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  1. Ghjhero

    UK Politics: What Goes DUP Must Come Down

    Thanks for the clarification! The Customs Union would certainly get my vote, although I’m not well read on what exactly May’s deal entails. What were May’s red lines? Is that to do with the EP elections coming up or something else entirely?
  2. Ghjhero

    UK Politics: What Goes DUP Must Come Down

    So UK is still headed for No Deal right now, correct? More votes can be held I assume, but I don’t see how that’ll help at this point.
  3. Ghjhero

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    So it’s gotta be about the Last Alliance. Bit of a bummer as I was really hoping to see Celebrimbor and the forging of the rings, but this is still far better than a show about young Aragorn.
  4. Ghjhero

    International News Thread

    Some rumors floating around that India has put one of her aircraft carriers to sea from Mumbai, several Pakistani cities (Lahore, Karachi) are blacked out tonight (India/Pakistan time) and that both sides could be prepared to carry out additional military action. New Delhi is 10:30 hours ahead of EST to give some frame of reference as it appears military actions are more likely during the night.
  5. Ghjhero

    International News Thread

    What’s your source that says they’re mobilizing? Last week India announced plans to divert water that had been flowing to Pakistan. This was still in line with the treaty that governs the flow of rivers into Pakistan and India and the water that had been going to Pakistan had been delivered in good faith. No there is little faith to be had anywhere it seems.
  6. Ghjhero

    International News Thread

    They went to war in 1999 for about 2 months when they both had nukes, so this isn’t the first time for that. What is different is that the scale seems to be bigger this time. India’s use of planes to bomb targets in Pakistan proper is unprecedented.
  7. Ghjhero

    International News Thread

    I’m seeing reports now that Pakistani and Indian forces have been exchanging fire, primarily shelling, across the LoC throughout the day since the Indian Air Force struck an alleged terrorist base (the same group that carried out a suicide bombing on Indian paramilitary troops that killed 40 on the 14th) last night and that shelling continues. One of the twitter threads I’ve been following that seems reliable-
  8. That’s just what I was looking for! Thank you!
  9. That could work, makes me wonder how much they are obscuring the truth or misdirecting people’s guesses. Also- I’ve been trying to remember what book gives the best and most detailed account of Celebrimbor and the war between the elves and Sauron in the Second Age. Is it the Silmarillion of the Unfinished Tales?
  10. It looks like they’re going to be periodically releasing cryptic tweets. They’re filling in the map they tweeted out. My sources on Twitter tell me one important detail appears to be the land of Rohan being labeled as Calenardhon instead. This was before Eorl the Young came and was granted the province by Gondor for his help in defeating the Balchoth. That occurred in 2510 TA and Aragorn was born till 2931 TA, so perhaps the show isn’t going to be about a young Aragorn? Might we be so lucky as to get a show about the war between the Elves and Sauron in the second age, maybe even finish with the Last Alliance? I think that’d be the more attractive story.
  11. I very much like the concept and credit where credit is due, they certainly deserve it. Not sure how much I liked the actual story though. I thought it felt more like a generic psychological thriller/horror theme rather than anything based around any futuristic technology that Black Mirror usually revolves around. There was at least one instance where I could have ended the show and gone to the credits, but kept going back to choose other options and to see where it would take me.
  12. Ghjhero

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Just finished Children of Time, and wow it was a good time! Very good hard sci-fi that got you emotionally involved and kept you hooked for the whole ride. Any fans of Clarke's classic books should check it out for sure. I'm eagerly awaiting its sequel that comes out in May next year.
  13. Ghjhero

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    Yeah CNN called it for Rosen, but overall a very good night for Republicans given the circumstances!
  14. Ghjhero

    US Politics: Four Days and Counting

    I believe it is supposed to deter people from being able to prove and thus be pressured into voting for certain candidates. I’m not sure if that’s a federal or NYS law, but that’s what I was instructed to tell people by the Board of Elections when I had my election inspector training.
  15. Ghjhero

    US Politics: Four Days and Counting

    I was an election worker in 2016 and we made sure to tell people it was illegal to take a picture of their ballots, precisely for the reason you described above. Hacking voting machines via wifi with a smartphone is not a realistic concern.