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  1. For all we know Golden Company might be a doublecross by the Iron Bank. Then again the series plays fast and loose with lore - otherwise Nestoris would have a nice retort for Cersei's snark about slave trade profits ("There are no slaves in Braavos. We definitely do not mourn worsened economic situation of Volantis based on the drop in slave trade. Now can we return to your debt?") Then again having a supposedly savior mercenaries turn on her might drive Cersei into doing something stupid, so...
  2. He wouldn't be able to make the complicity stick. When he murdered her aunt, Vale was still a subject to Iron Throne and Sansa a wanted woman with kinda deathmark for Joffrey. Royce would not be moved by that and Royce was about the only one in the room on whom Littlefinger can try it. Littlefinger knew his only hope is making Sansa change her mind. As for trial by combat, he knows he is not a fighter. He knows he would have to fight against a girl who managed to pull a draw against Brienne - against the woman who defeated the Hound. Again, he had to hope to sway Sansa... Who however combined Prosecution, Judge and Jury (as would be usual in such cases in feudal period though - she was fully in her rights as the Lady of Winterfell). Not sure even the "who passes the sentence should swing the blade" would apply here as it stayed in the family triumvirate. Was not like she called for a headsman.
  3. Thing can be based on lie without there being actual liars Though yeah, I guess Rhaegar and Lyanna might have lied (or instructed someone to lie). Rhaegar might have wanted a confrontation to get pretext to depose his daddy... Though he may have not realised how far will he go in his pyromania. After all, trying to extinguish two Paramount families at once? That is not like the aftermath of Duskendale or like burning some nobody fed to him by Varys here and there.
  4. Runaway Penguin

    Fickle Characters

    Hence "Gathering every Frey who is worth a damn". Guess the key used to select them... Following orders is not a valid excuse even in the modern times.Let alone following orders in breaking as sacred trust as the Guest Right. Arya's father did not hesitate to bring fire and death to Pyke. He also would not hesitate to swing the sword if Balon Greyjoy made trouble again.
  5. Runaway Penguin

    Fickle Characters

    Re. Arya, yeas, she goes full calculating psycho at the Twins. That is not berserk, she knows what she's doing. Frey Pies were there mostly because Wyman Manderly could not prepare them at Winterfell and we needed a closure on the Rat King story (though many people missed it). Mass poisoning then was just a simple revenge murder. But she does not seem to kill indiscriminately - she even makes the point mentioning responsibility for the Red Wedding. Her not murdering a group of Lannister soldiers she did not know and who did not really have any harmful mission... Is consistent. She has no quarrel with them (and they offered her their fire and food freely).
  6. Runaway Penguin

    How to stop the Night King

    Where are Ramsay's twenty good men? All died in the BoB? In any case the proper way is take the Night's King and R'llhor in one place, bash their heads together, make them speak out their designs and differences for everyone to hear and then cast them off both as failures. Too bad Jon Snow is not Captain Sinclair. Nor is Dany Delenn.
  7. Runaway Penguin

    Only 1 million people in the North?

    Well it falls under the same folder as having Dothraki a credible military force :)Rule of cool. Martin himself admitted he just shot the dimensions of the wall off the hip, not thinking about the implications... Which is how we got a 700 feet tall obstacle (which btw would have drastically influenced the climate in the Gift). Same goes for distances. On the other hand the nitty gritty of cities and roads... Is so boring Heck even the long winters are iffy. Have a winter lasting for a year in the North and saving up the last harvest would not help you.
  8. Runaway Penguin

    Where was Gendry?

    Gendry? He ┬Ęsaved himself at Eastwatch by taking a boat and rowing...
  9. Runaway Penguin

    Tormund Giantsbane???

    Alive and kickin'. I would like him to survive - he show should somehow deal with the Free Folk and short of wiping them all (which would then make the Hardhome, Battle for the Wall and Mance utterly pointless) they will need a recognizeable representative. Since after Mance and Ygritte bit the dust there is one non-redshirt Wildling left... He should survive. Beric will die for sure once he fulfills the Red God's designs.
  10. Runaway Penguin

    Only 1 million people in the North?

    That is not how it worked in the Medieval times. That is not how it would work for sane lords of Trident. Any liege lord would want to break monopoly. Heck, the Targaryens at the least would. Build a bridge at Riverrun. Build a bridge downstream around the Ruby ford to enhance the existing trade route. And why would you do this? Because every ford would anyway have a sizable town. Sizable town with extra privileges from the liege lord and not likely tied to one noble family - and such city would easily be a force to be reckoned with and liege lord would not like to screw them up for the sake of... Well, for the sake of his potential rival. That is why cities got often Royal privileges (or were even founded by the Crown, often against wishes of local nobility). Since the Tullys saw the Freys as dangerous upstarts and kinda rivals, it would be only logical to try to undercut them - and would be pretty easy to get the Iron Throne on their side by promising to pay part of tolls there. Heck, most market towns would invest in building bridges (toll bridges) primarily in the city (as cities were usually built on streams) and then on approaches - and good ruler would support that as that would pit cities against feudals for his benefit AND would bring him tolls and even rapid movement of his army.
  11. Runaway Penguin

    Lannister Army will fight for...??

    Logical way for him would be: * Go direct to Riverrun. Take control (have Ed become the castellan for all I care) as the headless Freys probably would be glad to not be slaughtered by Tully loyalists still around (ideal plot device would be finding and reinstating Edmure Tully). Take Lannister forces from the area North (no split loyalties there) while promising pardons etc. to Freyless Frey forces and bannermen if they bend the knee to House Tully. * Go to Twins and garrison them with Tully - Freyless forces. * Take all available Lannister forces with him before Cersei wakes up to his intents. She may go the paranoid way and believe he is taking armies to overthrow her - so spoil her plans. Bran probably will not be vengeful if he sees Jaime as committed to the cause. Heck, by crippling him he enabled the 3EC. Rest of the Starks would be though.
  12. Runaway Penguin

    Only 1 million people in the North?

    Part of the sloppy world building and making the North a bit too big. Heck, making the entire Westeros too big and too sparsely populated. The "in universe" explanation are long tough winters, though that should promote creattion of industry and concentrating population a bit more (industry: If you mine coal, you can stay warmer. If you mine ores, you can control gold and build and sell weapons - in return for food. If you have too many young mouths to feed, send the boys overseas - establish mercenary companies and as a result have income going from there (and having seasoned veterans returning back). Heck, with medieval technology the only bridge on Trident is the Twins? (and they are a castle, not a city - compare with, say, Regensburg or Prague). Moat Cailin in disrepair? While it would be the ideal toll collecting point? And so on...
  13. Runaway Penguin

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    Forgot about Yara. but I guess Theon is more likely - saving her.
  14. Runaway Penguin

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    tyrion stresses tht she cannot trust them - and she does not. I do not think she would die - if anyone is in danger ir is Jaime or Brienne (unlikely both at the same time) and likely Hound in the Cleganebowl. Though I could see Dany being injured / knocked out... And Drogon taking clues from Jon. Also Dany is probably the younger queen csting Cersei down - if anything, Cersei being unseated and seeking refuge with Euron? Or even striking a deal with the Night King?
  15. Runaway Penguin

    Where was the Dragonglass... ?

    To be honest in books we do not actually have wight vs. dragonglass. Also... Fire or chopping them to pieces