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  1. Runaway Penguin

    Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    I think we have it on a good authority that Watt of Long Lake is very lucky indeed.
  2. Runaway Penguin

    Can You Forgive Lord Walder Frey?

    Even then he would be guilty of breaking guest right, just on much smaller scale, and he still would be morally in the wrong. Adding mass murder on top of this was just topping on the cake. Before the Red Wedding he already failed in his duty to his Lord Paramount, being besieged by Lannister forces (do not forget they did not become King's forces for some time). And once again he skirted the disobedience/oathbreaking carfully - he called banners, but then did nothing. From this point of view, promise of marriage from Robb was extorted at swordpoint.
  3. Runaway Penguin

    Can You Forgive Lord Walder Frey?

    Re. Late Lord Frey, his late arrival signals he decided to move... To join whoever won the battle. If Robert lost, Rhaegar would be calling him "Later Lord Frey" (but would probably have to grit his teeth and grant him Riverlands).
  4. Runaway Penguin

    Can You Forgive Lord Walder Frey?

    Do not forget that the marriage bargain was basically forced at swordpoint, instead of Freys helping their liege lord. Lord Walder called in banners, but definitely was not in a hurry to relieve the siege of Riverrun (to which he would have adequate force). Apologetism for mass murder that was the Red Wedding makes me wonder if some people really consider burning down a house with family inside and adequate reply for someone stepping on your toes (or not giving you the deal you have pre-agreed upon). If it was just to get Robb, slaughter of the Northmen was completely unnecessary. They were drunk and concentrated - just make them wake up in the morning surrounded by armed men and offer them to go North without their weapons.Or even go for the mummer's farce of Roose pretending to be the sole survivor of the Red Wedding, rallying the half drunk host and "fighting their way" out of a trap. Would give him more goodwill and better chance of "quiet land, quiet people" upon his return North. Relying on hostages held by someone else to keep Northern lords in line is not really too smart in the long run. As for Freys, they clearly expected adulations from Jaime, instead they got scorching behavior from their main ally. They even lost their main hostage to keep Riverlands in line - true, they lost him in exchange for Riverrun, but anyone else thinks they will hold on it for too long? In any case, no, premediated mass murder because someone broke your extortion scheme is not a thing to be forgiven lightly. And it won't be.
  5. Runaway Penguin

    Euron's Plan and Why it has Failed

    Dragonbinder is not needed to tame dragons. Targs did it without the horn.So did the succesfull dragonspawns in the Dance. My personal guess is that the horn will make dragons ticked off and uncontrollable. It WILL work, but it will not do anything obviously predictable. As for Euron and Oldtown, let's just say I wo not expect the entire chapter on Marwyn and his circle being wasted so that they all die. After all... Slayer may need another victim
  6. Runaway Penguin

    Choose to forgive one

    There is difference between "being looked down at" and "being exterminated". I guess Lord Hoster will see the difference pretty soon. Heck, even his closest allies take him and his for trash (Lannisters) and they weakened rapidly - one is tied to King's Landing and crazy, with very short life expectancy, the other is utterly disgusted witht hem and seems to have hold of their main hostage (Edmure). Without their backing... Who wants to guess that in books, Knights of Vale will ride against the Freys? After all how better can Littlefinger convince Sansa than to give her heads of Catelyn's murderers? Lord Hoster and Lord Bolton conspired for a premediated mass murder - both for clear material gain, for more power and for hurt feelings. Both were in full possession of their faculties. Neither deserves clemency. Both are equal to people murdering their boss because he gave bigger bonus to someone else. Re. fear of Tywin: He boasted that Twins are impregnable. But in any case, he could have also openly broken alliance with Robb and blocked his retreat - heck, even take up arms against him. Murdering him and his host while they were his guests is definitely a no-go. Again, from the list it really seems that the only one to be pardoned - on grounds of insanity - is Clegane (provided he is safely locked up). His behavior seems to be result of an underlying medical condition and not just being sociopathic sadistic arsehole.
  7. Runaway Penguin

    Choose to forgive one

    Sorry, but if you reply to "screw you!" by murdering an entire family (plus employees plus whoever walks by), I do not want tt to live anywhere near you Älso... You do not know much about the history of Walder - apart form Late Lord Frey being seen as highly suspicious person.
  8. Runaway Penguin

    Choose to forgive one

    As for Walder, I think you are going kinda way too easy on him. Violating guest rights may be less of a thing in the South than in the North, but still, murdering at least thousands of people you received as guests is mass murder fair and square. Not to mention being complicit in murder of his king and a pregnant woman (among others). His past conduct may be good (though I would rather go for "unknown", treacherous murdering guys usually do not come out of the blue and we really do not have much about House Frey apart from nobody really trusting them). Frankly, from the list I would pardon nobody. I might spare the Mountain - given he is locked up in the asylum, he clearly does not really play with a full deck of cards. Plus his rampage in the Riverlands boomerangs in large part to Cersei.
  9. Runaway Penguin

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    For weeks. With Medieval comm (even with ravens), that is not that hard. However he really likely ain't dead. However I think he will stay in Riverlands, redeeming himself in the eyes of UnCat and BwB by moving against Freys. After all how better get access to Twins or Riverrun than with Jaime, with a small escort of Lannister troops, seeking shelter from band of outlaws just at their heels...
  10. Runaway Penguin

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Wasn't it mentioned that there were little to no losses among them due to Pale mare, probably because they bath every day? Loss of a quarter o their force would be noted.
  11. Runaway Penguin

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Ironborn are overrated. Large land battle is different to raids or boarding parties. What I wonder about more is where are the 3000+ Unsullied who are not accounted for.
  12. Runaway Penguin

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    3000 are Ser Granddad's tactical reserve in case Shavepate tries something.
  13. Runaway Penguin

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    5000 Unsullied are participating in Sortie. But I bet Shavepate is told all 8000 are leaving. 3000 are a reserve inside the city if things go pear-shaped.
  14. Runaway Penguin

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Vic blows horn three times, part of Selmy's army retreats, Selmy despairs - and at that moment Second Sons turn coats and join the Ironborn. Credit for victory goes to Vic and he gives the Kinkingslayer Devil Monkey Imp the 1st to Selmy...
  15. Runaway Penguin

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Well, Stormcrows may fly towards the storm same as away. They know they have to win as their former employer won't be too happy with them. And as far as command goes, if I was mercenary and saw on one side herons and chained slaves, I gues you'd wish to be on the other side ;) Tyrion is miserable because "curses! Foiled again!"