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  1. Someone joked on this forum years ago that they read up until the Red Wedding and then stopped. It gets more and more believable.
  2. I'm so glad the Long Night was cancelled. I'm sure there was a good story but after S8 it would have been a mess. Targaryen show has potential but I've lost a lot of interest in ASOIAF. I imagine they'd get some high profile actors for this.
  3. A Night King prequel would be terrible. There is no way they could make that interesting after how bad season 8 was. The Long Evening was so anti-climactic and he didn't say a word. Giving him a few seasons of back story would be a terrible move.
  4. Maybe left the cup in to generate buzz. It wouldn't surprise me in this day and age.
  5. A bad ending leaves a bad legacy. I don't hear anyone talking about it anymore. They killed the story and the love people had for it with such an awful final season.
  6. I can't fully remember the show arcs but Jon would have stayed at the wall. Stannis would have secured the North but very unlikely he would have had the resources to move South. Dany would have to take Dragonstone from Stannis troops, easy with Dragons but she would know she has an enemy in the North that's not from the North. With Winter approaching in it will be very difficult to take the North. She wouldn't meet Jon, thats for sure. No dragon for the WW either so the wall wouldn't fall. Who knows what happens to the Army of the Dead then but it would give the North a LONG time to prepare. Sansa would probably be crowned, maybe a chance of Jon. Winter would set in heavily. The whole story kind of falls apart without Stannis losing and dying. Dany would harass the Southern Kingdoms until eventually taking King's Landing but the North and WW are a mystery.
  7. Don't forget they were turned into capable rulers of King's Landing while Tyrion and Jon were locked up.
  8. Most did. Then after the battle Dany generated more and then once she took King's Landing she had the resources to generate more. Realism goes out the window when the show just pulls troops out of thin air. There is no way Dothraki would stay in King's Landing, with no leader they would have left the city to pillage the surrounding countryside for a long time.
  9. People on this forum used to reference an interview where they said they really wanted to do the Red Wedding, that was their ultimate goal for the show to make it that far. Honestly after that point the show does start to decline.
  10. "the first time we see Stannis he is burning people" No he was burning wooden idols. These guys don't even know their own show. Whats the quote where they say Sam is the younger brother?
  11. Did I read that there was hours upon hours of deleted footage? "I can have you returned to the dirt this afternoon" Love it!
  12. I don't like Bran becoming king but if that was what George planned for the ending I don't see it drastically changing. He's hardly going to mix it up now and put Stannis on the throne instead. Arya going west in the show was out of nowhere with zero build up which makes me think thats also how her story ends. Sansa being QITN also makes sense in terms of her story but I wonder how she will get there with Winter closing in. Tyrion being hand of the king is believable because someone has to have a typical ending. Dany going mad was so abrupt in the show it makes sense that it will happen in the books. I can see all these things happening but with actual build up and execution.
  13. Ha I mean character wise, not logistically. The show made it look like awful fanfic with Tyrion just nominating Bran and nobody speaking up despite Dorne and the Iron Islands being present. How does Bran go from being thought dead by the North, living in a cave to sitting on the Iron Throne ruling Westeros. He was mostly useless in the show but they just sat him on the throne. It could take 3-4 more books to tie up this story into that ending. Yeah a lot of denial here but thats ok, we were given a hamfisted ending with very poor execution, its only right to question what will be in the books and what won't be. Issac has just confirmed it as George's idea. It's the same with Shireen being burned. We know it happens way later in the story and under much different circumstances. If D & D were doing their own ending there is no way Bran would have survived the White Walker encounter at the cave. It makes a lot of sense why the books have taken so long. How does George getting Dany from Essos to Westeros with her going mad and dying at the end. That alone is a whole book. No add in Bran becoming King. The Long Night. The list grows and grows.
  14. How in the world does Bran get from the cave to the Iron Throne in the books. I can't see how you could realistically do that. Why would anyone follow him at that stage, let alone make him the King of Westeros. There's no logical reason Dorne, Iron Islands, Westerlands, Stormlands etc would declare for him. That's killed a lot of my enthusiasm for the books now.
  15. This blows my mind how the show is only getting widespread criticism now. Most of the problems existed way back in earlier seasons.
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