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  1. I don't like Bran becoming king but if that was what George planned for the ending I don't see it drastically changing. He's hardly going to mix it up now and put Stannis on the throne instead. Arya going west in the show was out of nowhere with zero build up which makes me think thats also how her story ends. Sansa being QITN also makes sense in terms of her story but I wonder how she will get there with Winter closing in. Tyrion being hand of the king is believable because someone has to have a typical ending. Dany going mad was so abrupt in the show it makes sense that it will happen in the books. I can see all these things happening but with actual build up and execution.
  2. Ha I mean character wise, not logistically. The show made it look like awful fanfic with Tyrion just nominating Bran and nobody speaking up despite Dorne and the Iron Islands being present. How does Bran go from being thought dead by the North, living in a cave to sitting on the Iron Throne ruling Westeros. He was mostly useless in the show but they just sat him on the throne. It could take 3-4 more books to tie up this story into that ending. Yeah a lot of denial here but thats ok, we were given a hamfisted ending with very poor execution, its only right to question what will be in the books and what won't be. Issac has just confirmed it as George's idea. It's the same with Shireen being burned. We know it happens way later in the story and under much different circumstances. If D & D were doing their own ending there is no way Bran would have survived the White Walker encounter at the cave. It makes a lot of sense why the books have taken so long. How does George getting Dany from Essos to Westeros with her going mad and dying at the end. That alone is a whole book. No add in Bran becoming King. The Long Night. The list grows and grows.
  3. How in the world does Bran get from the cave to the Iron Throne in the books. I can't see how you could realistically do that. Why would anyone follow him at that stage, let alone make him the King of Westeros. There's no logical reason Dorne, Iron Islands, Westerlands, Stormlands etc would declare for him. That's killed a lot of my enthusiasm for the books now.
  4. It was great to see everyone reunited but some of the interactions were so flat this episode which is strange because Sam got a really emotional scene. It was mentioned here before that characters just spit one liners back and forth at each other and its so noticeable this episode. It was so unbelievable that Jon and Arya would meet up and not talk about Eddard, Catelyn, Robb and Bran. Like last seasons where Davos went to Dragonstone and note a single word about Stannis, Shireen or how the castle he spent years in was now abandoned and his King dead. I wish the show would humanise the characters more but thats a complaint I have about 95% of TV/films. They don't act like people would act in those situations.
  5. Where did he get Valyrian Armour? This chapter was bonkers! Reek turned up to 11.
  6. So Aegon has taken Storm's End somehow and Mace moves his army against him. I'll admit I never felt involved with the Dorne storyline but I'm starting to enjoy it now.
  7. I kind of hoped Dany was in Westeros. Since they are speeding the show up so much it would have been a nice change. Since Mereen since to be sorted out now.
  8. Before the show George regularly spoke out how he hated fanfic. Its very clear from his recent attitude that he is unhappy with the show. Once the show ends I can imagine a very long blog post from George.
  9. They really sucked all over the moral dilemma out of Jon's assassination. It was pathetic having Ollie lure him out and then stab him last.
  10. Make him look like a bad guy and Jon the good guy instead of it being a very debatable area. Where Jon had very few options and the Night's Watch brothers had no choice but to caeser their commander who had just abandoned the Wall, broke his oath and openly invited his brothers to do the same.
  11. That was pathetic. 2/10 The Walk of Shame however was brilliant.
  12. 1/10 Full of plot holes, horrible dialogue, atrocious acting, terrible choreography and pointless scenes. I think I'm going to stop watching at this point. That was just awful.
  13. I can actually hear that kid's whiney voice "They killed my mother and father. They burned my village. I'm going to shank you Jon".
  14. He was holding a camera or he was holding an on-board motor engine so they could move the boat back and forth. The hood was to hide one of these.
  15. I don't mind that Deepwood Motte was cut for this. It was a mental battle.
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