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  1. Yes. All they'll see is their God Emperor slumming it with mortals.
  2. I'd love to learn greek so that I could read Anna Komnenos in her own language. I follow a youtube channel for learning it but I don't use it nearly often enough I retain scattered bits of german from High School but that's it.
  3. Aww. I missed you goobers too. I had a rough year. 2023 Bears rough. But I'm on a the backbounce.
  4. This thread is still active. I'm surprised and shamed at y'all. Surprised and shamed...
  5. I think he's gonna win. It feels strange and inevitable, and I honestly think he'd win from inside a jail cell.
  6. I am writing a book about why it's only logical to pull the pin on the nuclear age sooner rather than later. What other thread were you guys discussing this in?
  7. Starting a Hearts of Iron 4 playthrough as Japan. Only change is I'm gonna try to make America stay neutral. Cheers
  8. I'll take the keeper too I suppose. I'm not the monster here...
  9. So I went a little overboard. Like on life. How was your summer? ETA: It was also very gratifying to finally be proven wrong about consequences for Trump.
  10. Sole screenwriter too. My man has grown as more than just a director. A filmmaker.
  11. Just saw this. Wonderful. Slick. Engaging. And all without being hero-worshipey. Might get that Oscar after all for Mr. Nolan. I approve.
  12. The Colts should trade a few whatevers for Dalvin Cook, make Minn eat some of that contract so they can pay Taylor a fair but responsible wage. Then let Minshew have the lead. C'mon, go full Power-I with it baby. You bought a wildcat, tame it before you unleash this new kid y'know?"??
  13. Saw the Fast X last night. Very fun. Mamoa has had a lot of great roles, but goddammit that was just delightful.
  14. Never seen Point Break, but I did just get an overwhelming urge to watch Sugar and Spice for the first time in twenty years... "Sometimes when they take a gun off a corpse some rounds get left in the clip..." [Guy pops beer] "Christ on a cracker!"
  15. Did they go to space in F8 or F9? That's the last one I saw, I think. When Ludacris and Roman went to space? Asking because I'm not sure if I'm caught up on the lore to see this one... Meanwhile, my favorite will always be the 1st one... when they're stealing goddamn DVD players.
  16. Saw Guardians 3 today. Wonderful. I liked both the predecessors but this one is a class apart. It's on a tier with the likes of Avengers, Avengers2, and Infinity War.
  17. Pretty sure they only read a plot synopsis that Started, Middled, and Ended with "The wmnz right, bois dum." And that's as much exposure to the source material as they ever looked into.
  18. Sexuality in a Nolan film: Someone saying the word "sex" whilst fully clothed. Nudity in a Nolan film: Someone wearing shorts, showing of their knobby knobby knees. Language in a Nolan film: "Yeah, and you're a real so-and-so! I hope your tax returns show up three-to-five business days later than advertised!"
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