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  1. thelittledragonthatcould

    Darkstar is a Brightflame

    eh? I'm saying there is no such House as Brightflame. Sure, he may well have Targaryen blood, along with many other nobles in Westeros, but he is a Dayne. He identifies as a Dayne and as a Dayne he is the Head of his House. Brienne to has Targ blood but that does not make her a Targaryen. Just like Robb was not a Royce despite having Royce ancestry.
  2. thelittledragonthatcould

    Darkstar is a Brightflame

    Brightflame is not a House, it was a nickname/alias in the same way that Breakspear was Baelor's alias/nickname. Do you mean that Darkstar is a Targaryen? Which would also be untrue as we know he is a Dayne and the Head of his House. Is it possible you mean that his mother had Targaryen blood? Sure, might be true.
  3. thelittledragonthatcould

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Most likely his hair colour. There are suggestions that Genna has cuckolded her husband Emmon and I'm guessing Red Walder, with red hair, is evidence of that.
  4. thelittledragonthatcould

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

      Walder Frey is almost 92, he'd be closer to 120 if the years were that long.
  5. thelittledragonthatcould

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Sure, him and Michelle Fairley are both coming back.
  6. thelittledragonthatcould

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I hope she burns Kings Landing now
  7. thelittledragonthatcould

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Even if we did some people would not be convinced. They'd be hoping that Mel would revive him.