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  1. Yo, an emoji isn't enough. This is my nomination for post of the fucking year.
  3. So complicated response coming to a complicated thing... I had -I' assuming a little on your part- that same :gag: response to seeing that they're making a Teenage spinoff. That's pure corporate demograbbing. It's a real life parody of the show that's parodying real life... But that's the world we livin' in, baby. We are in the most fuckwitted timeline. I believe in the satire, and in the artistic message of The Boys. As in, I believe that the show is honest in it's relentless skewering of corporatism and authoritarianism and general hero worship. It's too good not to be honest. Too real. The Deep eating Timothy is exactly what fiction was made for. Insert every one of those Trumpian ghouls who had to endure his pettiness into that scene and you get a new lense from which to view how small, how pathetic, the people who gain power in our systems really are. This show has something to say. That's why it resonates. In an age of hero worship and wilful ignorance as to what the people in power are really like, The Boys is making an effort to show you how malicious and inexhaustible evil really is. Y'all are all upset that the show 'isn't progressing' because 'Homelander isn't beaten' or whatever, you're missing the point. The progress of the show is that the heroes have fought and grown and changed or died to show how evil, cynical, and brutal Homelander and Vought are... But people don't care. They like it when he rants and raves. They like it when he kills people they don't like. Sound a little familiar? Not clapping high-fives and banishing Thanos at the end for a happily ever after is the point. Yeah, that seemed so inevitable. That was like the only good part about the last episode. Homelander + Soldier Boy's daddy issues = fight
  4. Great season, the best one so far. But unfortunately the last episode was the worst of any season, as far as I recall. That said, it wasn't THAT bad. Pretty bad, but Stranger Things' finale was worse than this one. Way worse. I also kinda got the impression that Homelander didn't want to kill Maeve (forced mother and all that) but the episode was so jank they never properly set that (or a bunch of other shit) up.
  5. When he rolls down that ramp and sighs... Lmfao
  6. Looks like this week I'll need Jonathan Taylor to come through more than any other. Good luck, Dunk. But not too much luck!
  7. Not a blowout, I won't be comfortable until it's over. I got lucky that your QBs played down to the competition, Kirk seemed dead set on killing me today.
  8. Good luck @Jaime L, it looks like it'll be close. And that means fun.
  9. What the hell are we arguing about again? I'm sure I started it, whatever. Sorry, tough week. Tough year. Been a lot of those lately, I shouldn't add to the Despiser's woes. I also wondered that Filip might reappear, but it made sense to me that his effort to emulate Naomi's achievement of breaking away from his family means he doesn't reappear. Sure, we want him to show up because we're interested in him and his fate. But really the happier ending is that he got away from it all for good. Maybe he fell off a treadmill and broke his neck, or had six kids and one of them killed him over a crooked dice game, or maybe he lived happily ever after. The ending they seemed to want to give the character was that whatever happened to him, he got the chance to start over. That blank slate ahead of him is more important, I think, for what it represents than a cheap cameo return. Just my thoughts.
  10. Yeah, dude. He's following her example of getting lost in decent, everyday, contribution to society and leaving the crimes he was manipulated into committing behind. Like his mom did. Which is why he uses her name. And then disappears... Naomi didn't intend to become a savior of the galaxy or reunite with her dysfunctional family, she just wanted to disappear. And that's what Filip did. I mean, I don't understand the confusion.
  11. How about the fact that he did not reappear in the text after emulating his mother's quest for anonymity and escape from his misdeeds? Maybe he was trying to follow her example, not her literal life path. How's that for an interpretation? 'Cause that's what was written, not what I wanted to be written.
  12. I thought the whole point of Filip's ending was that it was his own, free of his parents and their stories.
  13. Wouldn't want you to get the 1 seed too easily.
  14. There has been a trade. Kings Landing Swords receives Teddy Bridgewater, Quarterback from Denver. The Duskendale Dames receive Zach Ertz, Tight End from Glendale by way of Philadelphia.
  15. Dawg, they're about to cram/cut 4 books into like 6 episodes. You weren't gonna see that scene done justice anyways.
  16. She's the military subordinate to Singh, the one he fires for his own incompetence...
  17. It's gonna be close. It'll be a helluva thing if two Everett fumbles lose me this. Good luck
  18. Loved it. I thought the epilogue was a bit of a shrugger, but other than that it was just about everything I could have hoped for. "Where's my ship!?!"
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