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  1. Ghjhero

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    I think the idea that there’s too many games for fans to to be invested for all of them is a great argument personally. I don’t think I’ve ever met a single fan who’s watched all 162 games. It’s something I tune into a lot throughout the summer and certainly if it’s a big series against a division rival, but there’s also a sense of comfort knowing that baseball is going on in the background as the summer months go by even if I’m not watching every single game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and I’m content with how it is. Even if the season were to be shortened I’m not sure how you can get it to a place where every game “matters”. Does that kick in at 150 games, 100, 81? With that said, if we only get 81 games in this year, sure it won’t be a normal year, but no reason for it not to be a legitimate season, just gotta make do with the circumstances.
  2. Ghjhero

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    Oh very nice! Good to see you’re still keeping up with the game!
  3. Ghjhero

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    Don’t mind me if this is too personal Ran, but I’ve picked up you live in Sweden. Are you an expat living there or did you somehow get into baseball from across the pond? Also, apparently Manfred is saying MLB is considering playing 7 inning games to get in the amount of games they want to??? Just an awful idea imo, just accept you can only get in 81 games or so and go with that smh
  4. Ghjhero

    US Politics: Mad Max Beyond Corona Dome

    It looks as though the procedural vote to end cloture has failed in the Senate. Can someone explain the significance of this to me and why it isn’t going to pass/what needs to change for the next bill to do so?
  5. Ghjhero

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    JFC, this looks to be the worst case scenario without any action being taken, but regardless this is not good at all. If that happens we’re looking at a Depression not just a recession.
  6. Ghjhero

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    And it looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue
  7. Ghjhero

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    Pennsylvania just closed all schools for the next two weeks, looks like I’m out of a job for the moment, for the best of course
  8. Ghjhero

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    Bolsonaro is confirmed to have tested positive with coronavirus
  9. Ghjhero

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    From what I’ve heard I don’t think there’s any foundation for this belief in waves of the virus. By all measures the virus is surviving just fine in warmer climes so there’s no real reason to expect it to die down once summer comes and create a pause between waves. Especially in places like Australia where it already is summer.
  10. Ghjhero

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    I’ve been substitute teaching in Pennsylvania, and I wouldn’t be surprised if today happens to be my last day teaching. Ohio and Michigan have closed all schools, won’t be shocked to see PA be next. We have Monday off already as it is so that gives authorities some more time to make a decision.
  11. Ghjhero

    US Politics: Time to Stock Up

    Yes And yes again, we should never have gone into Iraq. That unequivocally created ISIS, but so was staying out of Syria once a crisis was already in sight. The common theme between Iraq, Syria and Libya is that I believe we should support dictators in the Middle East that maintain a stable country. We’ve seen the alternative, terrorists and failed states. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than the alternative. Our foreign policy after the Cold War has been rather aimless and quite off the rails in the ME. Iraq was certainly our original sin and it got worse from there. Prioritizing security rather than any vague notion of nation building should be our aim.
  12. Ghjhero

    US Politics: Time to Stock Up

    We did that in Syria and it led to the rise of ISIS, an increase in Russian influence in the Middle East and the continuing refugee crisis we see affecting Europe which has in turn fueled the right of the far right.
  13. Ghjhero

    US Politics: Time to Stock Up

    The correct response would have been to support Gaddafi and keep him in power and quell the uprising. Better to have a stable dictator than the failed state that Libya is now where you literally have slavery running rampant and there’s certainly of basic necessities. Gaddafi wasn’t great, but he’s much better than what resulted. The same logic should’ve been applied to Syria.
  14. One thing that we haven’t heard about as much is the impact the virus is having/will have the developing world aka Africa, portions of Latin/South America and even places like India’s slums that don’t have regular access to healthcare. In this case no news is not good news, more likely that these regions don’t have the resources necessary to deal with/diagnose the virus. To worsen their plight I wouldn’t be surprised if WHO resources will be directed away from these states now that the West is having to deal with an outbreak at home. This makes the list of countries hardest hit by the Coronavirus so far fairly meaningless imo.
  15. Ghjhero

    US Politics: Pandemic Political Petard

    This is pretty significant. Looks like we may finally be able to close the book on Afghanistan in the coming months. https://apnews.com/70626747d0b9ee4dec98042119efff98