievable that Jon and Arya would meet up and not talk about Eddard, Catelyn, Robb and Bran. Like last seasons where Davos went to Dragonstone and note a single word about Stannis, Shireen or how the castle he spent years in was now abandoned and his King dead. I wish the show would humanise the characters more but thats a complaint I have about 95% of TV/films. They don't act like people would act in those situations.
  12. aFeastForDragons

    Better Call Saul -- Season 3 Fring-ing The Gang Back Together Again

    This show is getting so boring, any slower and we will be going backwards. I wish they wouldn't waste so much time and cut it down to less episodes instead of the Netflix approach of dragging it out.
  13. aFeastForDragons

    WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    Even with 60-80 million a season Game of Thrones has struggled massively with budget limitations. Hence why a lot of huge or magic scene had to be cut. WOT would need something similar which could only be funded by a big network.
  14. aFeastForDragons

    Better Call Saul -- Season 3 Fring-ing The Gang Back Together Again

    The guy dropped off what was in the bag on the floor just before Gus came around and swept it up. I'd put money down on thats what happened. Or we or getting an overly drawn out plot where Gus is aware of everything. I like the show a lot but it definitely needs to move faster. Killing time to get 5-6 seasons is one of the worst things about TV.
  15. aFeastForDragons

    WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    No network has been announced which means they are in the very early stages, they have to get the groundwork together before pitching it to one.