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  1. SerJeremiahLouistark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    I loved how my favorite character was paid tribute to over and over in this episode. This episode paid homage to Ned Stark so many times. Cersei saying she knows Ned Stark's son will be true to his word. Jon saying he knows that telling the truth got his father killed but that he stayed true to himself. Jon and Theon's talk was partially about Ned and how he was a part of both of them. LF's trial, he was found guilty of betraying Ned, and then the talk between the girls on the Wall, they miss their father and they quoted him. Sansa passed the sentence Arya swung the sword and no one diverted their eyes. Father will know if you don't look. And then Bran learning his father made that sacrifice for Jon. Betraying Robert, keeping his word to Lyanna, lying to his wife, publicly dishonoring himself when in fact what he did was the most honorable thing he could do. That's what I liked about this episode.
  2. Does anyone think Dany had that sweet Targ winter outfit in her closet or does she have tailors that can make a bad ass coat and gloves in 45 minutes?
  3. It almost leads you to believe they have semi free thought. To just stop when the ice starts to break. But at the same time they fling themselves over a cliff like Lemmings. Inconsistent
  4. SerJeremiahLouistark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    5/10 it was entertaining no doubt and to an unsullied it was probably higher but I just can't get over how inconsistent this series has become.
  5. 600 miles? In this show? Nah. It's more like 600 feet. Arya's missed arrow from her talk with Sansa when Ned watched them actually hit the Wall. She was aiming really high on that arrow.
  6. Why didn't the Hound just use the hammer to break the ice all around their little island? Would have taken him 10 minutes tops.
  7. Westeros is the size of Delaware in the show apparently.
  8. SerJeremiahLouistark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Eh it was about Arya so I played 6 degrees. Luke and Vader had spaceships too with light speed capability, does Varys have a portkey?
  9. SerJeremiahLouistark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    So how does Arya and Varys travel the entire realms of Westeros and Essos in the blink of an eye and Jaime makes it back to KL but Brienne and Pod can't make it to Winterfell?
  10. SerJeremiahLouistark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    The winners make their own history, I doubt she is taking any credit for the destruction of the sept and all those people, but Oleanna seems to know she did it, so I imagine most will as well. I think the more important thing is this: Strictly show results Martells - eradicated Baratheons - eradicated (at least until we find out what happens with Gendry) Tyrells - unless Oleanna has another child which is highly unlikely, eradicated. Lannisters - only 3 remain. Targs - 2 remain Starks - 3 remain, 1 boy who cannot father children. The big question is will Jon accept the Targ name or will he be a Stark.
  11. SerJeremiahLouistark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    I may be mixing up book with show, I could have sworn Edmure was told he would be basically a hostage at Casterly Rock.
  12. SerJeremiahLouistark

    [Spoilers] EP610

    I sure hope so, imagine Jon having all the northern houses United, along with the Vale, Howland Reed and the Crannogmen, and then the BwB. Dany and company are natural allies being Tyrion and Jon spent some QT together at the wall, and oh I almost forgot, Dany is Jon's aunt, which would also mean the Greyjoys are on their side as well, for whatever that is worth, the Tyrell's, the whatever they are's in Dorne. The Lannisters are on borrowed time, I think back to the conversation between Cersei and Ned and the love for their children, and here we are, Cersei may still be alive and Ned and Cat gone, but Ned still has (in the show) 3 living children and 1 child raised as his son, an actual son of the man she so wanted to marry, and to the woman she could NEVER be and all of Cersei's children are dead, the 1st because he was a monster, the 2nd because she was a Lannister and the 3rd by his own hand. Cersei indirectly killed all 3 of the children she loved so much. Ned Stark died to save his daughters, Cersei pretty much got all of her children killed. I really hope Jaime gets killed too, did anyone notice they said Edmure was back in a cell at the Twins? What happened to that promise Jaime made him about living at Casterly Rock?