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  1. Lots of hysterics out there, but this about sums it up best. If you really believe this, it shows how detached you are from reality. We are not overturning slavery laws lolll, give me a break.
  2. Legally speaking there never has been a right to abortion in the Constitution. Roe was horribly written law, even RBG admitted this, it was high time it was struck down. Morally speaking, abortion has always been about terminating the life of the most defenseless. It is an abhorrent practice. I support some exceptions, but by and large it needs to go. Practically speaking, not a whole lot will immediately change. It’s not as if abortion will now be illegal nationally. Abortion will be returned to the states for them to write their own laws as their residents see fit as should have been the case long ago. Don’t see why people shouldn’t be able to decide how to live in their own states. Federalizing contentious issues like abortion was always going to end in tears. The more say states have the better for us all. Blue states can keep Roe and red states can do away with it.
  3. This is a much needed opinion. I was never a fan of Trump, but holding and expanding a conservative majority on SCOTUS would never have happened without him. Finally much awaited legal and moral justice will be delivered.
  4. Speaking of escalation, Russia is planning to call up 60k reservists according to US Defense officials. The only way out is through for Russia right now.
  5. Poland has announced they will be providing Ukraine with all of their MiG-29’s. The planes will be sent to Ramstein airbase in Germany where they will be stripped of NATO gear and refitting to be in line with standards Ukrainian pilots are used to before being sent onto Ukraine. As part of the deal the US will be refilling Poland’s Air Force with F-16’s.
  6. Lol people remember No Fly Zone last from when it was thrown around as a possibility in Syria under Obama and just seem to assume it’s an easy thing to implement that won’t cause any serious blowback.
  7. A friend from high school who’s a marine is volunteering to go over and fight with the Foreign Legion. Another friend from a Russian immigrant part of Brooklyn has a friend of his from high school who has family in Ukraine. He last heard from his grandma 11 days ago. She lives in Melitopol which just fell the other day. Scary times indeed.
  8. LNR and DNR just announced they are formally, documents and everything, “inviting in” Russia to help defend them from Ukrainian aggression. All the OSINT accounts I follow on Twitter I trust are talking as if shit is going to hit the fan tonight. Godspeed to Ukraine if that turns out to be the case. I hope they give the Russians hell.
  9. When TASS makes a publication of Russian demands it’s gotta be Western imperialism!
  10. Russians released a letter basically rejecting all US proposals to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and they keep making unrealistic demands that NATO return to 1997 borders. They’re stating that all military aid to Ukraine must cease. It’s about as near to an ultimatum as you can get. More here: https://twitter.com/osinttechnical/status/1494320795484631042?s=21 Additionally: Moscow expelled the US Deputy Ambassador today, their embassy is also burning sensitive documents judging by the smoking billowing from their chimney. And there were a major amount of ceasefire violations in the Donbass early this morning.
  11. Yeaaa, I’ll wait till we get a longer trailer, but right now I don’t feel optimistic
  12. In the 21st century with as many satellites and smartphones as there are, it’s practically impossible to hide a build up of the size necessary to conduct a full scale invasion. There can be attempts at misdirection sure, but you’ll never be able to make the preparations in totally secrecy. Should China plan to invade Taiwan we’ll see the same thing happen there over the course of months.
  13. This is the most disheartening news I could have possible heard. My worst fears come true. If this pans out as poorly as it looks, the Hobbit movies will be fabulous by comparison.
  14. Spot on. Neil Young isn’t merely leaving Spotify because he doesn’t want to be on the same platform as Joe Rogan, he demanded Spotify remove Rogan or he would leave. That’s not a boycott, that’s an attempt to permanently ostracize and remove someone from society.
  15. https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/01/19/ukraine-russia-nato-crisis-liberal-illusions/?utm_source=PostUp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Editors Picks OC&utm_term=38834&tpcc=Editors Picks OC A great article on how we got here.
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