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  1. It had the best "battle" (More like slaughter :D) I've ever seen on a screen of any kind IMO and I did give it a 10/10 rating, although to be fair the first half of the episode wasn't that spectacular. All in all it was quite a bit like Hardhome. Both episodes have a very basic first half and an epic af second half.
  2. I'll be quite disappointed if the NK is not the final villain in the series. It's always been about how mundane the southern wars are and if the series ends with one of those, well, it'll be more than a little anticlimactic.
  3. Esa1996

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    I might appear there on Sunday. Not quite certain yet, but I'm definitely considering it.
  4. Esa1996

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    One of Jaime's chapters. Don't really know which one is my favorite but they are the only chapters I truly enjoyed in the entire book. The rest ranged from bad to passable.
  5. Esa1996

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    10/10. Probably the best episode in the entire series which would make it my all time favorite episode of anything. Hardhome might have been even better IMO, but it's hard to say.
  6. Esa1996

    This book is quite boring....

    To be honest I found all things Dorne (Except the Darkstar chapter which was awesome) to be worse than Brienne.
  7. Esa1996

    This book is quite boring....

    65 days for the entire series.
  8. Personally I don't mind it. He's fucked up yes and I occasionally go a bit "Holy f**k Martin, did you really write THIS?", but I have no problems with it being in the book. I've read just as bad stuff in Malazan and The Second Apocalypse both, and wouldn't want them altered either. Personally I think that if an author can make me go "Holy f**k ... did you really write THIS?" without making it seem like it's forced, its just a good thing. For example, Wheel of Time. There are many parts in it where I absolutely hated something that happened, to the point where I didn't want to read on but was regardless unable to keep away from the book for more than five minutes (Yeah, it really happened Was an interesting experience), but I wouldn't want them removed from the series. Wouldn't be the same without them.
  9. Seriously? Awesome! Thank you. I like your name by the way.
  10. Haven't read the books (Well I read the first two chapters IIRC so I got through Allanon's first info dump) but I think I got it pretty well what's happening. The Elcrys is dying, & the demons imprisoned in the other world are escaping one by one. Furthermore, I enjoyed the hell out of it. There might still be some "initial reaction hype" going on, but if it continues like this it might find itself at the very top of my all time favorite TV shows by the end of the season. Personally I found the first two episodes of Shannara to be better than the two first episodes of GOT. As it's only two episodes long at the moment, I remain a bit cautious with it. The characters were good and quite funny, the CGI and magic looked great and the setting was beautiful.
  11. Personally I found it to be very good. There are some things that poked me in the eye though. Dany flying on Drogon looked awful for one. Would've been better to show it from the ground, not from atop the dragon's back. Also, the Unsullied are meant to be EXTREMELY good fighters, at least in terms of technicality at least, as they've been trained for around 6+ hours a day since they were still well under 10 years old. In the show they are just cannon fodder to be killed.
  12. If they had a brain they would've sailed south of the Wall and walked to Castle Black on the south side. There'd be no gate barring their way even if Ser Alliser had wanted to keep them out. They would have been safe from the Others for the entire walk too. In the show they apparently sailed to the Wall, but instead of doing the sensible thing and walking west on the southern side of it, they decided to place their lives on the line and walk on the northern side.
  13. Well, that's what half the people here are doing IMO. Anything that's different from the book is said to be bad storytelling, whereas if GRRM would've done it, it would all be seen as brilliant storytelling. Besides, the show has improved some aspects from the books. While Dorne in the show might be a bit pointless, I find it to be FAR more entertaining than in the books. In the books the only character in Dorne I liked was Darkstar, and he was not seen all that much. Sansa's story line is also better in the show IMO.
  14. Good, but not as good as Hardhome. Gave it a 9.